Will this Cancer man ever love me? Please Help me

  • LH, according to your astrological profiles, this relationship is best as a friendship. A love affair here is usually more sexually than romantically oriented - at least for one of you. Feelings are often kept inside in such a matchup, rather than being expressed. Your friend hates to get into arguments and disputes and will rarely say what he is really thinking or feeling. but neither of you should bury your frustrations - communication here must be open and honest or else the relationship will not work out. A n atmosphere where criticism and disapproval can be exoressed without fear of upset or rejection must be created for the relationship to survive.

    Your friend tends to relate having money to being loved because of some screwed-up values inflicted when he was young. His fear of starving or ending up homeless can become the big fear of his life and achieving economic independence and success could be his chief focus, even more than finding love. He may become attached to creating an image of himself as a successful, affluent person who is a total babe magnet. His sexuality and confidence are all tied up with his net worth and image, and he will never feel he is really loved until he is wealthy. The people he admires and is attracted to the most are those whom he thinks have 'made it' or are unusual and unconventional in some way. He has to learn to trust people more and not equate love with money and security. His emotional volatility, his attempts to impose his will on others, and his sense of being a victim are all attitudes he must release if he is to find true happiness. He must enjoy his passions rather than be ruled by them. Having the courage to work out his issues in a therapeutic relationship is what he needs but he may avoid looking deeply inside and sharing himself rather than doing the work.

    You yourself must be careful not to get carried away by your dreams and visions of a perfect life or partner. You yearn to receive love - to be adored by your perfectly attentive mate. You must learn to be more realistic and accepting of life and people as they are.

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