Are you a Incarnated Angel, Elemental, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards, etc

  • LeoLou – Sorry for my late reply …. Glad the mirror trick helped. As for protecting yourself psychically to me it’s all about your mental state. If you are strong there half of the work is already done then you can seek what works for you on other levels that have your interest.

    My knowledge of what I am blessed with I have known since I was little ...yet as many I was more interested in other things. So re-discovering would be the right word in my case. 😉

  • 🙂

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance and colour

  • So what would a mystic Angel look like?

  • Hello scully21 - I honestly don't know, I haven't got the book, I got the quiz online. I have searched the net, but cannot find anything sorry. I would like to find out more on Mystic Angel's too.

    Sorry I am unable to help.

    Hey poetic555 - was there anything about Mystic Angels on that site, where you found the info about Star people?

  • ok i just took the quiz that was on the first page and i have a question: what if you fall into all categorizes? for the first set i got 4; 2nd set 5; 3rd set 4; 4th set 5; 5th set 5. what does this mean?

  • Hi there kells629,

    I would take your highest score’s, which is the 2nd set, 4th set and 5th set, which would work out as a combination of incarnated Elemental, Walk-in and Wise one. As Doreen Virtue did not give explanations of combo’s of more than two, it looks like you could fit into Leprechauns: Half Wise Ones and half Incarnated Elementals, because at least your two of your highest score fall here.

    Leprechauns: Half Wise Ones and half Incarnated Elementals They have the wisdom that comes from living on the Earth for many lifetimes, down to earth practical approach to living, wicked sense of humour and a deep sense of connection to nature.

    I found a little more info on the net .

    Leprechauns are half Wise Ones/ half Incarnated Elementals. One minute they are serious, the next minute -mischievous. "They lecture you one minute and then tickle you the next". Leprechauns posses ancient knowledge about magic, healing and manifestation.

    If you are a Leprechaun:

    *spend plenty of time out in a nature

    *choose a career that involves entertaining, teaching as you'd keep your students enthralled and interested your students

    I also found some info about just Wise Ones, which is in your combo.

    Wise One

    The Wise Ones glow from inside and "look like romance-novel characters". Wise ones have deep knowingness and wisdom in their eyes. They are extremely powerful as they have invested lifetimes into developing their psychic and spiritual gifts. If you are a Wise One: *honour the power of the word *honor your past *be aware of your temper *teach what's important to you *laugh and play *know what to ask for *honour your wisdom

    Hope this helps.

    Light and Love LL

  • I am no star-person big suprise there.... LOL

    I scored highest on walk-in, but for Angel, Element and Wise-one I scored a 5. Always knew I am a mixed up bag of tricks. Always had a love of the Sea and of Nature. Seems fitting.

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