Danibo - need your insight.

  • Hi Danibo!

    Originally posted this is another thread but it kinda got lost.

    Know you're really busy with schoo, but would really appreciate a reading from you if you can. Focus would be on love relationships now and for the rest of the year.

    Was seeing someone from August to October last year. It was going so well - then he went cold gradually and now he hardly contacts me anymomre. Maybe he wasn't that into me or got cold feet. I dunno. I realise I love him, but I don't know if I've lost the chance to do anything about it. I'm trying to move forward - but he's still very much on my mind and in my heart. Is there any chance with him, or have I really lost him? Feel that this year is my year to find love and I'm wondering how to make the most of it.


  • Bumping this up - hope you see it.

  • Hello there Danceur! 🙂

    I sure do see your reading request for me. I feel honored! haha

    I will get to your reading when I have a spare moment, or over the weekend. Does that sound good? I appreciate you being patient with me.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Sure does, Danibo - no worries, I know what it's like to be crazy busy.

    Thanks in advance:)

  • Hello Danceur,

    Thanks for being patient with me 🙂

    How much you remind me of me! I feel the same way sometimes with relationships. Why do guys always have to ruin all the fun? haha!

    First i'm going to answer some questions about this guy, and if it doesn't look too good, I will add some 2012 potential in there.

    1. Is there any chance with him, or have you really lost him? - TEN OF SWORDS.

    I believe that this relationship has sadly finished for the best. I don't see a chance with him in the near future. Something really intense happened here. There's a sense of death, and no chance of survival. Something in his heart changed, and he doesn't feel the same as you still do. I'm sorry.

    2. Should you move on? - NINE OF CUPS.

    Yes, you should. This card indicates extreme happiness in your life if you move on. You will begin to have a positive outlook on love, and what more could you ask for? This is what you really need my dear. It's the best for you if you move on, because wonderful opportunities will be headed your way!

    3. Who will be the most influential person in your love life in 2012? (court card) - THE KING OF CUPS.

    Ooooh this guy is a deep guy. He's super in-tune with his emotions, and loves love so very much! This guy is a sweetheart, and will honestly love you the best he can. Seems like 2012 really is your year, because you've got a wonderful and loving guy headed your way! watch out for him 🙂

    4. What will you learn from love in 2012? (major card) - THE HERMIT.

    This year, you will learn some very important things about yourself. Maybe you'll figure out what you want out of life, and who you want to be with, or even just trying to understand yourself better. You may also realize that it's okay to be alone and single sometimes, because that time for yourself is time for you to develop as an individual, and reflect on everything that's happened. Embrace this card, for love will teach you this year how to accept whatever comes your way as it is, without making it harder on yourself.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi Danibo,

    Thanks for your reading!

    I feel like I'm in a bit of pickle because I feel intensely for him and I don't know how to not feel that way. Is there any indication as to why he changed? Cos I really don't know. It was like we doing really good, starting to hang out regularly, then he got busy and drifted off. Then he came back briefly, we were supposed to meet, we cancelled and then he went quiet. Over Christmas, there was a hint of him reaching out to me. But nothing happened. it's back to OFF.

    I guess it's always hardest when there is no closure, esp when things were good. But I would like for there to be some way for me to honor how I feel about him without resisting the situation or making it harder for myself.

    Yes I do feel I will be learning a lot this year, mostly about myself and what I want out of life. There is a sense that I will start to be able to sow the seeds and start to move towards things I've always wanted to have or do or accomplish.

    Haha, Danibo, I've been single for very long, most of my life in fact. Dated a few times but only had 1 serious relationship. I've been happy on my own and I love my freedom. But now I really want to be with someone. My mate, to walk through the wonders of life with. This guy made me realise that. I am willing to share my freedom with someone. To be like 2 birds, each independent and free and whole, but very much together...having fun and growing together, adding to each other's life experience.

    I am curious who this King of Cups could be 🙂 What does he look like LOL 🙂

  • Danceur,

    the ten of swords shows us that he changed because of his thoughts, as swords are indicators of thoughts and the mind. However, I pulled right now the SEVEN OF PENTACLES, which is all about frustration or needing patience for something positive to blossom. Maybe your man was feeling frustrated with himself because he couldn't push through some clouded thoughts or barriers in past memories that wouldn't allow him to open up to you, or let you completely into his life. He wasn't mentally ready yet, and although he was frustrated with himself, he realized that he needed to be true to himself and back away to gain that clarity and eventually learn how to be patient with his coping process. The cards don't want you worrying about him right now, because he's more focused on getting himself into a better mental state, and because of you, he was able to realize this.

