Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • I am a Pisces woman through and through... We love VERY hard. If she truly does love you, she will take a very very long time to forget you, if ever. Pisces women can be very obsessive with constant thoughts of our loved one. Be soft and gentle with her, no aggressive ;this is how I feel' ect, just be sincere and strong. Focus on the good between you, we love to relive old great memories in our minds, and when me ex would say things such as "remember that time we did this, I really knew I loved you that moment" ect... Stay away from the negative elements of the relationship and be positive with her. We can sometimes becomes very down, and negative thoughts and "what if's" can overwhelm our minds, we need someone around who is a positive element in our lives, someone who is going to take care of us, we are fragile. We need someone strong.

    If she loves you truly and deeply, she will be VERY happy to see you.

    Good luck.

    Signed (Pisces woman madly in love with a Cancer man)

  • So have you met with her yet? Let us know how you go?

  • Yes!!!! LittleHarmonica is 100 percent right. That is me to the core... Only I am heartbroken over a cancer man....

  • Why heartbroken doeyeyedpisces?

  • @doeeyespisces - OH I am heartbroken as well...

    see thread -

    Good luck to you : )

  • Here is the history

    We met at work in Jan of 1997. We both seemed very familiar to each other. He was in a relationship and I was married (for about four years at the time). He used to flirt with me, come on to me and was very clingy. By April I had serious feelings for him. He was very persistent. Then by December of that year I told him that I had feelings for him and he said that he was devoted to his girlfriend. Bought a ring and then got engaged by Feb. I quit my job in Feb – I couldn’t handle it all. So I ran. He was married in September of 1998. The week of his wedding I had a dream that we were in a boat and he fell out and I didn’t even try to save him. I called him the next day and he said “Wow, so weird that you’re calling – I am getting married this week, I wonder if it is a sign”…I cried that day...and decided to focus on the marriage God gave me.

    We kept in touch a little bit through the years.

    In 2007, his brother died by suicide. I read about it and reached out. We started emailing back and forth every couple of weeks. In Oct of 2008 we became facebook friends and started to chat everyday. At first it was an hour a day, then it was hours…everyday. He had me join Msn chat so we could talk even more. It was like old times, he doted on me and mentored me. He is only 2 years older than me but he is DIrector of IT...and i was a student in IT. This lasted until April of 2010 when my husband confronted him. The day mike told me that my husband confronted him, I told him that I have always loved him, since the beginning and that I never would ask for anything because it is better to know him a little than not have him in my life...I could handle it...he only said "meh"'

    In March of 2009 his son was attacked by two dogs and was in serious condition. He seemed to reach out to me even more during that time and even after that. Most of our chat times were initiated by him and it was for upwards of 6 hours. Had I not loved him, I wouldn’t have spent that much of my time.

    So, 2 months after my husband confronted him, June 2010 we started talking again (initiated by me) but it was never the same. Before, 90 percent of the times he would initiate contact, no longer the case. He wasn’t sweet to me like he had been before, no racy more video chats...and by August of 2010 he deleted me and blocked me. I tried to reconnect, apologize for my heart…everything…but he ignored me. Never said goodbye – this is a man who I know so much about…then sometime later (may 2011.) .we still had mutual facebook friends – friends that he knows in real life –but I have never met…anyway – he must have talked s. H. I. T. about me because one man, blocked me from writing anything on his wall….something innocent I wrote about wanting to go on a helicopter ride was removed. So strange.

    I hurt because he was my best friend and was so clingy that I clung right back only to be treated like I was nothing.

    This Torture has been almost all of my adult life…I NEED to let go but I have NEVER loved anyone like him. I have only loved 4 people in my 43 years and he is the only one I never kissed.

    I had separated from my husband after he confronted mike, but we got back together...we have a 10 year old special needs son. So I focus on family...but that cancerian man stole my heart and broke it.

