Interested in having a reading

  • Ill try to make this brief as possible 🙂

    I've been seeing this guy for the past yr but were not seriously dating cause he's got alot on his plate with school and work, but were very drawn to each other. anyways I've been sorta seeing where it all may lead & found out that in a few months he may leave to go back home, which is Brazil, or somewhere he finds a job in the US. he keeps saying "lets enjoy the moment." that's hard for me to do.

    my question is, does this guy exist in my long-term future..i feel like i keep hoping he is.

    also, what do you see happening as the next big thing for me? my life is at a standstill at the moment! i need an adventure or relationship, or both 🙂

  • I'll respond w/a tarot reading in couple of days...

  • Thank you! Ill look fwd to it. if you need any further information let me know.

  • Choices and appraisals. Internal conflict regarding a decision. This decision is important to you and above this reading. Your intuition is excellent. Are you using your intuition. I feel like you're in a wait and see mode. Your judgement is right concerning this relationship. Very emotional time for you. You really would like this person to stay. This feeling is magnified w/Judgement pairing. There are several conversations or situations (people) that figure into your reading. Some are up and coming. Because I don't know the particulars of your situation, it's hard for me to pinpoint these people. I have a somewhat stable person in your situation, as I move along I see the need for creativity or a more creative, young energy around you. In your blocks there is someone who is very guarded regarding their emotions. You would like this person to express more--I don't see this changing. In fact, I believe your reading is signaling a newer more creative presence in your life. Could very well be your love life. Is your current boyfriend less emotional than what you'd like. There is some challenge as far as finances. I don't see current boyfriend as staying. In fact, things seem to be changing. Be careful not to be impulsive in choices w/men. As an outcome to your situatiion, you'll figure out solution. I'm getting a very creative energy w/you also. Use this vision, energy to incorporate a plan into reality. You are a vulnerable person. Have generous spirit. Devise an exit strategy (for yourself.) Think of yourself. As far as friends, you are a victim of your own choices. Wanted to ask you about some of your friends. I get a feeling on one hand that you may be used- or- your friends don't like something about what is going on. Can't decipher what's going on w/close friends. Could be losing some friends, argument etc. Use your better judgement. There'll be some changes coming.

    Present--10 of cups


    below--high priestess

    situation--knight of coins

    challenges--5 of coins

    future--page of rods

    blocks--king of swords

    friends--8 of swords

    advice--knight of rods


  • So when you say "devise an exit strategy", do you mean in the sense of letting him go now before i become more vulnerable, too attached? i think it may be him who is using me for my emotions. I do think that either way this road goes, ill be hurt (either in letting him go or having him leave).

    I am curious about what stable figure you see in my life.

    as far as creative energy, i have wanted to start travel nursing, but have been waiting a little longer instead for this guy. i don't think our feelings for each other match. i always fall harder than my partners.

    With my friends, most of them don't agree with my decision to keep him in my life. I haven't wanted to go out alot lately & I've been keeping to myself trying to figure out what to do next.

    I've thought about dating again, but I feel like I keep failing at it so maybe I should be alone. Me being a Libra does not help in that aspect at all.

    Thank you so much for the reading.

  • someone killed my brother and I lost my bestfriend and brother and we had a hard life and I want his justice and I'm about to loose my mind because the cops are not doing anything about it and we have a good idea who did it and I have been so depressed and I'm trying to go on with life and let it go but it's so hard with no peace or justice and they burnt his clothes instead of putting it in evidence but it's crazy how we are not getting any help but I'm wanting to get a reading but I want someone who can really help me...thanks have a great day,,wish the best for all and I hope we get justice soon,,so sorry to all who's got problems and for me I try to smile and just think about what I do got and usually that and laughing helps but since he went missing and then we found his remains and went through hell and it seems like thats what most of my brother and my life has been but together we could get through anything but now I feel no one understands me or is really there for me,,and this is one of those things I feel I can't let go,,no matter how much I try to at least have some peace of mind...but I hurt so much..thanks and have a good day but I did get a tarot card one day that said I would get justice but in time but I cant remember what card it was...have good day>>>to all

  • I think the exit plan is for you. Taking care of yourself and feelings. Be prepared. In the past position, I drew the 3 of cups. Forgot to list that. Your friendships figured more predominant in past. In more of a future position, shows harsh words or situation that's not favorable. You have control over this and the indication I get is this sit. w/BF. What type personality does BF have as this would help. There seems to be 2 different types here and am wondering if this is his and yours.

