An invitation to deeper spirituality

  • Hello friends, I have the privilege of being involved with a special church, with a very special minister, who is on a mission to create an international spritual community unifying people who have lost faith in traditional religious dogma. He has recently set up a website, (Spiritual But Not Religious) to share his vision and the mission of our congregation, to help people find their ultimate spirituality and fulfillment in life by letting God live through us, in the moment and in unconditional love. The site is new, and a work in progress, but our congregation and the principles that bind us are not new. We have been receiving growing international attention for the challenge we pose to traditional forms of religion which are so often fear-based, alienating, and offer so few tools to truly integrate Faith in our daily lives. I guess it could be said that we take the "best" of all religious teachings and incorporate it into our spiritual explorations. The web-site became a necessary step to take the vision to the next level.

    In my short time in the forums here at I sense that many of you share in a quest for living life with a deep spiritual connection. I would invite you to have a look at what my minister, Ian Lawton, is proposing as a fresh way to "live" God no matter what your religious upbringing. All religious teachings are integrated into the shared vision of our congregation as we completely accept that spiritual wisdom knows no boundaries defined by Man or Doctrine and is a gift to be offered up freely by every human being. If you do go there and have a look, please feel free to share with others here, your impressions of the website and whether you found enrichment in what is being said there. Namaste and thank you for reading this.

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