Hello Shuabby It's me again guide me please....

  • My Dear Shuabby ,

    Belated Happy New Year and best wishes to you this year. I apologized its been awhile never been here. Anyways again I've been to a lot but I still survive I know I always had a strong will to protect myself and to learnt each day. I felt a bit different this time I can see myself clear now what I what and what do I have to do unfortunately there is sad and happiness cos I had a great time last year but I'm

    now dealing with some family issues your totally right they wouldn't help me out and I found out where to stand now. It's was surprising year for me too. I find myself more attractive and have more confident and sometimes it makes me felt confused and disappointed. I get back with my cancer man but this time is totally different his opening his heart to me nd I was surprised about his really word I know understand why his so hrs to me lately were having fun but unfortunately he lied to me and I can't control my temper and I put everything to him and I admit I was worse but I know why I'm doing that cos up to know I no idea who I am to him. I got heaps of guys who have interested to me for a relationship and I knew some of them are true but I wonder why I was challenge to this cancer man when I was with him before he wasn't really open but now I know everything in him about his family issues but his still can lied to me and I was upset that up to know his trying to find someone or may be his exploring his self but it's was totally makes me felt sad cos his still having a profile on a dating site I don't know now if his playing a game and I don't know if I was one of his game now I have told by him to reflect myself and ask myself why I'm so bad to him cos I always put everything in him and if I was upset to friends and someone I put everything on him and his exhausted to me but the really issues was since then I knew that he lied to me I'm only waiting for his acceptance unfortunately he doesn't care about how I felt instead telling me that I need to stop telling him that his only hurting me otherwise deleted him in to my life if I only saying does words to him . He gave me compliments and I appreciated that but how can he say that to me when he know that he only after for friend with benefits and I was confused cos I was told that he never only wanted me only his friends but he had few friends never treated like I did and he don't need that. I know that I'm so uptight to him but I'm only doing that cos I don't know who I am to him. His so unfair and now his having an upper hand to get mad at me but his the one having issues. I always find away to win his trust but I lately realized I guess his still holding his pass I just wanted to move on cos it's not what I want and I have few choice but what if I started again and he make up to me I was happy get along with someone before but one night I don't really know I got a chance to chatted with him and the one I was a bit contented was fall apart and turn my attention to him but up to now his giving me mixed signal I don't know if I should wait or start my own thing without him pla help me out I can't work things out with him our communication is way far deeper than before but still not good enough. I said to myself this time I will not do the first move all this time it's always me . Is this the sigh of stupidity of myself please clear my mind now thank you

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