  • Thats horrible. I hope you can move on and become a strong independant person again. I fell in love with a guy only to have him pretend he loves me though I am sure he did have feelings for me but I realise now he was having me on and still is having me on so I have moved on and decided to make this year a year of going within and not having to do anything with anyone. A real introspective year for me as I need to get away from everyone and especially the guy who is making my life hell and focus on what I need to do to get better. I wish he would understand that I do love him and am really tired of his game playing and lies hes told others about me and want it to stop so I can get on with my life. Like for instance he killed one of my exs friends because I went out and kissed another guy, before I went out I told him we werent together and to stop hurting ppl when I go and do what I want and its still happening. So hes stalking me online and telling everyone else thats it me whos doing it when all I want is to be left alone to experience life by myself. I am still getting over myex and really find annoying that hes still around. Now that being said we have something together which I cannot explain and really need and want him in my life, if I dont have him in my life, life isnt worth living so I dont know how to handle how I am feeling toward this guy nor toward any other guy and also anything else too. Its like we are meant to be but I am teloling myself theres no way I'd want to be with someone who does that to me but its like we are fated to be together and I trying hard to let him go and move on but it seems the more I do that the more he stays so maybe we are meant to just be friends but why does he stop me from having any boyfriends and set me up with others? Yeh very strange situation. Anyway its a new year and for me I need to be focused on myself and make myself happy get over myex and become a better person so that when the right guy comes along I will be ready for a relationship and will be able to give. I dont think I am ready for anything with anyone at the moment due to the stress of divorce and not seeing my kids and what this guy has put me through. I think that is so last year and this year I look at it as my year of getting rid of what doesnt work for me and keeping what does. I must sort myself out and do it by myself as noone else will do it for me. So even though I would love for this guy and I to be together I really doubt that its possible nor the right thing to be with someone at the moment so I am trying to tell him to move on and forget about me. It not the right time.

  • I just wish he would understand that I dont want to pressure him at all and I am happy for anything to happen or not when ever. So for me I must get on with sort out myself and really I dont want to push things to happen if its not right to happen maybe the universe is telling me that its not time to be together because if it were time then we would be together so maybe thats why we arent. Either way I must get on with life and move on even though I would like to still be with him after all this time. I dont know if this is the right thing to do or not so its hard to know. I would like for him to move on and let me go and then I do the same and see what happens when the universe decides what happens. However that is hard to do and I really am not sure I want to do that coz I want to be with him and him only but then again what if he doesnt want to be with me and is only being 'nice' to me to not hurt my feelings which I dont understand coz I prefer a person to be direct in what they say to me about how they feel. Indirectness is lying to me and something I try hard to deal with and understand. Just tell me what you feel about me, if a person likes and wants to be with me then say it, if a person doesnt like or want to be with me then tell me coz I would prefer to know than be strung along. I am a capricorn is this too cold? I want to be with someone I am compatible with and that I get along with and I like to make sure that they are right for me before I do anything, thats if they are worth it to me otherwise I wouldnt even worry about them like I'd just be with them and love them and leave type person like everyone else so for him to hold my interest for as long as he has is very odd coz usually guys dont. Well that was before my ex so I am not sure what I am like now. I guess I am still the same as I was before, I still am not like I was before myex but I am slowly getting there. Is this too cold? Is this cold when you arent much of a talker but prefer to listen and say what you have to say and then thats it and prefer own company to that of others? I get accused of being cold and I want to know why?

  • Hey Guys Im Back, So heres My Story... It was a Crazy weekend...I don't know what to think of it... She is a good guardian of showing her feelings.. So My Plane left to fly to Florida, on the way there i told her i was landing the next day i told her I have a few things to talk to her about and would appreciate if she would meet with me.. when I landed in Florida, she told me have a nice return flight i can't meet with you... I had 11/2 to catch my next flight to see her, I said are you sure..She said yes...I told her I would respect her and her privacy and not go....she said ok..I was upset but took it ok; But I was understanding and I had to stay and fly back home the next day.. We keep texting back and forth most of the night and through the weekend.. here and there... She did a lot of bashing and kept throwing me under the bus..And I kept defending my word. Ive never argued so much with a women and Loved her so much at the same time... I know we are very protective and we have our guards up and thats why we were saying what we were saying, and also it could be that she is pass me as she has mention that only because of the situation we were in... it was hard to handle, I ve never felt so vulnerable and hopeless.. Her Assumptions of me killed me and I defend my integrity vigilantly, she says my words are empty, I told her that I didn't want to argue, she said stop trying to convince me. and Ill stop finding things to say about you... .. I thought she would be more understanding as i made a huge effort to go and didn't.. only to respect her, and also losing my ticket.. However, I feel it was also a good move, that i listened to her and forfeited my ticket and gave her space and privacy... I will load the conversations on the next comment . Even though she is is telling me to give up and quit torturing myself.. She said she won't change her mind...I feel she still loves me.. In the end she doesn't trust me at this moment..I never pre sued a woman like this. I just wanted her to give me a chance to try again... What the hell should I do next..?! Waiting seems to be my only option.

