Cancer male trying to win back my Pisces woman

  • I really need everyones help. I have been dating this Pisces girl since march of last year.. We met throught our job and it was instant attraction.. I opened up to her one day we were working and I told her about my relationship I was in at the time, and that she would wait for me..Even though I was coming out from being in a complicated situation .. I started falling for this girl that seemed to get my heart like we knew we were always ment to come together... She told me after some time went by that she loved me, and there was no question I felt that way for her..she told me that she didnt care about my relationship..I told her it was ending but it would be a process.. Being together for a while and had businesses together... Plus I really want to get to know this amazing girl. I was afraid to move fast from one relationship to another quickly so I didn't move as fast as the Pisces woman wanted me to..Small Problems started to Arise when my talk was not backed by my action to leave.. She started to doubt that I wouldn't leave.. I found myself always trying to convience her I would..She want time after arguing one night about it.. I like to talk and work out situations, and my Pisces likes to retreat to work it out herself.. One thing she keep doing was focusing on the negitive aspects of the situation.. I couldnt reason with her, she couldn't hear all the time i told her how much I loved her and wanted to be with her in everyway.. I constantly told her and tried to reassure her on my love and devotion.. She wanted action.. But she didn't want to see what I had to do to get there and wasnt concerned with the dificulties I was faced with... After about 5 months she kept dropping hints of possibly moving.. Which completly through me off.. I didn't want her to feel 2nd, but she felt that way,even thought she knew what was going on, I wast making her feel number one.. But she was.. In my eyes.. No question the most important. I told her over and over.. She said my action was showing her that she wasn't.. Month 8 she told me she was moving back to her country and I knew that it was going to be difficult to change her mind..I finally work throught my stuff and left my ex.. This point it was to late and she was already planning her move.. As she wanted space to think, I was always trying to convience her of my feelings and love.. We would argue about the subject .. I was being pushy and she kept backing off.. But the only reason I was pushy was to show her that I loved her and my commitment to her.. It was as she was self distructing the relationship because she was being very protective of herself.. She never listened to me.. In her mind she was right... It was like not having a real relationship..When she left it was a weird departing.. I told her I would move there as well for her but she didn't believe me.. It's been 1 month and our texting has been her views or my views on our situation .. She told me that she couldnt do this anymore it was to painful.. I'm here and she's there trying to distant herself from the pain.. She wont talk just text.. I even had a friend serinade her for me.. She didn't say anything because it is always hard for her to speak her feelings.. We say a few words every other day.. But it's not relationship focused.. I want to get this girl back... I love her but we both have been stubborn and protective of's sucks because we never had a chance to be a real couple and experience our truest potential.. Please help I want to get her back.. What should I do..?

  • Maybe make a big gesture and visit her. You were the boyfriend who cried wolf. Saying that you were going to end that other relationship and not following through We Pisces have that insecure, depressing side to us...reject us long enough we swim away. But if there are feelings there, a big romantic, hero sweeping me off my feet gesture, just might do the trick.

  • That's what I want to do! My heart tells me to go see her!! Should I suprise her or tell her..? I told her I want to come see her and talk this through. She first said you won't do it and then she said later in the conversation, she said don't do it, I won't change my mind.. She didn't want to give me her address.. I think if I went there and told her I was there then she might meet me.. I don't know.. I will do it for sure.. But what's the best way to handle it with her..?

  • You should just do it! I think...Here's the thing - one of the things that I do is test. Like when she first would drop hints that she was moving - I do stuff like that to see how the other person feels. If you don't react the way I want you to, I make up my mind that you really don't love me. Crazy I know...but I do it. In all kinds of relationships, including friends and family.

    I know you are afraid she won't see you, but if she ever loved you, she will definitely. We Pisceans are too compassionate to not at least see you.

    On handling her, I am not sure. Perhaps displaying those things she loved about you to begin with more without overdoing it. The cancerman I used to love was so funny - his sense of humor would always draw me in and his sweet, sensitive side would keep me there.

  • I think you should go there and tell her your there she'll meet you that way you can surprise her an tell her at the same time. Be patient and tell her whats in your heart.

  • This is the first relationship that Ive been so expressive and really be myself.. Our sexual connection was so intense and amazing, she told me when she first saw me she wanted to have my children, wow! That cut throught my hard shell like nothing else... We were so in tune with each other..We both agreed that we were the best we ever had and our love was so deep.. But it wasnt just a relationship. Unfortunately it wasn't just her and I starting this relationship were everyone knew and being a couple.. We had to keep it secret.. Which had its pressures.. I loved this pisces liked I loved no other.. I should have shown her my strength and given her the security she was needing.. It was hard to understand and work though the issues with her.. I constantly pushed to prove my love.. With turned negitive for her since she spent most of her remaining time with me being protective... This past week I was up north and we started texting.. I took a photo from the plane of the city and I asked if she like it? She said she really didn't care.. Which started a 7 hour texting session that went back and forth about our feelings and how she didnt want to be in pain and she wanted to move on.. All the while I was expressing my views which seemed to be denied.. I finally asked her if she still love me she said she didn't know anymore..that was after the exhausting texting session.. Amazing! I never had a woman that didn't know or feel what they ment to me.. This Pisces sees past it my words are water that disappear.. Only the negitive words stick with her.. Quiet intresting.. I had planned with a friend to serenade her and I took a video of it and sent it to her.. I don't know if she liked it.. So at this point I'm wanting to go see her.. I've don't care if I get rejected.. I love this woman and I would do anything for her.. I would be the biggest fool to prove my love..

