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  • Hi all,

    I have fallen for a friend of mine and I am wondering if he knows. I suspect he has feelings for me but I dont know if he knows that I like him too. We have a great friendship it can be rocky at times but we always seem to make up and are just naturally drawn to each other. To make things more complicated he has a girlfriend, this relationship seemed to crop up out of nowhere and he definitely kept it hidden from me that they were even dating until they were official. Should I come clean and tell him how I feel or does he know already? Perhaps he doesnt even see me that way. Its all so confusing for me.

    any insight would be great.



  • Hi Ellisangel

    You should totally reach out and talk to him!

    Take a look at the spread - You are the page + queen of cups above so you are really interested in him no question. The love energies are real.. he eventually showed up as the Knight of Wands below.

    Then the Star and Five wands says he HOPES you like him in the way that he thinks you do (5 wands). He isn't totally convinced. GO CONVINCE HIM!

    Oh, and this other relationship? She is a Nine Pentacle and he is the Hierophant so there is nothing there of a deep love nature - they get together and talk about career and jobs and stuff - ugh. She must be reasonably successful or something, he could be pumping her for information.

    I would reach out to him, and then THE SUN says something really can happen with you two.

    Also even before I did the reading, I got a peek at the eight wands, so this is a card of swiftness and communication so I would reach out pretty quick.

    love astra

  • Oh I forgot the mention the judgment card with the STAR and 5 wands, that angel is TOOTING her HORN so go toot your love horn to him! 🙂

  • Awh thank you AstraAngel and the pic is great too 🙂 I spent Friday night in his company and I just woke up this morning and thought I need to tell him how I feel and your reading this reading confirmed to me that I have to do it but I am really scared though.

  • Ellisangel, I understand how you feel. It is like a door that once you open, it can't be closed. Sometimes it turns out to be a Pandora's box ha ha.

    I think its a good thing, sure you feel a little scared. So what. Tell him how you feel while you are shaking and nervous and your stomach's in knots. That will be one moment in your life where you will know you are truly alive! The world would be so much sweeter if we just told others how we feel and not even care what happens. You run the risk of losing his friendship if he runs and hides, however you run a greater risk of running away forever from your own feelings by saying nothing.

    So good for you I say. I drew the Judgment card again which is a repeat card from the previous spread. So that is rather strong conformation again that your angels are really wanting you to open up to him... be honest... share your heart and that can be the start of something very sweet.

    "There is no fear in love", it is said. Although at first it can feel like the scariest moment of your life. I wonder if the animals feel these same fears, telling one another how they feel? Do cats or squirrels hesitate to tell their buddies they have feelings for them? I think they are bold and don't care ha ha... it's only people that fret over such things. 🙂

    I am praying for you to have courage and faith in heaven.

    Bless you, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    So I went ahead and told him how I feel in a way that I knew he would understand. He told me I was reading into the situation too much and that it was inappropriate of me to tell him I like him when he has a girlfriend. I am upset about the outcome but I made my bed now I must lie in it. Is it selfish of me to think that a small part of me doesnt believe him??? Dont know if that is just wishful thinking.All the same Im going to respect his feelings and all I can do is just stay away from him and not contact him. Obviously I took a big risk here and I knew that losing him as a friend could be a possible outcome however I couldnt continue lying to myself about how I feel about him. Ill pray to my Guardian Angel for assistance. If you do have any words of wisdom or an outlook on this for me theyd be greatly appreciated.



  • You did the right thing! Not a thing in the world wrong with telling someone you like them and feel love for them! If he can't handle it that's his problem! ...and a REAL friend will still stand with you as a friend regardless and would still be a friend and stay communicative no matter how you feel.

    You should be proud that you honored your heart - the Universe and your angels are applauding you right now! YAY! YOU JUST EARNED A PAYGRADE PROMOTION FROM HEAVEN! Expect some wonderful blessings now that you had the courage to do that!

    I would stay optimistic, give him some time to ponder it.

    He told you it was "inappropriate"... yeah I've heard that line before LOL... no worries, you're connected to him... he can run but he can't hide 🙂

    YOU GO ellisangel!

  • A paygrade in Heaven I like that haha! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I do actually feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I'm going to try my best to stay positive about it, like you said he can run but he cant hide. We are connected and he knows that as well as I do. Ill keep you posted with updates if there are any to be had.

    Have a nice day 😄

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