Woohoo its my birthday today! can i get a reading pls

  • Hello and thank you for choosing to read my post.

    Today is my 31st birthday. Lots to look forward to this year. New job in the wonderful field of nursing. Um single with a casual date next week. Im working on leaving what belongs in the past, in the past one day at a time.

    Anyhow, I would like a general reafing. Work, love, my family.


    blessings from Sweetoty

  • I'd like to start off by wishing you a happy birthday and a blessed year ahead ^-^

    I'm going to use a spread known as a Mandala Spread, which has 9 cards and is good for answering general questions.

    The first card is an overview of the self, and the card is the Ten of Pentacles. This is a card of inheritance, tradition, legacy, and geneology. You have a stable, comfortable life, and a good job (the suit of Pentacles, called the suit of Coins by some, often deals with monetary wealth). You have a strong connection to your legacy and family history, and might have worked on a family tree at one point, or gone to a reunion.

    The next card represents your ambitions and goals: the King of Swords. You're strong and deeply rooted in rules and values, and you strive to be honest, fair, and firm in your beliefs. You'd make a good father or mother, though this might not be one of your ambitions right now. You might carry these honorable values because your ancestors did as well.

    Card number three is your ideals and dreams, and the card is the Queen of Wands Rx (Rx in Tarot means "reversed", or that the card is upside-down - yes, it's the same as the "perscription" sign). The Queen of Wands Rx is normally a card of a scheming, jealous, vengeful, unfaithful person, while upright she represents a passionate, sweet, caring person. However, since this card is meant to represent your ideals and dreams, I think your these involve NOT being scheming, jealous, vengeful, unfaithful. This gels nicely with the King of Swords: you strive to be an upstanding, fair, honest person, and your ideals don't involve much more than that (for instance, you don't strive to be a RICH, fair, honest person, or a FAMOUS, fair, honest person). You pursue the qualities of the King of Swords as ends in themselves. Perhaps one of your relatives faced these qualities in themselves or someone close to them, and you strive to NOT have those qualities.

    This card is your real achievements at this time: the Queen of Swords Rx. I find this to be an odd card for "achievements," because, again, it displays bad qualities. Perhaps you've been closed-minded and a little closed off from the world, quite probably in the interests of protecting your values, in which you are strongly anchored. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's beginning to look more and more like a big part of your life thusfar has been avoiding turning into someone you don't like, perhaps someone who treated you badly in the past.

    The last two cards come to a head in the Empress Rx, which represents your dependencies or faulty beliefs. The Empress Rx is characterized by the bad mother: unloving, uncaring, unfaithful, immoral, and possiby abusive. This could very well have been your mother, but perhaps not: either way, there's someone in your past, probably female, who you've thusfar been striving to NOT become. However, this person was the one bad egg in the basket, and you otherwise love and deeply respect your family, and feel very connected to your heritage despite this one person's influence on you - perhaps she even came into your life AFTER you'd moved out. I agree, this is a good thing to leave in the past.

    This next card will bring some relief from all this negativity, as it represents you strengths and positive traits. The card is the World, which is a very good card when it describes you. You've had some hard times in your life, possibly more than some people, but you've still managed to come out on top. You've completed many of the cycles in which life moves, and you're successful, wealthy (in spirit if not in money) and compassionate for it. You've completed many goals in your life, and you're going to keep coming out on top. The World is the 21st card in the Major Arcana, the last card before the cycle known as the Fool's Journey starts back at 0 again, and you become the innocent Fool once again. This doesn't mean that you're going to lose everything and have to start over, but simply that you have another cycle ahead of you in the next year, and at the end of it you have a very good chance of becoming the World again. You tend toward general success.

    Now for your faults and weaknesses: the Two of Pentacles Rx. Essentially, you have paperwork and a lot of it. Most likely in the workplace (again, Pentacles deal with employment and finances), but possibly in your daily life, information comes at you from all angles, and you're expected to make sense of it. You're not spectacularly good at this, and you often find yourself burned out and buried under piles of real or cyber-space paper. Perhaps the others in the office don't have this problem, and cast you in the wrong light because you do. Others may be having a good time around you, and you feel obliged to join them, but you'd rather just get your work done in peace. Most likely, this isn't through any fault of your own, but it's still something you have to deal with.

