I did a few readings with interesting results, but need a 2nd opinion please

  • Hi all,

    I recently started getting into the occult within the past 6 months. Specifically Hermeticism, although I was interested in Buddhism for the past decade.

    I did a tarot reading to ask what my possible outcomes of these spiritual endeavours could be. I stated I would draw 3 possibilities, and then 3 means for those possibilities. I then asked, if it weren't too much trouble, if the tarot wouldn't mind attributing possibility # 1 with means # 1, possibility # 2 with means # 2, 3 with 3. I also asked that some possibilities would be good, and some would be bad. I used all major and minor arcana (I spread out all the cards after considerable shuffling, and then put my finger on one with my eyes closed)

    So for my possibilities I drew: 5 Cups | Star | Lovers

    means: 4 Cups | Moon | Emperor

    I thought the results were amazing. Each possibility really seemed to correlate with each means, especially the bad results, 5 of Cups and 4 of Cups. I use / to interpret card meanings. That site says the following of 5 of Cups,

    "Most people aren't too happy when the Five of Cups appears in a reading, and for good reason. This is a card whose meanings are quite simple: sadness, grief, disappointment and regret. Often these feelings will arise because of actions such as those pictured on the Four of Cups; taking love for granted and not valuing every person or thing in our lives that make us feel special. The Four predicted that all would be lost if nothing was taken to divert the path of events, and when this advice is not heeded, the Five of Cups becomes the inevitable result."

    Amazing, it essentially says 5 of Cups is the possibility (results) of the actions of 4 of Cups (means). I understand that this is a warning for me to not jeopardize what I have now by taking it for granted. I don't need to get into it, but I understand it perfectly.

    I felt the result of the Star possibility suggesting that I can recognize the divinity within myself (as we all can), through utilizing the subconscious (the Moon).

    I felt a little more confused about the result of the Lovers with the Emperor in the context of spiritual development. Perhaps it talks about uniting the conscious and the subconscious, M and F respectably. Perhaps the means of the Emperor was to utilize my mind and logic? But I found that a confusing result, I would really like some input of experienced readers who can perhaps reconcile these meanings for me. Do you think that perhaps means#3 was correlated with possibility#2 (Emperor with Star and Moon with Lovers), though that would be against the perfect correlation of 5 and 4 of Cups.

    In any case, the most interesting thing was yet to come. Today, I decided to draw one card. I told the universe that I'd like to draw the card that is the most realistic possibility of my spiritual journey. I shuffled and laid all major and minor cards out. I closed my eyes and let my arm guide me. I touched a card - the Lovers.

  • Incidentally I forgot to add, I thought the star and moon were associated with each other so perfectly as well because just like 4 and 5 of cups, they are sequential. (18/19)

  • Is AstraAngel pretty much the only person that can help? I see about a million threads with her name on it. If this is the case I'll try and go to a different forum, as she obviously has her work cut out for her.

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