My ex -in the cards as my soulmate?

  • My very spiritual wife says she has a gut feeling me and my ex are soulmate from the way I talk about her

  • I used to think that my ex was my soulmate because I couldnt get away from him but after a time when I was vulnerable I found someone that erased those thoughts. I dont think I have found my soul mate just yet but I do know that my ex isnt the one.

  • First understand you can have many soulmates in a lifetime. I thought I was very fortunate to have had 2 that I felt a very strong connection to only to find out there is a third one I just found again! Also, remember that soulmates come in all types....they can be a parent, a child, a friend, anyone. It doesn't necessarily mean they are supposed to be your partner in this life. Just that you have issues to work through in each lifetime with those souls. Having said that, I think you need to reassure your current wife that even though there was a connection at one time, you have worked those issues out to the best of your ability in this lifetime and now have her as your soulmate.

  • Dear bgpapaparker,

    When we talk about the loves of the past, if we do it in anything but dispassionate tones we indicate to our current loves that we still have feelings for them. What I'd like to ask you is, why do you still talk about your ex with your wife? Is she a business partner? did she have your child? does she text you? What I'm saying is, if she has no pivotal role in your current life, there is no need to let her be a presence in your current relationship. Your wife has had thoughts about the nature of your feelings for you ex, and I'd like to suggest to you that you refrain from mentioning this woman again. Is there something you have yet to work out in terms of this past relationship? Take the time now to look into it, draw conclusions, and then leave it where it belongs; the past.

    Whether or not your ex was a soulmate is not of great concern. Your wife senses that your feelings run deep; discussions of soulmates are her way of delving into it with you, of broaching the subject, of letting you know it's on HER mind. Honor that.

    I looked into this for you and can tell you that you and your ex are not soul mates. She did leave a very strong impression on you, however, and at one time you may have felt a sense of destiny about the relationship. Your wife, despite the recent heartache I'm seeing in your relationship, also feels this sense of hope and destiny with you.



  • Ahliyah, I've read your comments so far on this forum and you're so enlightening and helpful and you strike me as one with much experience and you come off as very wise. You're straightforward as well which is actually quite refreshing. I enjoy reading your comments and I registered on this forum just to let you know that I appreciate your responses. Thank you for being helpful to everyone here looking for answers.

  • Totally agree w/Ahliyah. Does your "spiritual wife" mean ya'll are legally married. Just a thought that ran thru my mind.

  • how do you know when someone is your soulmate? is it like when you know what each other is thinking and you feel like there is an emptiness in your soul when that person is not around, or is that just love. i really would like to know

  • Hi everyone-

    I found your discussion about soul-mates very interesting. As a matter of fact I have a thread in my blog regarding a similar topic.

    You can take your time and read through it and add your comments if you like.


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  • been almost 4 wks since yr post, did u discovered the TRUTH w/n yrself? Altho Im not NEW 2 Tarot; this my #1st time blogging. I've been around a few other horroscope sites, but keep comng back 2 Tarot. The forums are OTC! And usually the posts are 100% right on target. Bgpapaparker, I can def concur w/ AhLIYa and JennaYoung on some points. They keepin it real..Some females are NOT 2 B trusted. I feel ya on that! Whats love gotta do w/ it? LOL!

    I need a reading too, Xcpt, now I think I need help first? Im confused? Its my bad 4sure, I hadnt kept up with any religious practices lately; but I did learn a lil sumthn sumthn from my Nana. She did palm readings & created astrological birth charts.

    Its gotta be my tech background..bcuz Ive alwys tried2 fig out how stuff works…But, I dont see where Bgpapaparker listed any usuable info? Like D.O.B, Z-sign, card spread or whatnot?

    I may be crazy and way off base here, but I What I Want 2Know is what astrological, scientifical, numerological or spriritual method done 4 this counsel? Bgpapaparker, have u laid all yr cards out on the deck & had a reading?

    If soul-mates, u’ll be in it 2 win it. It just may be a new beginning.

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