    Now your self-perception. The card is the Knight of Pentacles Rx. You see yourself as very driven to complete your goals (perhaps your goal of not becoming the Empress Rx), and you might see yourself as too focused on the material world, whether or not this is warranted. Because of the unwanted revelry going on around you, you may feel antisocial and somewhat depressed.

    Card nine: your desires. The Page of Pentacles Rx. As with your ideals and dreams and the Queen of Wands Rx, I believe you desire to be everything the Page of Pentacles Rx is not. You want to spiritual, concerned about others, concerned about Mother Earth, and compassionate towards others.

    In conclusion:

    You have good drive, are generally successful, have very good morals, a sense of attatchment to your heritage, and are a very fair person. Perhaps you view yourself in something of a negative light, and this is something you could work on in your 32nd year on Earth: seeing yourself for who you really are. Someone in your past caused some bad experiences, but these are the past, and you should put them behind you and not let them rule your life, as you may have previously. You are a truly good person. For the next year, I'd reccomend being yourself in the workplace, and don't make a point of fitting in with others if you don't fit in with them naturally. In your private life, do something spontaneous every now and then, such as striking up a conversation with a random person. Continue keeping in contact with your family, and attend a reunion if you can. I didn't see anything about relationships, but I'd be willing to do another reading about your love life if you'd like.

    I hope I was able to help. I'd be more than happy to do more readings, and you might want to request one if any of what I said brought up any questions, and I'd especially reccomend asking for one about your love life if that concerns you. I'm doing this because I enjoy reading the cards, and I enjoy helping people. I'm never going to ask for money, and I'd be more than willing to do more readings for you in the future. (I'm a little concerned that the reading I gave didn't really answer your questions, but that could be because you didn't have a specific question. When dealing with Tarot, it helps to have a specific question to ask the cards, and if you decide to ask for more readings, try to come up with a question for them - it's by no means mandatory, but you tend to get better results).

    Blessed be, and happy birthday.


  • Mashmusic,

    Thank you for the reading. The reading was great. I will clerify all the card meanings but can you also do a love reading.

    Based on two guys, a sag and and not sure what sign the other guys is but he's younger then me.

    The sag is my ex bf,I try to leave him in the past but he won't leave me. And the young one, has me a little confused. Is he in to me or not. We are going in a date next week but he seems not that in to me, when at first he seemed very interested in me.

    I will explain the readings so you can see how on point you 😃

    Thanks again for this. Sigh... Yes the paper work you pointed out, and the coworkers bring me down.

    Big hugs and blessings


  • Sweetoty

    I'm glad you liked the reading. I'm going to do your love reading now, and I'll try to explain the exact meanings of the cards, and then their relationship to your situation. I'm going to use a five-card spread which will help you determine a course of action, and I'll ask the question "what should Sweetoty do in her love life?"

    The first card represents the present, or the general theme of the reading, and it's Temperence Rx. Temperence is traditionally a card of balance in all areas: indulgence vs. health, work vs. fun, society vs. self, all being in balance. Reversed, it signifies a lack of balance in one or more of these areas. I think this is applicable to your situation - you have unbalance between your ex, your new flame, and other elements of your life, and you're feeling lost, and maybe a little impatient or frustrated.

    The next card is past influences which are still having an effect on the situation, and the card is the Star Rx. The Star speaks of hope, faith, light, creativity, self-esteem, and wide-ranging, brilliant ideas. However, where the Star is light, the Star Rx is darkness. You don't see yourself for who you really are, and you have some very good qualities which others see plainly in you, but which you yourself fail to (or refuse to) recognize. This is having an influence on your current situation. Perhaps if you saw these good things within you, you'd have more confidence, which is something guys look for in women (perhaps that's why Guy #2 doesn't seem as into you).

    The next card is the future, and it's the Six of Cups. This is a card of both courtship and caring, which fits nicely in your current courtship, and your new job as a nurse. This is an interesting card to see in a "future" position, because it involves nostalgia, recalling past memories, and longing for the past. I get the feeling that this doesn't refer to longing for your childhood, but rather longing for THE past in general. Perhaps your grandparents or other relatives had a beautiful relationship that you're longing for, or maybe even something which happened in a past life (I personally don't believe in literal reincarnation, but rather an inherent "collective memory" that all humans have). Most likely, it refers to a past relationship that you want to get back. Seeing as how this card is in the future, I think you may judge your next relationship along these lines.