  • Then go see her! Give it your all...if she didn't care, she wouldn't have engaged in a 7 hour text session. I think she is testing you. You won't know for sure unless you take a chance, see her. You will either get back together and really get to experience a sweet relationship or it will end, but either way, you will know for sure. It has to better than not doing anything.

  • You say you want to go see her then go see her. You say you love her and would do anything for her then whats stopping you from doing what you want? If you love this woman and want to go see her and would do anything for this woman then go see her and work through the issues and see what happens from there. Maybe your afraid of having sometihng beautiful with her and not afraid of rejection? Perhaps thats why you not going to see her? Why you being so pushy when she has backed off and non pushy when all was well? Also you talk of going to see her and you havent yet this tells me you only are thinking of doing it an wont coz if you were serious about it youd be there and there wouldnt be this conversation. Ok,two options- 1)You go see her talk it out either you both be together or not, or 2) you dont see her you keep texting both points of views, get nowhere. Its a hard thing to tell somone you love them when you really love them, I wish you the best in this, good luck.

  • If you dont go and see her she will think your not serious about wanting to see and be with her. You will send the signal that you dont want to see her or have relationship etcetc if you dont visit her. Its now or never. The choice is yours. I advise you make sure you really want to be with this person before you decide. Coz if she still texting you and speaking to you she still wants to be with you.

  • Well look at it this way if you dont visit her she will move on with out you coz you give her no other option but she would still want to be with you. Do you expect her to just text all the time? What is you truly want? If it is to be and see this person plz go visit her and tell her and go from there and yeh I hope it works out for you. I have a feeling it will but dont count me on that.

  • If you want to see and be with her I suggest you visit her NOW!!

  • I have a feeling that if you dont go and see and be with her NOW she will definately move on.

  • Thank you so much for your advice I will do it now..

  • Let us know how it goes!

  • I got my ticket for this week.. To go there...everytime I try to speak to her about how I'm feeling she doesn't reply..I've never seen such a protective soul.. I hope she will she my love but it's hard to know at this point.. I'm really putting my heart Out.. I hope she doesn't crush it.. I feel she really angry with me..I need to know how to make her see how much I love her and how much I want to protect her..she is crafty with her thoughts and words.. I need to know how to speak with her when I see her.. It will be tricky I think... Help

  • I think you must sit down with her and talk, be open and honest. I feel she'll welcome you with open arms because its you who has finally come to see her which is what she has always wished for. I dont think she will crush your heart as she hasnt and I dont feel she is that sort of person and as for talking with her just be open and honest with how you feel toward her she will listen as for it being tricky I cant see how that would be because by you seeing her will speak volumes and tell her that you do love her. Look the girl wants to be with you and you only so by you seeing her, if she is angry with you, it will stop all that and make her realise you are serious with what you say. I so hope you will do this for both you and pisces girl it will help so much for you both.

  • I think when she sees that you came a long way to see her, she will soften and listen to you. Yes, I agree with crazy cap...just speak from your heart.

  • I think you should pull your finger out and get on with it. Sure she wants to see you and really doesnt believe you will do this. You have told us this and hope you do go see her coz if you dont she'll have movbed on if she hasnt done so already. She will not wait forever. So if you do love her truly then go see herand talk and sit and be with her and see what happens from then on. If you dont love her truly, then dont go see her and then she will move on and you will be ok as well. Dont think you have to go see her coz you think you have to, she'll see thru that and you get no where. Just see her coz yo want to be with her and you do truly love her and want to stay with her otherwise stop wasting your time and hers when you both could either be together or separate living life so plz just get on with it and do it! Either see her or dont. Also I feel she has guarded her feelings very well and will continue to do so until wither you see her or not. Either way she will move on with or without you and this doesnt mean she doesnt love you, she always will but she wont put up with somone who palys with her heart and is worried you are and have been hence the pull back so dont be surprised by anything if you do go see her. She been hurt too many times and will not be again wither by you or anyone else coz if you dont go see her then she'll just move without you. Her heart will not have been hurt again by somone so you cant say youve hurt her can you? And if you do go see her then you both can maybe start something or you might end it anyway and try to hurt her that way too byt that wont work either coz she used to guard her heart from ppl and used to ppl hurting her and nothing will hurt her again. So if you want to see her to hurt her then just go do it, it'll be better for you, atleast you'll have gotten crap off your chest and somone to blame for it and yeh I really hope it works out for you if thats your intention. Anyway stop your crap and either see her or dont. Its your choice in the end anyway. I hope it works out for both of you. I think if you both truly love each other it'll work out for sure. If you playing games with her then it wont. Goodluck!

  • Yeh also make sure you go see her because you do love her and you want to be with her and not for any other reason. I hope it works out. Bye.

  • She told me it would be a waste of time for me to go.. She said she doesn't believe my words.. Man I feel so vulnerable.. What ever comes out of my mouth she won't here it .. Her wall is so high... I can get throught.. She's so scared because she thinks i wont be there for her..This is a recent text from today

    " You telling me you wanna love me doenst mean @&$?! It's more words... Empty ones! I never said I didn't believe how much you loved me. It's always been believe you as you disappointing me. I'm tired of it. I can't always think "ow, this time it will change..." bs... I can't fall for it anymore. I won't fall for it any more.

    You wanna see through me? Then do. Don't see me. Stop coming after me. Stop trying to get inside. Your not getting in"

    What should I do.. My plane leaves this week to see her.. I don't know if I should go!! I'm so confused.. Help

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