New to the site but a medium and want to offer 3 free readings

  • Thank you patchlove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ninni, if it does not come natural and you have to force and struggle, it nay not be the best path.

    it took me 6 years to get my BS degree! Yes, so many chnages within myself...I went through it the point where I have up the need for control.......and I had to break and be still for a bit......over analysis will block the emotional truth within you and it is feeling that also brings us to the revelation of the menaing we seek on our path. Love is for today.....Did I not selflessly give you my time and compassion? Again you are not seeing it by focusing on this little issues and blowing them up to larger than they really are.

  • Thank you AcceptanceFaith looking forward to my reading........

  • What is your concern Libra?

  • "Love is for today.....Did I not selflessly give you my time and compassion? Again you are not seeing it by focusing on this little issues and blowing them up to larger than they really are."

    I see what you means, and I'd like to thank you again! But Im also looking (waiting) for a romantic relationship...

    "if it does not come natural and you have to force and struggle, it nay not be the best path."

    You may be right. But I assure you that I need to do effort on everything, and nothing comes naturally... I hope it does not mean that I should leave school or even life! I know that I had all the required qualities to be good on what I was studying, but somehow, I wasn't lucky. I feel that I didn't get what I deserved.

    What do you think I should do to orientate more positively my attitude and thoughts?

  • Acceptance Faith, thank you ever so much for the reading. I am making a big change in my life and I am scared about it but it has to be done. The reding gave me faith that I can get through this change. I found it funny the descriptions that you gave of me as they're 100% me especially the lying on the bed and the other bring tying up my hair gathering things, this is my morning ritual before I walk to work. I need to read your reading again and fully digest it. Thank you once again. Blessing Ellisangel

  • Danceur:

    Hi Acceptance,

    Hope I'm not too late. Would love a reading if you have time. Concern would be on love relationships, what/whom to look for out and how to move forward.


    I cant tell you who to look for. There is no set job or partner for anyone. It is choice. I can tell you to focus and put direct intention with your thoughts as in to whom you want to attract and what type of relationship you really want.

    To move foward is to live in the now and take the opportunities as they come and to not project to far in to the future because that is telling the unoverse that you dont trust and question everything it sends you.

    "they show me you digging with a garden shovel in the same spot flipping dirt behind you and digging, digging and digging......."

    "throw the shovel, throw you hands up and turn around while putting a hood up on your head and head the other direction..."

    This is saying alot here.

    Emotionally your current situation has not presented you the fulfillment you are looking for and you have been trying to see it but it is not finally realize this and about face in the other direction and move along..................

    "you are at a river and your hands are on the ground holding up your body and your head is directly facing the water, you see your reflection."

    This is emotional rebirth and cleansing here:)!

    It is time for you to walk in your truth. Go after your hearts desires and I mean for yourself. Vocations and activities you have wanted but allowed doubt, fear and past relationships to inhibit these from manifesting.

    Take a firm stance and go!~:)

    Have faith in yourself that you can do what is needed and stay commited to your personal goals.

    Removing doubts.

    If nothing mattered what would you set out to acomplish and why?

  • AcceptanceFaith

    I have someone around me who wants to rekindle the relationship we had for 4 years. We just talk on the phone for now and I have not seen him since April 2011 . This is a long distance relationship and he took a break in July. Would you be able to tell me if he is very sincere or is he just trying to manipulate me? I am really trying to understand my reading..


  • Ellis, thank you sweeties for your feedback:)

    Ninnii......I meant if it is such a negetive struggle that it may not be the best way to acieve may need to achieve your desired career from a different angle or approach............

    Think about possibilities.....and get over injuustice or dissapointment. It happens to the entire world of humnaity every day..........take what you learn from it......that it is dear to your heart to finish education................see how you projected the most negetive meaning when you said I hope it does not mean to quit school....In no way did I insinuate conjegated it.........I also said, I had to stop and take a took 6 years for me to get my BS degree........I went through it as well.I changed my program 4x!

  • Ninni I said if it does not come natural and you have to force and struggle....YOU ARE ONLY LOOKING TO SEE WHAT YOU WANT! TO HOLD ON TO GRUDGE OR IN JUSTICE>>>>>I AM DONE WITH THIS now.....I feel unappreciated and sense you are too stubborn to see the opportunities and blessings in Front of you....You have alot going for yourself and I would not suggest getting involved in a deep realtionship untill you can appraciate the blessings you have and resonate compasssion and acceptances within your self, cycles of life and situation. Take care:)

  • Nothing Changes until Attitude changes. thoughts and focus in divine Order!

