New to the site but a medium and want to offer 3 free readings

  • Ifyou ask for a reading you give permission you should know that. I never probe deep without permission and I did not probe deep with you, I saw what you were wearing on your sleeve. What is wrong with saying that. I take full resposibility though I do not know what for. I have never done a card reading before and it was off, fair enough I won't be doing any more. But the energy does not lie. And you know that. But I am sorry if I hit a raw note.

    Take care too


  • I am no longer going to work of this thread.I came here to share love ang guidance and do not appreciate being accused and my privacy invaded while being given unaccurate readings from unauthorized actions. That is a big overstep of boundaries. There are consequences for that spiritually and we all must be respectfull of others feelings and privacy.

    "I did not probe any further because I did not ask for access to your energy field, but I reckon you were aware of my presence in real life."

    I felt nothing today from you. I was nurturing an abandoned cat I found outside and watching these Political riots on Youtube for a Politics assaignment. I did not notice anything......

    Try not to allow assumptions to anger you Patti and jumping to conclusions. I gave you my honest feedback.

    Thank you ShortiIX: your reading was closest to my drawn cards and on the topic I gave permission to. I was open to that and not blocking it and that is a reason why it was accurate and resonated:)

  • I asled for a career card drawing and that is drawing three cards. I said drawe three cards. that means, drawing cards. that is it.

    The raw note is that you pulled in that I was resisiting.

    The anger may have been from this site. Ill admit that. I just noticed that many are asking for readings adn then posting new threads for others to interrete my reading to them. As if they are unwilloing to think for themselves. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time.

    No need to fret. Practice. If I ask for an energy reading then it is ok and wit will come to accuracy and resonate. 🙂

    I dod clear holes in my sacaral chakra a few that does resonate.....our chakras are never going to be perfect every day......

  • Again Patty I did not give you permission to go into my energy just to draw three cards based of my question.

    You stated;

    "I did not probe any further because I did not ask for access to your energy field, but I reckon you were aware of my presence in real life."

    Thats why it did not resonate:)

  • Acceptancefaith...

    I do believe he is a soulmate....but my feelings have never been "just friends". A question, if I feel that cord of attachment, does he as well?

    I will take your advice and focus my energy on my husband.

  • I feel that I should not carry activity with this site anymore. I really feel dark energy and violation, like psychic intrusion here. I am going to ask my angel to send me protection. I came on here with such love to give but after pattiefluff reading I feel such dark weight and negetive. I dont know why, it usually does not effect me in this way.

    I have gone onto another site before psychic access and it seems more like live and feels brighter. I will stoick with the chat forums on there.

    I dont feel comfortable working with this site. Non personal Doeyeyed.

  • None taken....I understand. I step away for months at a time. Be well, take care of yourself and enjoy your vacation.

  • Pattifluff you have abilities but making sure you surround yourself with Gods light or angel protection is wise.

    I really felt uneasy about that geisha thing and meditated on it and saw a mask or a veil figure....I think it was a lower spirit. My energy and spirit resisited and you still went and I think that is why you attracted that. be carefull becasue you do have ablities ans want to make sure you are not getting lower guides coming in. No higher guide will work with you on someone if they did not consent to exactly what you are doing. Higher guides always send info in loving and compassionate forms and never dark or lies. It will also resonate.The only thing that made anysense was the sacral chakra becasue I work on my own. I dont drink or do drugs and I jsut got a vapor fake cig..So I am not addictive either. I realy tried to connect patti and I am sorrry I couldnt and if it made your feel your abilites were not wanted, they are but in truth love and ligjht with consent:)

  • Doeyeyed If you feel a cord that does not mean he does. I know I felt and literally saw a cord connected to me and a male about 4 years ago with alot of red light around the vision. I was doing the "mothering" thing with this guy and felt a need to protect...that mother instinct. He had no desire for me but my compassion and understanding. too young in the mind for deep love.

    I feel he is uneasy with the way things happened and his actions in the past. I think he also may have some anxiety about the issue at hand..

    If it has been ove r ayear since communication for your own wholesomeness I would not allow it energy anymore. It is not fair or good for your soul and spirit. Connect to nature and try to make peace with it.

    Soul connections almost make you feel as if you have lost something and it was taken away...they are so hard to let go. I understand.

  • Here is the history

    We met at work in Jan of 1997. We both seemed very familiar to each other. He was in a relationship and I was married (for about four years at the time). He used to flirt with me, come on to me and was very clingy. By April I had serious feelings for him. He was very persistent. Then by December of that year I told him that I had feelings for him and he said that he was devoted to his girlfriend. Bought a ring and then got engaged by Feb. I quit my job in Feb – I couldn’t handle it all. So I ran. He was married in September of 1998. The week of his wedding I had a dream that we were in a boat and he fell out and I didn’t even try to save him. I called him the next day and he said “Wow, so weird that you’re calling – I am getting married this week, I wonder if it is a sign”…

    We kept in touch a little bit through the years.

