I acted on a whim and...

  • I got the five card wheel of fortune, Yes or No, reading this morning about a situation that has fallen into my husband and I's lap.

    We both worked for a Tattoo company out here in Las Vegas, I've been a body piercer, professionally, for 12 years. Ted has been tattooing for close to 22 years. So with a combined experience of 36 years, we know our business pretty well. As far as sterilization, I grew up working sterilization ONLY, in my step father's Dental office.

    Long story short, it came to my attention that the piercer that works three days previous to my shifts at one shop hadn't been properly sterilizing implements that were used for body piercing. I brought the situation to the GM and she said it would be handled.

    The same EXACT thing happens the next week, and again, I brought it to the GM. Not satisfied with her action, or lack of, in the situation, I called the owner. I was assured that this would be taken care of. She would be in town that following week and we would sit down and discuss a course of action.

    I called the GM on a friday, to see if I could go home early, I had someone to cover me and Ted had been sick and I wanted to get home to check on him. She asked that I stay because she was coming up to the location I was working at and we were going to discuss the situation with the improper sterilization and the hundreds of people that were pierced; they needed to be notified of the error so they could seek out testing. We all know, the sooner you catch a blood born pathogen, like HEP, that the sooner you find out and begin treatment the better your chances are to beat it.

    Well, instead of this conversation, she fired me.

    A week later, my husband still working there, got a phone call from the owner, he brought up the same issue, being the stand up capricorn that he is:) ...and guess what? They fired him too.

    Obviously, my question to the wheel was "Do ted and I have a case against Diveristy under the federal whistle blower act", I chose this question because we both called OSHA before we were fired and had followed protocal to a "T", as fas as the piercing room's contamination by a new piercer that's too stoned to care about people's safety.

    I just wanted to put this out there and see what everyone here thought. I can't really afford to retain legal services until I KNOW for sure that we are within that scope of that law.

    BTW, the reading said "YES"...So, my heart's jumping right now...LOL

    I'm not sure if this forum sends notifications and I'll try to come back and check for responses, but honestly, it would be easier to just have it posted here and, if you don't mind, email me as well with your opinions.

    Thanks so much to a caring community, Take care,

    Saint Mary

  • I am not in America - in Australia - but I think you would definately have a case against them if they fired you for letting them know there were improper practices going on.... There are laws like that here too.. There is/was a case against a doctor here and a nurse blew the whistle on him and was bullied by co-workers but she stuck to her guns because she knew what she did was right and in the end that Doctor went to America to try and get away from the allegations - but they deported him and he is now in jail!!!!! For doing damage to many many patients and even causing death to quite a few of them..

    You are completely in the right as far as I can see - you go for it..

    Oh and what is their name - I will NEVER go there for tattoo or piercings!!!!! and I have many of both 🙂

  • HI, You need to seek the advice of an attorney. Some will take your case until something is settled. You need to do this now. They obviously fired you for their own protection. You need to keep a record of the dates that people were exposed to unclean conditions. If this business accepts credit, that's good. Try and remember if some of these are regular customers, etc. I don't think you should handle on your own. I'm sure the Health Dept. would like to hear about this. I would imagine that these people need to be notified and that's where the process would begin. Again, contact an attorney that handles this. Martindale-Hubbell may be able to help you. I think you can look up on line.

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