  • So sorry it didn't work out. You made the big gesture and she sent you away. There must be someone else. She just is confusing because she engages in text messaging with you, when i am done with someone and am Finally over it, I don't engage, at all.

  • It sucks because she has controlled it all the way and i didn't have a say for myself she convinced herself she couldn't give me a chance... we never had a real relationship where i could be myself with her.. she took it and saw me a certain way and i couldn't chance her mind thats what made me keep going after her to show her my devotion. she's young and had a lot of relationships and no one has treated her as well as i did for the moment and could have.. she had a bad childhood and past boy friends treated her like shit.. i was probable the first one that treated her well and then she thought i didn't see her as number one because of our situation at the moment... it sucks because it would be so easy to fix...

  • I'm sorry this happened to you. The brutal truth from me and my own inner, is she is not in love with you as you are her. I could be very well wrong, but I am a true Pisces, and am surrounded with Pisces women, we are die hard romantics, and never let go easily. She must have found someone else whom she feels more intensely for.

    Pisces women basically live their lives seeking out that one true love, and once we find it, we would never ever let it go. We are also one of the more sympathetic signs, and for her to know you have flown there and still refuse to see you is completely lacking in sensitivity, and a bit cold. She doesn't want to fix anything, or work on anything, she is definitely done.


  • Quit your whining and go ring her and go see her and meet with her and you have only you to blame for not going to visit her. What are you waiting for, do it now!

  • Cancers journey,

    I know you would have loved her the way she needed, but she must be done with you. As a piscean, I would never turn away someone I loved, no matter what transpired. Did you read my story? After all that, I would still never do that to my old cancer friend. Never. If he emailed me today, I would be caring. I love hard and I am merciful and I am in therapy just to help me let go. That's how hard it is for me to forget someone I love. And even though I have loved and hurt before, my recovery time was half this with any other sign, including a scorpion that I was engaged to. But this cancerian, difficult recovery..

    Now this is all IF I love you, if I don' I would be done and there would be no reason to meet or


  • Hi Doeyeyedpisces- Long time no talk, glad to hear you are in therapy! Hope all is going well with you , your story rings so similar to mine , it always touches me . I did a terrible thing yesterday to my cancer friend , I dont know what got into me , we have been and are through but it was really tough yesterday , and I acted like a spoiled brat . I am so embarrased now!

  • All's I am saying is that you have only yourself to blame by letting her go, if you did love like you say you do then you would visit her, meet and talk with her. Its now or never there really is no time think or analyse about it coz when you do that you chance come and go and she have move on if she hadnt already and yeh it just like what are you waiting for?

    doeyed- as a person if someone loved someone truely then thats would they would be like so cancerman must go see her coz him just saying that is empty words and no action on his behalf coz if he was honest bout seeing her hed be there at her place now and this this would never happen.

    So she is left wondeing exactly that cancerman is lying about loving her coz he hasnt seen her or met her or talked to her etcetc hasnt shown her he loves her which is why she thinks and feels his words are empty, now she knows he knows where she lives why then is it so hard for him to knock on her door introduce himself and then meet or just ring her and meet? No wonder she thinks hes full of it and lying.

  • Wow...I wish to add onto this thread 🙂 OKAY...What if the two met other people, short term no commitment just dating and hanging out, I think this woul be a very valuable experience, because there would be no wrong or right.... !!! There would be no Blame either, just experience for them, A worth while lesson i think ..!!!

    There is no stubborness here, Just two people who are both misunderstood and are assuming the worst of the other.....!!!!

  • I didn't have her address she didnt want to tell me.. You guys I do love this women and I want to respect her as well she asked me not to come.. I would have be sitting at a hotel for 2 days and not get to see her.. Should I go anyway when I can't find her.. Wouldn't it be kinda stocking her if I really went to her house.... ? If I knew I would just go there and knocking the door.. I don't know this blows I have said so much things to her, I would be all action.. She needs to give me her address though..

  • You already know her address

  • Also the flatmates she living with you already know them so if you really want to know where her address is why dont you ask them? Or perhaps stop pretending and either go see her or dont and also if you 'love' this women so much, why are you pretending to not know where she is when you do really know and just havent seen her yet and pretend by using the internet as a tool for communicating with her to 'love' and yet you still havent seen her or met her yet.

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