AstraAngel...may I have a reading?

  • Hi, i have read your thorough readings on this site and I was wondering if you could answer these questions about me 2/20/68 and mike 7/1/66.

    Does he miss me? Did he love me? Does he love me now? Why was he so cruel to me?


  • To be fair, here is more information, he is married (her dob 5/28/64). As am I, (my hubby 2/23/68)

  • Hi doeyeyedpisces

    Okay, let's take a look...

    Three rows, row 1 is - Does he miss me?

    Page of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Page of Swords

    Yes, this looks like he is thinking of you a lot and wants to communicated with you. The two pages on either side of you as the Queen says he is considering strongly trying to reconnect.

    Row 2 - Did he love me?

    4 of Cups, 7 of Swords, 7 of cups

    There was certainly love in the air with you two. I have the sense it was trying to develop and become something stable, and sweet. There were energies back there is something he was seeking in love that he didn't feel like he was getting with you for some reason. The 7 swords shows his mind strategizing and sort of caught up in his own world... seven of cups he is daydreaming of others...

    Row 3 - Does he love me now?

    6 of Swords, 9 of Cups, 5 of Swords

    He is certainly wishing he could get back with you, just to see what could happen. The 5 of swords shows some conflicts with the idea in his head, could be he is weighing out the risks of reaching out to you in light of his marriage. The 9 of Cups is a very strong attraction energy he has dreams of you being with you again. Is it "love"? Well, it's attraction that is for sure.

    Row 4 - Why was he so cruel to me?

    The High Priestess, Knight of Swords, and the Ace of Swords. This answer is obscured in mystery by the High Priestess. Apparently though it is all connected and flowing with his intellectual life, chasing something in his ideas - he has a certain "concept" of love that he is trying to realize... if he can just figure it out!

    Let me look at his chart...

    Wow he is an intense Cancer... Jupiter right next to his Sun. So take whatever crabby tendencies Cancers have and multiply it by about a hundred with him.

    Mars and Venus both in Gemini. Uh oh, he must have run really hot and cold in his emotional life, which Cancers can do also. One minute "so sweet" the next... some little thing has set them off and they run back into their cave and dare anyone to reach out to them. That's when you find our what their claws are for. Ouch!

    Moon in Sag is in opposition to his Mars in Gemini so that seems to compound his double nature in love. I bet when the Moon was full he was a real handful. He became not the werewolf, but the werecrab ha ha...

    It would take a special lady to understand Mike. My heart goes out to whoever his wife is. My guess is by now she is PRAYING that he finds someone else.

    Hey, I hope that helps! Follow your heart! 😉 I am NOT telling you to have an affair okay? That would be wrong ...wouldn't it? Well, I guess it's wrong only if you get caught ha ha...

    You're going to be hearing from him soon. (The STAR). He's lonely (Hermit).

    love and light


  • Grazie! Tanti baci! Lol @ "Werecrab" Sooooo true. His wife is a Gemini and I think she just goes off and does her own thing when he gets that way. I personalize his cruelty. He has blocked me in every form and way so it will be interesting to see if he does contact me.

  • so when you say "soon" what do you mean by soon?

  • Soon as in Seven of Cups soon.... he is thinking about reaching out to you right now.

    Queen of Swords - timing on this is not allowed to be revealed.

  • Here is the history

    We met at work in Jan of 1997. We both seemed very familiar to each other. He was in a relationship and I was married (for about four years at the time). He used to flirt with me, come on to me and was very clingy. By April I had serious feelings for him. He was very persistent. Then by December of that year I told him that I had feelings for him and he said that he was devoted to his girlfriend. Bought a ring and then got engaged by Feb. I quit my job in Feb – I couldn’t handle it all. So I ran. He was married in September of 1998. The week of his wedding I had a dream that we were in a boat and he fell out and I didn’t even try to save him. I called him the next day and he said “Wow, so weird that you’re calling – I am getting married this week, I wonder if it is a sign”…

    We kept in touch a little bit through the years.

