New to the site but a medium and want to offer 3 free readings

  • I have a week vacation from work. I am a human resources assistant and study metaphysics on the side for about 8 years. I am a medium and can channel. I am offering 3 readings for this time I have off if anyone is interested.

  • Could i have one please? just a general reading. 🙂

  • I'd love one too please, general as well!

    Thank you so much


  • Ok moonalisa and paddifluff. I will work on these tonight:)

  • thanks a lot:)

  • Cool thank you!

  • Id love a general reading too if possible?

  • hi, could I have a reading please....

  • Hello,

    I would also like a reading. Going through a lot lately.

  • Moonalisa:

    The only image they showed me was you in a house and a package arrives at your doorstep suddenly…….Are you waiting for news or an arrival of something….it comes but sudden…when you are not thinking about it or looking for it…..Maybe it already came…..

    They show me a figure holding up a bouquet of flowers…………Are you waiting for an answer from someone or an offer for a vocation?

    Your situation brings you to an l lack of security and feeling in the cold just a bit. Are you feeling out of control here? It may be wise to allow this situation to unfold and go through the necessary changes.

    I know that you’re looking for attainment and completion for yourself here.

    You may feel imprisoned by your own ambitions and motivations. These are things that you feel that you must have in order for you to feel content and whole.

    this is going to be a new way of life and a big change. Alot of external matters will effect this passage but you will achieve it...your test and lesson here is to balance mental needs for control and to allow while not projecting and doubting in relation to how past situations unfolded. This is testing you in a postion of not havign direct control but indirect with your thoughts:)

    "dont let fear int he way of taking that leap!"

    Reexamine your attachments to others.This is a good time to explore your fears, limitations, and unhealthy attachments. It also suggests ones need to explore past trauma that has bound them to their own pain. Stay mindful of the fair balance of give and take.

    I think emotional mind and fear is sense of insecurity within your situation. Dont worry!:) Dont let these small issuess blow out of porportion in your head. Be carefull not to go too far and too fast.

    As for advice, they show me a cat….for you this means that your intuition and feelings are really strong right now and you must be patient for the answer or information to come. It may take longer than you than expected. Your intuition is really heightened right now.

    You are about to enter a partnership (I sense career)…again follow the divine guidance…you will achieve this and it carries the potential for the long term.

  • I said I could do three. I will finsih paddifluffs and ellisangel..if I have time I can get to the rest...

    Aries and libra do yu have any specific concern?

  • Hello,

    Thank you very much and my concern would be in my love life, relationship and am I on the right path.



  • Ok PattyFlufff......

    Not sure if you have dark hair or not and pale skin.....thinner...I think it is you they show me:

    "Alot of independent action here. You are typing up papers, emailing, going over paper work (your advantages) and talking on the phone...then it shows me you waiting by the phone....." High energy here and goal oriented. "you seem very focused."

    "they then show me you unfolding a book from your head and looking upard to a blurb (your head/mind) I think this is you trying to determine which way or how you can direct your actions to get what you want."

    "where you should be directing your goals, to whom and what."

    You are putting in alot of control here and may be rushing this and trying to make it happen to fast....

    I sense there may be an old wish or goal you may need to get rid of in this situation and be willing to change in order to achieve what will best suit your interests.

    Ok, they showed me this......I asked divine any sybolism here for Patty fluff in this situation...she is trying to attain something......"they show me a a hand held torch, small...looks like a cone and flame coming from lady this is liberating yourself from something.......right now to attain what best suits yourself......something from the past or recent past is what you may be trying to control....

    Focus on not a direct person or job but what it is that you want, try to control your own thoughts and actions verses others or situations. Assert yourself for the greater good of all.

  • First of all aries there is no right or wrong path, we choose...ther eis no set job, person to marry etc...

    I will work on your tonight or tommoro:)

  • you will always feel lost if you wait for someone or something to validate only what you can decide.

  • Hi Acceptance,

    Hope I'm not too late. Would love a reading if you have time. Concern would be on love relationships, what/whom to look for out and how to move forward.


  • To update: Moonalisa, your reading is on page one. PattyFluff, yours on page 2. Ellis I have yet to do and that makes the three.

    Aries and Libra and Danceur I will try my best to work on yours and be finished by tuesday.

    The channelig takes much energy.

    I may not be able to do anymore than the above for this week. I have a innerlight group I am working in from Friday till sunday afternnon, then work the next day.

  • Welcome to the site.

    I just had a peek in and noticed as for many others that share their insight that the your request limit (3) has been reached and surpassed.

    This is common (unfortunately) so for in the future stick to the amount you have said you will do otherwise you will be overwhelmed.

    Once again welcome.


  • I can do as many as I would like. I set three and knew I would get more. Once I am ready to stop I will say so. Overwhelmed is based of ones own perception and willingness to be overwhelmed.

    Thank you for your concern.

  • If my heart feels it I will continue as long as I can put fair enpugh focus in it. 🙂

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