    The king of cups is generally thought to be a man with blonde hair, light skinned, and blue eyed. However, I usually associate these cards more to their personalities than looks. Sometimes the looks don't match up quite right. 🙂

  • Hi Danibo,

    Thanks for that - really appreciate it dear 🙂

    I realised many things too, because of him. What I want, what I feel, and trusting in a Higher Power. He reached out to me a little this week and I reciprocated his friendliness. What you say makes sense. It's just difficult because it's been so long since I felt this way about someone. But I hope to be able to slowly release the outcome of this to it's natural order/time.

  • Hi Danibo

    I think I might have just met the "King of Cups". Only that he's not meant for me. When I looked back at your reading, it says who will be most influential to your love life, not necessarily who you will be with ... and he and I just had the most amazing chat about life and love. We're former colleagues and he lives in a different country and he's in love with another former colleague and he's grappling with telling her. He's everything you described, he's in touch with his emotions and he wants to love and be loved. We've never been close (more like acquaintances) but we reached a new stage in our friendship today.

    Does that sound about right?

    I started sharing bits about my life in the last few months, and he's always been supportive of me in going after what i want, in being true to how I feel. And today, unknowingly, he made me realise that I wasn't aligning that in the way I handled my relationship with this guy I was dating, in the last few months. I think it was the right decision to give my guy his space and allow him to distance himself, but I also think I could've reached out to him sooner in a more direct way. Not just texting to say hey, but actually letting him know I wanted to see him. Cos that would have been me, being myself.

    I just feel that in other areas of my life, i am starting to speak out and ask for what i want. But in the relationship area, I feel like I'm holding myself back from what I want to do, what I want to say.

    Do you have any advice here on what I should do? I am seriously considering asking him out. Maybe just for coffee, to catch up. I mean he did reach out to me a little this week. And I'm also looking at your reading, wondering if the timing is right for me to do this.


  • Danceur,

    Yes! This guy sounds like him! 😉 I'm glad that he has already begun to influence your love life in a positive way.

    And, what advice would you like? I was confused in your post if you meant this guy that you have been mentioning for quite some time, or are you talking about this king of cups? let me know

    ❤ Danibo

  • Hi Danibo,

    Sorry hee yup I think my last post was a bit ambiguous.

    I meant the guy I've been seeing - I would like to ask him out. Let's call him B.

    I may be meeting King of Cups anyway because he's in town next week - but I'm not interested in "KC" beyond getting to know him better as a friend, and he too is secretly in love with someone else. KC has had a period of going through self-loathing (I don't why), and is only now reaching some clarity in his life. Thats why he's now doing all things he wanted to do, encouraging me to do the same, and thinking of reaching out to his crush.

    That's when I told him about B and KC feels I ought to reach out to him - instead of leaving it at an impasse.

    I'm starting to feel that it may be beholden on me to make the move, and restart our communication/interaction.

    B texted me last week to say hey and I got the vibes that he's a bit more receptive towards me. But I don't know if he's in and out of that mode. What I meant earlier is that I wasn't sure about the timing of asking B out (whether he'd be receptive) in light of your reading.

    Wanted to see if you had any insight on that.

    Thanks in advance dear 🙂

  • Hello there 🙂 I'm sorry....I've got a big exam on wednesday so I won't be able to get to your reading till maybe that afternoonish? thanks for being patient and understanding with me. I will not forget! 🙂

  • Sure dear 🙂 All the best for your exam!

  • Hey there, thanks for being patient! 😄

    And let me say OMG you must have been so happy to receive that text message from B!!! I would have 😉 so congrats with that.

    Okay, first, let's pull some cards over if you should ask him out, and then you can add some more questions! sound good? 😄


    So first off, there is still some sort of blockage between the two of you. One or both of you are still trying to put relationship issues in the past, and that one of you is still guarded and constrained by past events. That needs to be let go first before you can move forward with B. Secondly, the next two cards so how you possibly see each other. He sees you as the beautiful queen of pentacles, who possesses such a warm heart and lovely soul. He definitely has some nice feelings for you! And you see him as the emperor, a man who can take care of your heart very well, and someone who will protect you as well as teach you many things. You look up to him and admire him just the same as he does for you! And yet again, we see that some pain needs to be resurrected before you both can start a true and genuine relationship. That being said, I think it is important that yes, you guys go out on a date, talk, and see how things go. However, you need to be aware that in order for your relationship to reach the limit of potential, one or both of you need to put the past in the past and just let your heart love each other! that will be the test here at the moment for your relationship to blossom. Other than that, I think that you should go for it, but just be aware if you have your guard up.