    In 2007, his brother died by suicide. I read about it and reached out. We started emailing back and forth every couple of weeks. In Oct of 2008, I joined FB and we became friends and started to chat everyday . At first it was an hour a day, then it was hours…everyday, until April of 2010 when my husband confronted him.

    In March of 2009 his son was attacked by two dogs and was in serious condition. He seemed to reach out to me even more during that time and even after that. Most of our chat times were initiated by him and it was for upwards of 6 hours. Had I not loved him, I wouldn’t have spent that much of my time.

    So, 2 months after my husband confronted him, we started talking again (initiated by me) but it was never the same. He wasn’t sweet to me like he was…and by August of 2010 he deleted me and blocked me. I tried to reconnect, apologize for my heart…everything…but he ignored me. Never said goodbye – this is a man who I know so much about…then sometime later – we still had mutual facebook friends – friends that he knows in real life –b ut I have never met…anyway – he must have talked about me because one man, blocked me from writing anything on his wall….something innocent I wrote about wanting to go on a helicopter ride was removed. So strange.

    I hurt because he was like my best friend and was so clingy that I clung right back only to be treated like I was nothing.

    This has been almost all of my adult life…I NEED to let go but I have NEVER loved anyone like him. I have only loved 4 people in my 43 years and he is the only one I never even kissed.

  • Doeyedpisces

    Okay, I followed your story...

    What do you mean by this statement:

    "This has been almost all of my adult life."

    is that connected to this statement:

    "...only to be treated like I was nothing..."


    That jumped out at me.

    love and light,


  • "This has been almost all of my adult life"

    Meaning I met him when I was 28...and I am 43...i have loved him all this never went away, even when we didn't speak.

    The only to be treated like I am nothing with regards to the last few years (since 2008). I was emotionally there for him with his brother's passing and his only son's accident. Whenever he wanted to talk about it...I let him in and he treated me as if I was a complete stranger, never said that he would not speak with me or that he was angry or anything...just ignored me and blocked me as if I never existed. That hurt. not just slighted but hurt in my soul. I would send him emails telling him that.

  • doeyedpisces,

    Well, you are doing the right thing by staying strong in your faith and trust, everything will work out even though it may not look like it.

    Three of Wands and the World - you are actually looking at some wonderful new opportunities soon. While you have been struggling to understand why someone would treat you like that, when you have all the love in the world for them, guess what? You are developing in some amazing ways within that you are not even aware of. Soon you will come to understand that, and then so much love, life, laughter, wonderful possibilities and every blessing you can imagine - will drop into your lap, like magic!

    I know it sounds like pie in the sky, and it is hard to understand these situations. I have cried out to Spirit over these bizarre events and trying to understand what is prompting the behavior of others, when you are trying to follow your heart... all I can say is keep doing whatever it is you are doing and keep loving him, as you can, where you are, remotely as it were.

    Love and light


  • Thank you...I will...

  • It's been a month...and he hasn't tried to contact me...can I have another reading?

  • Hi doeyedpisces

    Sure thing, sri I have been away... let's see about this...

    You are the Queen of Cups and he is the King of Swords in this reading.

    1. His life situation at this time - Four of Pentacles. Hmm.. not a great energy for emotional happiness anyway. He seems more closed off here than anything, more concerned about job or money or something, yuck.

    2. Your life situation at this time - Eight of Cups. Moving away emotionally, I think you are already reading the writing on the wall and have begun to detach emotionally from him somewhat?

    3. His feelings for you - the Seven of Pentacles. Ugh. Another pentacle in a love reading. This is a big pause here, he is pulling back and taking five, not really doing anything, between this card and that four pentacles, he aint moving any time soon your way. I think for your own sake you should probably keep moving on (eight cups).

