• I have seen your readings here and think you are phenomenal, and gracious for sharing your gift.

    I come to ask for assistance. I am having surgery this week, and about to lose my job due to layoffs any day now, and could use some guidance. My own deck is just mimicking the uncertainty and uneasiness I am feeling, so I cannot get a good reading. Could you help me out? I appreciate any information you can give me relating to how the surgery will go and if/when I will find a new job, and maybe what I will be doing?

    If it helps, I was born on 5/25/88.

    Thank you so much.

  • how the surgery will go?

    Knight of Wands (the doc), three of Swords (the surgery), four of wands (the outcome - fantastic! Very quick healing and you are doing great!)

    ...and ... when I will find a new job?

    Eight of Pentacles, Three of Cups, = 3 months

    ...and ... what I will be doing?

    Ace of Pentacles, The LOVERS and Judgment

    Well, it will be something you love! Connected with people and love, helping people make decisions about something. Whatever it is you will really enjoy, the Eight of Pent in the "when" column and the ACE in the what column adds up to something really wonderful and materially nice! As in income!

    As for exactly the kind of work, I will just throw out what I am getting based on the cards... I also drew Strength after judgment... so here are some ideas, see what turns you on...

    • Working in a "love" related industry, lingerie, s e x uality / passion in some context - (devil card)

    • Counseling, relationships, psychic work helping couples with their relationships

    • Massage or spa work, physical therapy

    • Exercise coach

    • Dream therapy and interpretation (saw the seven of cups turn up) - also with your name I am thinking you love dreams, and your new work could be helping people with their dream life

    Kept seeing the devil card, so I want to go with the first option ha ha... anyway, some food for though.

    Love and light


  • Also, that bottom row represents a 6 mo timeframe and is a confirmation as to when you will get the job/work and that clearly shows 3 months - the only card upright was the five of pent and that is also the only pentacle in that spread.

    I want to say March 6-8.

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