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  • I'm picking up a lot of sentiment from your husband regarding this ring. I get the feeling that he worked very hard for it. I don't feel like a friend or close assoc. took the ring. I feel that you misplaced it and you're going to have to be very creative in your thinking to recover it. Don't want to sound negative but possiblity exists here that it may never be recovered and I think that also eats at your husband. In your advice positiion it mentions friends. The three of cups is not a negative card. How did or do your friends figure around this. Were you planning an outing w/them. Did some come over that particular day. I need more clues regarding friends. Your husband seems to be closed-minded in some aspect. He may just be upset. I hope you find the ring. Reading points to creativity in finding. I'll need more info on how you lost it. Do you remember where you set it etc. Is your husband really upset?


    Above--Ace of rods

    present--page of swords

    below--5 of rods

    situation--8 of coins


    challenges--4 of cups

    future--knight of cups

    blocks--knight of rods


    advice--3 of cups

    outcome--5 of coins

  • Many many thanks for your reply. From all that i can recollect, it was my birthday yesterday and i came back from my mothers house back to my house at 5-15 pm to get dressed. I am almost sure that i was wearing it to moms (in laws) house. I got ready to leave the house at 6-30. I was alone when i came home and no one came in other than my husband at 6 pm.

    so i am certain it was lost between 5-15 pm and 6-30 pm yesterday. And i took it off to take a shower. I also know i cant remember where i kept it because i was so stressed in my mind about things.

    The places i went to in my house at that time were: My bedroom, My dressing room, Bathroom for a shower, kitchen and laundry room (washing machine and tumble dryer). I have searched most of these places inside out now and dont know what else to do.

    It was 2 diamond rings together. One wedding ring and the other given to me by my mother. This is probably all the information... i hope this helps...

    Many thanks again for your help.

  • Look in corners, look down the drain as that was my inclination before reading.

  • Found it!!! In my daughter's play kitchen cups....

    Thanks a lot again for your kind help.

    Much appreciated.

  • I find it interesting that in your advice position, I drew the 3 of cups which shows 3 friends holding cups up in air. Actrually, the tarot can be quite literal--objective. The ace of wands over your reading is the highest form of ideas, creativity. So happy you found it!!

  • Still gives me more insight into the use of tarot!!

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