    In 2007, his brother died by suicide. I read about it and reached out. We started emailing back and forth every couple of weeks. In Oct of 2008, I joined FB and we became friends and started to chat everyday . At first it was an hour a day, then it was hours…everyday, until April of 2010 when my husband confronted him. In March of 2009 his son was attacked by two dogs and was in serious condition. He seemed to reach out to me even more during that time and even after that. Most of our chat times were initiated by him and it was for upwards of 6 hours. Had I not loved him, I wouldn’t have spent that much of my time.

    So, 2 months after my husband confronted him, we started talking again (initiated by me) but it was never the same. He wasn’t sweet to me like he was…and by August of 2010 he deleted me and blocked me. I tried to reconnect, apologize for my heart…everything…but he ignored me. Never said goodbye – this is a man who I know so much about…then sometime later – we still had mutual facebook friends – friends that he knows in real life –b ut I have never met…anyway – he must have talked about me because one man, blocked me from writing anything on his wall….something innocent I wrote about wanting to go on a helicopter ride was removed. So strange.

    I hurt because he was like my best friend and was so clingy that I clung right back only to be treated like I was nothing.

    This has been almost all of my adult life…I want to let go but I have NEVER loved anyone like him. I have only loved 4 people in my 43 years and he is the only one I never even kissed.

    The anxiety he must be feeling is the fact that I had all of our chat history – and if his wife ever saw it – he’d be dead…(although I have since deleted it – unbeknownst to him)

  • Hi again! i would love a reading on my career and relationships..? My birthday is Feb. 25, 1983.

  • I aplogize flowerchild but I am no longer doing readings on this thread.

    Go here for a free reading. Krystal is the name. psychic access dot com a free 6 min reading and free chat forums with Krystal, Isthemus is also very talented adn she is very to the point.

    I chat on the forums and give readings. This site has a higher vibration:) You will like it:)

    If a psyhic needs your birthdate that means they are using astro and that does not come from higher guidance, it comes from manmade books from years ago and some belief that is not proven. be carefull from whol you recieve guidance from. Higher level guides teach you not tell you. They teach you based of what they see going on in your cognitive process that is blocking you from drawing in what you want or creating conflicts.

    Tell Krystal or Isthemus LadyJustice sent you:)

  • For example: My higher guides showed me a female Client I was working with and her eyes were shooting to the left and right fast like a oinball machine.

    The client was constantly going to her past then projecting into the future and never being present so she was not able to set intetention and feel. She was only feeling from the past and projection of the future that stemmed from her percieving of the past..,.....So that was extremely helpfull to her and she started working on living in the now.....that heloed reduced fear and worry alogn with stagnance in her social life and job...She emailed me in three weeks she got a job as a teacher aid and was joined in a human development class and met a male friend in which they both share a meaningfull common happens like that! Deep focus and concentration on what you want along with direct intent but will and self application is what get it done......:)

  • So as far as the job and male she met, instead of telling her what was to come she has control and she created it and whas wisdom to persevere in the situation and maintain it. She can continue to apply that advice:)

  • out of probabiloty with the amount of information many of you give in these thread I can predict out of probability what you will attract.......astro can only give you ambiguity and no validation there. The info was man made and no plantes or cosmos have sent humans on earth the information about sun signs, so how can their be truth if their is no two way connection of communication? Why dont twins have the same personalities and likes?

  • With ambiguity any person or situation can apply, like the tarot cards. Thats why tarot is useless unless you use intuit and not another publishers idealistic intero of it, it holds that meaning to them and not you.

    I really reccomend you access the psychic access dot com chat forums for more professional effective guidance:)

  • Alright I will do that. And thanks again for the information and suggestions.

  • Hi Acceptance Faith,

    I found my reading, thank you so much..........the reading is ex wants me out of the house but is offering to give less money to buy me out, he is trying to take my daughters savings of me also.........he has stopped my payments for tax credits for my son and on top of that I am having a pay cut at work (but this affects other people at work, I'm not the only one).......

    Thats exactly how I feel a piece on a game board and I don't have control of whats happening around me, my fears stem from my family not helping me even though they know what my ex has done and keep intouch with my son,

    Me and my daughter are suffering because my ex took my son of me ....... we just want him back and have piece in our lives ex is stalling the divorce aswell because of finances....

    Many thanks for the reading.

  • Hi Acceptance Faith

    I would absolutely adore a reading if you are still doing them!!

    Thank you so much and have blessed day


  • Glad It resonated.

    I understand. I have no parents or family either. I lost my father at age a very young age for a male arder bride, he left with her.

    your going to be very strong from this. You would not be given this if you could not handle it:)

    Cancergirl. I was earlier invaded by some psychic intrusion and think the person by accident pulled in a low spirit....I did not concent to the type of reading and that activity onjly can draw lower guides that decieve...I have to break from this site I feel very violated.

    Take care

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