    Does he want to ask you out? - EIGHT OF WANDS REVERSED

    This card is usually very fast paced. He does want to, but he needs your relationship to move as fast as a snail at the moment! However, he does see some potential here.

    It's your call girl 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi DaniBo,

    Thanks for that and I hope your exam went well? I thought you just started university - exams so soon? What are you majoring in? Sorry for the thousand questions 😛 Just kinda curious.

    Well yeah I was thrilled to get his texts and a few days later, when we bumped into each other, he grasped my wrist (his way of saying hello). But since then, it's back to silence.

    I asked him out (texted him) yesterday and he didn't reply. Not sure if he is ignoring me or sitting on his reply. Would rather he just acknowledge at least though...

    Danibo - does it really seem that he sees potential with me? Cos he's just so silent...

    When you mentioned that one or both of us is being held back by previous relationship issues, I would say it is him. We were intimate just before he started to distance himself and it could be that this event triggered the shutdown. I felt vulnerable - so maybe he did too. Although we did try to meet up after that, (and he actually told me at the time that he wanted to spend whatever free time he could get, with me), our meeting didn't happen and he just shut off from me from that point. It's now been almost 4 months. It doesn't look good. And he's really confusing me with his mixed signals.

    It makes sense to me when you say he needs this to move very slow. And that is ok, but I would like to see something, anything from him that lets me know he still wants this. And I need him to 'tell' me how to approach him, how to do this. What he would be ok with, what may feel uncomfortable...

  • Hi Danibo,

    Guess you're really busy with school. I remember what that was like 🙂

    Just a quick update....it didn't pay off - my reaching out to him.

    He never replied to my text, in which I asked him out. I was rather hoping he'd at least respond. And it makes me feel weird inside, to see him around every week, and having to act like nothing is amiss. We happened to be sitting side by side, tying our shoelaces after class. We didn't look at each other at all. He just whispered a "See Ya" as he left.

    I had a lovely dream about him the other day. I woke up feeling happy, for in it he hinted he loved me. But of course real life is so so different.

    I'm in a weird place where I think I'm slowly moving towards transcendence and release. Part of this is because I'm finally taking baby steps in bettering myself in Dance. I have something new to feel excited about and look forward to. It feels good. But then I get little reminders that I love him. Then I know the longing is still there. I miss him so much.

    For now, I will respect that silence and not reach out anymore. Even though I want to. But dear gal, I wonder how he feels. If he feels anything about me.

  • Hi Danibo

    Haven't seen you around here much. Miss you bubbly gal 🙂

    Hope you are doing good in school, probably very busy yeah?

    Sometimes i miss being in school, when things were less complicated.

    Let me know if you have some time, questions to ask...

    Take care:)

  • Hey there Danceur! ❤

    I just popped on here real quick and saw your posts! I'm so sorry, I've been busy with school. But yes! you can ask as many questions as you want and I promise to get to them by the end of the week. I'm sorry about that guy...I can't believe that he didn't reach back to you! Sometimes I wonder why men do this to us. 😕

    Anyways, feel free to ask some questions! 🙂


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hey DaniBo,

    Great to hear from you! Wasn't expecting that 🙂

    Yup I had a feeling you were really busy with school.

    At the time you last read, he seemed receptive. But there's been nothing..at all. He doesn't tell me anything or initiate. If I text him first, he will answer most of the time, but he won't engage me in a conversation. I feel like a stranger to him, and he's now closer and shares more with people he never bothered with earlier. It's very sad, considering how close we'd been. Right now, we're become so good at pretending, that it's like we never dated at all.

    And I think I misread your earlier reading. I'd taken it to mean that one or both of us was trying to put our past relationship issues to rest. But when I re-read it recently, it sounds more like he might have been trying to move on from what we shared.

    I think I just want to know the situation between him and me as it stands now. Does he still think of me and how does he see me, etc. And then we'll go from there? Thanks gal!

  • Hi Danibo,

    Think since the time I first wrote to you and now, my faith is a little shaken. I thought this would be my year in terms of findng my match and being in a committed relationship. But I'm having doubts. Wonder if you can see a overall picture of things, in addition to the situation with B. Thanks!

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