The Girlfriend Rule....

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  • There is no rule book on this!! It is personal. Everyone has different boundaries. I have friends I love--both husband and wife. The females know my intentions and are secure! It's not so black and white! A woman knows if another woman is not cool with finding her man yummy. Then you respect that. It really is about trust between two women. I have a deep friendship with a married couple and no she is not intimidated if I treat her man as a separate friendship---send him a note or an e-mail or even exchange gifts. I respect and nurture their marriage but have been friends with both before they married---in fact I helped play match maker. You just have to treat each relationship according to their boundaries. You respect boundaries. Really you need to trust your man! He's a big boy and responsible for being faithful. If someone hits on your man he needs to deal with it. No one can seduce your man without his permission. I would never cross the line with a girlfriends man---but I have been affectionate in front of a girlfriend but she knows her man is safe with me. Really, it's your responsibility to not have girlfriends you can not trust! I have been married to a scorpio for over forty years---they can be magnetic and love to be charming. At parties when we were young, yes it made my eyes role to watch the ladies fall under his spell but it meant nothing and frankly, I enjoyed meeting a charming man to talk to----and at the end of the night my husband and I went home together. You either trust each other or not. Usually, true cheating is not done in plain sight.

  • Hi Blmoon - Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would like to clarify. The friendship I had dated for 20 yrs. We had mutual respect for eachother, she was like a sister to me. We shared everything...some sexual conversations, but no details in respect to their couple or mine. I didn't write the story of how she broke our trust. The boundaries set changed without me knowing....and therefore, the friendship. I said goodbye to the man I was with 2 weeks later and the GF, enough time for him to find a place and enough time for her to go on dates with him.

    I'm happy for you that you have strong friendships and a trustworthy husband.