  • Smile of sunshine, I'll post a reading for you in couple of days here on this page.

  • Libralady, There seems to be 2-3 personalities here. Some figure in to come. I'm interested in yours and his at present. Can you explain.

  • okay, personalities.

    My personality is fun, outgoing, optimistic, always up for an adventure, and always up for a good laugh. Im not very good at saying how I feel, but I'm good with conversation and making my intentions very clear. I'm honest and sincere and tend to push people away when I'm insecure (as I am in this situation). I'm happiest when I am with other people, especially in relationships - though I haven't had many long-lasting ones. I believe in love and that I'll have it one day.

    His personality is a calm, reserved, mysterious one. He is a Pisces. He can be moody and frustrating to me, but then can play the innocent card. He has a way of making me not be mad at him haha He is very carefree, does not worry about things in the future, he lives in the moment. He's funny, smart, and caring. He knows alot about me, but does not share as many things about himself. In a way, he can seem a little detached at times, and then other times be completely into me. He also spaces out from me sometimes for days at a time.

    We are not "dating", he tells me he can't make a relationship his priority right now as hes focused on his career, and that includes even dating. so were just two people enjoying each other and frustrating each other at the same time. I've tried walking away from him many times and have dated others in the meantime. I've kicked him out of my life, told him to never come back for not giving me what I want (relationship), but he always finds his way back. I'm just wondering if this time I need to do it for good and not look back.

  • Ok, these other male personalities that are shown could possibly be suitors, which makes sense. Also, might be his dual personality. Pisces is a dual sign. Money figures in around this situation as well. Seems to be financial worries of some sort. His career is the situation with him at present, no doubt about that. Looking at challenges, may not get better. He may be looking at the 2 of you and saying, I can't handle this financially. Will continue to come in and out of your life. It'll be up to you to devise your exit strategy like I said. The cards are showing 2 distinct personalities here. In your friends position, your not in a favorable position. With the positioning of your cards, this reading is really speaking to your choices and appraisals in this.

    Because judgement in positioned over your reading and showing you and outcome as the Star, I definitely believe you need to make a decision here. You really know what's best, it's just a hard thing for you to do. I see this situation staying the same.

  • SmileofSunshine, I'm picking up several signals here. You can help me understand some. First, money seems to be an issue and at the root of this. Is there a significant person that was around your brother as employer or maybe friend, GF. I'd like to know why this money issue seems to be at forefront. You are closed off regarding some aspect in all of this. Your challenge is to find out more on your own. Be more open to all aspects. Maybe something that you are personally denying about your brother--something you don't want to believe. You and him were very close, emotionallly. Reading is pointing to friends being help in some way. Somehow money is again in the blocks position. I'll need more clarity from you as to where this may point. Thanks.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I've been reading a few forums where you have been of so much help. I request you for some help desperately...

    i stay in glasgow. I've lost my diamond wedding ring and another diamond ring that my mother gave me (i had kept both together). It keeps coming to my mind that i kept it at the wrong place. I have gone crazy searching for them, but of no avail. Today was my birthday too, and this was not a very happy ending of the day.....

    Could you please help me in any way at all?

    Also, i want to develop my physic and mediumship knowledge and looking at attending some classes in a couple of months. I just dont know if i am made for it. I need someone to tell me if i have any natural ability that i can further develop?

    Many thanks....

  • Hi Jbawa, I do tarot readings. I can draw some cards and see if I get any signals. I have never searched for personal belongings using the tarot. Is your mother still alive. I'll try to respond in couple of days. I'll post the answer under this forum (psychic). I'll title it To Jbawa.

  • Hi!!!

    I have two guys that I feel are interested although they have not given me solid confirmation so I

    am asking to see if you can give me any information on them and the situation. It would be nice to see who is interested if not one or both and what might the possibility of something to come.

    Lets just call them the contractor S and the sheriff C. Thank you so much. It is so nice of you to offer to help others out with your readings.

    Love and Light

  • many thanks

  • Khemosabie, I'll post a reply and title it to Khemosabie under Psychic forum. This is LibraLady's page. I'll respond if you create a new topic to my attention. Thanks. I will respond in couple of days.

  • Thank you Daliolite! You're right about me knowing what I need to do, but its hard for me.

    I figured out my "exit strategy" and I think I need to take it now, or be disappointed in the long-run.

    Again, thank you 🙂

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