    Now the reason behind the question: the Four of Wands. This is essentially a card of reunion, of someone leaving and then coming back. This sounds an awful lot like something exes have a tendency to do. Perhaps your ex-boyfriend (the Saggitarius) was out of your life for a while, and just now came back to try to get back together with you. This may have prompted your wondering about your love life.

    The next card is the potential within the situation, and the card is the Four of Cups. This is a card of being stationary after a period of action. You've likely had a very eventful, full period in your love life lately, and this signifies taking a break. You might even take a time off work or a vacation. When you get back from this, you'd likely be refreshed, rejuvinated, and have a clear set of plans in mind.

    Now, that doesn't sound much like "potential," but in this particular spread, Temperence Rx is in the middle, with one card on each side of it. One of the qualities of Temperence is that it can combine the cards on opposite sides of it. In this case, the following things happen:

    The Four of Wands and the Four of Cups combine, to get something like this: you might take a break or a vacation, maybe even something as simple as a weekend, and spend it thinking and resting. By the end of it, you'll have a new outlook on things, and you'll RETURN (one of the traits of the Four of Wands) to the dating scene with a new perspective and a new plan.

    The Star Rx and the Six of Cups will combine, and over the course of your Four of Cups rest, you'll learn to see yourself in a new way (thereby rectifying the situation portrayed in the Star Rx), and end up with the Six of Cups in the future - that is, a caring relatinoship, good in all the ways that a significant previous relationship was, and probably in some new ways as well.

    Sadly, the cards did not tell me which boyfriend to go with, but I think if you follow through on your date, and maybe have a talk with the ex, and then take a break from both of them (and from other stressful things such as work) for a while (maybe even something as simple as a long weekend) and really do some soul-seaching, you'll be able to make the decision for yourself.

    I very sincerely wish you the best, and I hope my reading was helpful.


    Also, would you be willing to tell me how accurate my interpretation of your past has been, and how viable the predictions of the future I gave seem? I'm still very much a student of Tarot reading, and it would give me some measure of peace-of-mind, knowing that I wasn't just spouting bogus. I'm not asking you to go into detail about your childhood, but just for a rating of accuracy on a scale of 1-10, or something like that. If you're willin to do so.

  • My apologies. I just now realized that you don't seem interested in trying another relationship with your ex. I don't think that affects the final results of the reading at all (I still advise taking a break and thinking about things), but I apologize if I confused you.

  • Don't worry you didn't confuse me. It's all very true. I like and I'm impressed of how the combining cards also make great sence... Great reading and yes yes yes I'm very impatient feeling so unbalanced at the moment. Ive withdrawn from friends because I feel so annoyed with my life right now. The new fling did tell me that I don't see what others see in me. And that i close my self off but he feels like there a lot of good in me.

    I pray to change. I pray to learn and accept what it is that in not seeing in my self. Ive been getting a lot of patients at work complamenting me lately. I love how life speaks to me 😃

    I thank you so very much for this. It def helps me. I wasn't clear to my self of why im feeling so emotional right now. With your help I understand now. Now i can fix it. I have more to say about the first reading but its dinner time with the family. I'll come back soon.

    Bug hugs for you. I hope you enjoy your evening. Blessing

  • I'm glad I could help. I'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say about the first reading, whenever you get the time ^-^

    One of the most fascinating things about the Tarot to me is how cards can combine, and indeed how cards HAVE to be read with each other in mind in order to get a coherent reading. If the reader just went by the meaning of each card individually, there'd be only 78 possibilities, but since the cards can combine, the possibilities are endless, which I think makes the Tarot more accurate.

    I hope things work out the way the cards show them working out (that is, beautifully).

    Blessed be,


  • Mashmusic,

    What a day..... You talked about me taking sometime off from work. Omg..... I was fired today. I was still under probation. My responce to your reading will be coming soon....

    And I had to cancel my date that was set for today.


  • Oh, my. I didn't think it would work out that way... I'm very sorry. If there's anything further I can do, please tell me. Take your time with the responce. You have much more important things to deal with right now.

    I wish you the best,


  • Happy birthday sweettoy hope you enjoy your day

  • Shadomist,.thank you!

    Mashmusic, I've been hiding under a rock

    these days. I was fired basicly because the girl that was teaming me didn't ever like me. I've taken this to the dean of nursing and making sure they investigate this. This girl also humiliated me everyday at work by being cruel to me in front of co-workers and on face book by making cruel comments about me in a daily basis. I'm prepared to hire an attorney.


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