Sag woman with Cancer man - can it work/would like reading:)

  • I've known this particular Cancer man for 7 months and it was pretty much instantly oh, i could be in serious trouble here - i've only had that experience once before, ironically, also with a Cancer man, in fact they are one day off in birthdays (different years). I was born Dec 3 (he was born July 9) have some Scorpio and Libra and Virgo in my chart....Anyway, situation isn't straight forward or easy by any means but i do know i absolutely adore him and we "get" each other so so comfortably and intuitively, but lately communication is so touch and go. I'm kinda adjusting to the mood swings and they generally make sense, but i am just hoping that that Crab thing of writing ppl off, as Mr. Scorp mentioned in another thread, does not kick in here or hasn't...couldn't bear it. Having deeply loved another Cancer guy (and still do but we are not in each other's lives and haven't been for years) i do not want to mess this up. Having trouble conveying this to him.

  • You are not in reality, get out od the 'cosmos' astro does not rule your life, Your will and discernemnt along with heart should lead your way. No cosmic order changes the reality of life.

    Maturity, readiness, self love and willingness effects relationship potential, no astro or tarot tells you that. No answers in astro or tarot.

    Its not a crab thing to write people off.....all humans do for thdir own reasoning. You mention you deeply loved a cancer man and still do...there is another answer...not astro its that you still dwell on another male.

    when one is ready to handle their own situations with their own mind, heart and thinking that is when they will be ready to draw in a mature lasting relationship:)

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