Gemini or Capricorn man? In need of advice/reading...

  • Gemini man: 5/3/82

    Cap: 1/7/83

    I'm back and in need of some insight. A lot has happened but, then some things remain the same. I've listened to Watergirl's advice and though I seem to attract men - something always seems to go awry. I'm quite stronger with handling these emotional turbulence but, would like to know whether I should let these two men go or find someone more deserving of me. There's no sense of urgency on my part. I don't dare to do that anymore. Things did move fast with both men only because of the intensity. I've been going to a counselor to help me see things clearly and to sort out issues within myself. I think I'm at the place where I can see the early red flags and walk away but, I'm still curious about these two men. Gemini man is great and really helped me to open up emotionally. I feel a special connection with him. However, he retreated because he's going through some serious personal issues and resolved to clear his head. So I wonder if he'll come back or are we better off as friends? Cap man is a mystery. It's hard to tell what he's thinking. And I'm not exactly happy with his disappearing acts. It's sad that the last man I was with gave me trust issues and so I feel I cannot trust this Cap man. Sorry for the long post but, I would love to know whether these men will be part of my life. I hope Watergirl or The Captain is reading this 🙂

    thank you!

  • Hey, that's not Gemini 5/3 is a Taurus.

  • Oh I'm sorry! I meant Taurus. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • It feels like the Taurus man went back to someone else or was already involved with someone else, which is why he retreated. Cappy guy hasn't grown up yet. Just keep plugging away! I am getting for you "set your standards high and do not settle for less."

  • Hi Watergirl,

    This is such sad news to hear as I really cared for Taurus guy. And now if he does have someone else then he lied to me about it. He said that he was going through alot and needed to take care of himself before dating anyone. But, he has still tried to keep in touch with me. Is there any more insight you can give me for the taurus man? 😞

  • Ahhh, ok, well he just came through as returning to his past and kind of being "stuck" there. I felt the energy of another relationship - just wasn't sure if it was currently happening. You should not wait around for him to resolve his issues as you deserve better than that. Any time a woman waits around for a man to "come around", it is a sure-fire way for her self-esteem to plummet into the basement. Don't do that to yourself!

    With regard to you and love, you might want to explore in your counseling sessions what it is about you that keeps attracting men who are not able or ready to commit. That message I gave you earlier - set your standards high and don't settle for less - is about not only knowing what you want, but BELIEVING that you DESERVE it. This is the core of the matter for you. You need to reconnect with your internal power source and then the rest will follow.



  • Thank you, Watergirl! I spoke with Taurus guy and we might chat more about he and me tomorrow ( I hope). And I won't wait for anyone who doesn't realize what a catch I am haha 🙂

    As for cap guy - is there a chance that he might be involved with someone else? Or is he just not ready for anything more than casual. A little more insight into him please?

    I think the reason why I keep meeting these types of men is 1) I'm not assertive 2) they are all through an online dating site 3) maybe most men nowadays won't settle 🙂 But, still I do want to start connecting with myself and to believe that I deserve it. I keep rereading your advice in order to not derail. Thank you again!

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