Help with a tarot combination

  • The combination of the hanged man and the 10 of swords reversed seems to be chronic to readings I've had done. I'm not an expert on tarot cards, and I've heard various interpretations from friends as to the symbolism behind this and what it means. Just looking for clarification really as it always seems to come up!

    Thanks for your time!

  • Just bumping this up. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • The 10 of Swords reversed suggests that there is a situation in your life that is causing much anxiety for you. The problem is, all of the worry and anxiety only makes it worse. You need to take your focus off what is NOT working in your life and look to what is and place your energy there instead. The Hanged Man is about surrender. Release this situation as you do not have any control over it - as much as you wish you did. You need to get back to a place of emotional equilibrium as you are currently way out of balance. It feels like this is a relationship/parnership matter - something that has fallen below expectations, but you are struggling with letting go.

  • If you don't mind my input, I see the Hanged man as surrender as well. Further, with the 10 of swords reversed, either a very stressful, worrisome situation has recently ended or will come to an end shortly. You will start to see your situation(s) from a new perspective. As above, you should start shifting your focus off the negative. Learn new lessons from your experience.

  • Thanks for the info peeps!

  • Tegwyn is definitely on the right track!

    While the ten of swords speaks to the trouble at hand, the Hanged Man is the resolution.

    Remember that the Hanged Man is all about giving ourselves over to the higher power at work when we have gotten ourselves upside down in a situation. It reminds us that when we let go of the things we so desperately WANT, we will receive the things that we NEED!

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