    4. Your feelings for him - King of Cups. You see him rather large in love, maybe too large. Larger than life. This King isn't moving either though. he sits and rules his emotional world but he aint coming off of that throne without a really good reason.

    Advice for you...

    Two of Pentacles. Keep moving. I would wish him blessings and not keep hoping for anything to develop. Take care of YOU and be ready for something surprising to develop. Heaven never closes one door without opening another - much nicer - one.

    The Devil. And your next door could be a lot of fun. A lot.

    Eight of Wands. And could be coming quick!

    I would be on the lookout for a new individual who is going to help you laugh your (***) off, and will be the best thing in the world for you, letting you relax (which is what you love to do) with a man.... be at peace and loving life with him...

    Eight of Swords and the Lovers - yeah... he has some tricks to help extricate you out of those swords you have planted in the sand around you....

    and the LOVERS... oh wow... nice... I think with that Devil card and this Lovers card... that beach you ARE ON with the eight of swords... is going to turn out to be a nude beach with him... yee ha!

    Keep your face turned to heaven and your angels and be expecting something surprising and lovely to develop....




    a surprise!

  • Astra angel,

    Eight of cups for my life's not even the writing on the wall. I have been writing songs and one of the lines of a chorus is "how many more times must I let you go?". I am tired of wishing...I deserve bliss. This is not bliss.

    King of feelings for him...he is a larger than life guy...outgoing for a cancer...lots of friend gregarious and very intelligent all wrapped into one, fast sarcastic wit...and a hidden cutsie teenage boy side. I used to light up just talking to him. Love him to pieces...but not attached anymore, too much time has passed since we last talked and his lack of caring for me makes my nether regions close up. Lol

    I am working on me...and focusing on music... Gosh Adele has made chunky chicks cool....I am going to sing my A.s.s. off..... Lol

    Thx for the reading! I appreciate it!

  • Hi astral....

    Can I have an update to this?

  • Hi there a way I can have an updated reading about my ex-friend Mike and myself?

  • Astra,

    How are you doing? If you have a minute, can you do an updated reading? Thx...

  • Asta,

    I saw him yesterday, I smiled and said hi....he gave me a dirty look and turned away...I haven't done anything to this man...can you give me an updated reading?... Thanks!

  • Hey doeyed

    I did a spread to show you and him and it is interesting.

    Your figure is on the left and he is on the right.

    without going into too much detail, you can see how you are reaching out to him with cups (red energy) from your heart (the Fool) and with your hand reaching out to him (6 of cups). The rest of you (head, feet and what is behind you) are all black, calm energies (swords, wands and pents). Your emotions seem to be very focused in his direction only.

    He on the other hand has a LOT of cups energy all around him, in every card, and he has major arcana cards from the top down. Hierophant, Strength and the World. He is swimming in some intense energies right now.

    My sense is he is dealing with some extremely strong emotional energies in his life right now for some reason, and may not be responding in the best possible way to you. When I asked what the energies were that are connecting you to him right now I drew the Ace Pentacles, and then I asked what you are saying to him and that is another pentacle seen above you (the 😎 and his response is the 2 of pentacles seen over his figure. So the connection between the two of you seems to be entirely centered in the physical realm right now, and with all of the cup energy going on with him it may not be the best timing to try and connect.

    I would be patient and give him his space and take care of yourself right now. Your feet (actions and steps) card is the 2 of wands which shows you affirming a new identity in yourself. He is standing on the World card so his actions are much more outward (world) focused, and my sense is that this guy is all over the map right now in many areas of his life. I would not take it personally whatever dirty look he gave you, he may simply be confused about his general life path right not.

    I hope that helped... what are your feelings for him? Do you feel a deep love and connection with him? In that case it would be best to give him space and focus on connecting with him in spiritual ways, quiet, serene and calm, and wait for the physical connecting down the road.

    love, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I hope you are doing well. I would like a new reading concerning my present relationship.

    Thanking you in advance!


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