Looking for some insight/advice on developing further

  • Hi, I was wanting to see if anyone could give me some insight or ideas for developing this.I have been very interested in the study of all things spiritual, more so this past year or two and I cant get enough of reading about it...I have a very deep need to clear out any debris from my life now that doesn't serve me anymore and this seems to have come across me very suddenly...

    I have been receiving messages mostly during the night to questions that I have asked and usually wake up three or four times a night and keep a dream diary beside my bed...I usually find the answers come to me in the form of songs, one line that repeats in my head constantly as soon as I wake in the morning..it makes so much sense to me...I have been recently also seeing images as soon as I close my eyes just after I get into bed, I am not sleeping, but it almost seems like a home movie that plays clips, I see people i don't know, very briefly that pop up into vision, can anyone help to what these images are? I only see them very briefly, but its as if they see me and are wanting to communicate? I would like to see if there is anything here that maybe I can develop further, I just don't know how? Any advice would be appreciated..

  • You have to practise getting information from within you. Try using your psychic ability as much and as often as you can. It's like a muscle - if you don't use it, it withers. Read your friends and family and ask for feedback to see if you were right on the impressions you were picking up about them. When the phone rings, see if you can tell who it is before picking up the receiver. Try to sense the contents of an email or letter before opening it. Exercises like this will strengthen your psychic 'muscle'.

  • Cheers Captain, appreciate the advice:)

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