Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • I do not think its a wise thing to move with her to be with her as you and her both have lives of your own and it just wont work regardless of how you both feel toward one another. Sure you both love one another but it just wont work, plz try to see that if a person has to move to be with another person it isnt the right time or its not meant to be. You both were/are in each others lives for a brief moment and this is coz you met each other and now are both getting on with your lives. There are many ppl who come into ppls lives for brief moments to help learn us lessons and this has happened it doesnt mean that there is anything more to it then that. I just dont think or feel its the right time for you to be moving and causing stress for yourself by moving to see her when she is now just getting on with her life and really needs to do this by herself for herself. Its time to let go and see if the universe lets you both be together and who knows maybe in time you both will be without any pushing from either you or her. Sure you both want to be together but is that really the best for you both at this moment in time, I still feel she needs to learn more lessons before she can ever be with anyone at all and its up to her for her to do this, you cant do it for her she has to do it for herself and instead of moving to upheaving yourself to be with her when she isnt ready, its not time to do that regardless of how you both feel toward one another. She loves you and you love her, leave it at that, let the universe decide whether or not you two are meant to be together or not. I feel its not the right time to move and just to move on with your life and let her move on with her life to so that she can grow and be the person she always wanted to be then maybe then if the niverse allows it you might be together, til then it can only be friendship.

  • Crazycap,

    If EVERYONE was to use your logic, no one would ever relocate anywhere for anyone... My friends mother wouldn't haved relocated from Germany 46 years ago to be with her future husband...still married by the way...46 years.

  • I think its both of them who are lying to each other about wanting to be with them not just him. I dont think they are ready for to be with one another. Its seems to me that even though two ppl who love each other never works out for them. I had this with myex and I will never put myself through that again. I have seen ppl who were in love fall out of love and end up hating one another and I dont want this to happen for these two ppl at all. Its best to stay away from each other so it doesnt happen. They both can move on with other ppl if they want. This seems to me to be the best option for the both of them. You can go see her but nothing more than that can come of it. I dont see how it can when they both arent ready to be with one another.

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