    I am done for tonight.

  • TwinkleLibra....I understand we have chatted on another thread about your main is there anything alse you want to address because that issue is addressed already.

  • In sum I have addressed Moonalisa, PattyFluff, Ellisangel, Ninni, Arieslost, and Danceur.

    Twinklelibra....I am waiting on a response.

    I have chosen to dedicate my entire day today to these readings so I must take a few days to swuare away my self and needed duties.

    Twinkle I will address your soon as you respond.

    I can address this site on Thursday evening, after that I have a innerlight group for three days and then work full time mon 23rd.

    Thank you all for participation and those who left feedback:)

  • Ok this is weird...I just had to mention I get it:

    For the past thee days I have being seeing women and one male coming into vision...all different scenery and an emphahsis and an emtion.........talking and asking for advice...

    I think this is you was so clear....a women dressd up in suit on a city street looking fustrated, disheartened but determined...........

    I saw a younger attractve male as a store if he was ready to "check out of his situation" dark hair...............

    A female at a desk.....throwing her papers away and in agnoy over something......realyed to a vocational message............I got so many..............of these images and asked for guidance about what hey meant and I really feel it is the actions and people I have intergrated with here on this thread!

    Had to share:)!

  • hi acceptancefaith,may i have reading about my love life? am wondering when i can get engaged and married? if my current bf will be my hubby... altho i have only been dating him for about one month... looking forward to hearing from u. thanks!

  • Acceptance faith you have been so generous 🙂 I would love one of your readings one day when you have some time! (notes, when you have time hehe).

    I would happily pull a few cards for you too. In my current difficult time this place has been a home for me and I love to share the love all here have shown me!

  • May I have a reading? Thank you so much!

  • Hi sorry I am in a different timezone it is now 7 am here will get back to you later!

    x Paddi

  • Hello if you are still doing readings i would be very interested in getting one .

    Many thanks in advance Loap:)

  • Hi Acceptance Faith, thank you very much for taking the energy to do reading for me, I know how tiring it can be. I will go through it.

    Firstly yes I have dark hair and pale skin, like transparent, typically celtic. I work as a freelance(so independant) translator, so I have a lot to do with typing,emailing etc. Going over papers could relate to trying to get the houshold in order. Waiting by the phone, well that is not work related because my work is all done per email, but it could be me waiting for my husband to ring which he is bad at,like most males let it be said. Or just waiting for the phone to ring. I am a full time mum of 4 kids so my life is limited to the house at times and it is quite frustrating. Goal oriented, well that is a dream, not something I would say about myself, but I guess it is true. Very focussed, on too many things.

    I wonder about the book and lamp imagery. Your description expalins it well. I wonder because I had a tarot reading done at a friend's house about a year ago and he saw a woman standing beside me in blue, he said she had wings, and she was holding a book. So it is a bit recurring. I wonder if I am supposed to be writing a book. I love reading them.

    I wish I knew where I should be directing my goals. I pulled a Goddess card a few days ago and it said also to stop trying to rush things. I related this to my desire to move from my present location back to my home country though I have waited nearly 2 years before making the final decision.

    I have also been told in readings over the past year and a half that I need to let go of something in order to move on. But I do not know what it is I am supposed to be letting go of and it is really quite frustrating. i ahvelet go of so much of my past as in childhood, I do not know what else I should let go of. I wonder if you have any more insight in to this. The only things I can think of are, either this house, this country, the desire to move back to my homeland, the wish to have a proper family unit (my husband works away from home always all week and always will, he is not a person to be tied down and it is wearing a hole in me and also the kdis as they miss him terribly), what on earth must I let go of in order to move forward? My wish to be a healer which I am naturally?

    And you are right about asserting myself, standing up for what I believe in, not letting myself be walked over, saying no once in a while. But Watergirl and Blmoon (2 great mediums and lovely people on this forum) have drummed that in to me already lol.

    So thank you very much for your insight, I really admire mediums who can work with just a screen name.

    Hugs to you and good luck with your meeting on Thursday and over the weekend.


  • i'd love a reading pls as i'm opening up to my wonderful gifts awaqiting your kind reply

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