Fortune tellers dealing with spirits, should i listen? :(

  • Hi, I don't usually believe in fortune tellers but recently, my girl friends pestered me to go visit one (they claimed he was super accurate) so okay fine, I went along for fun.

    I gave him my boy friend's date of birth and to my surprise, without me telling him ANYTHING, he could say a lot of things regarding my bf and they were 100% correct. For instance, his temper, finance, family, career, what he has been facing, what is happening to him, etc. But to my dismay, he said we won't be getting married as my bf is still very much in love with his ex (which my bf did mention about her quite a lot before & has left him wounded).

    And I found out that this fortune teller has been dealing with spirits or demons to carry out his business, also, I saw a lot of Chinese Gods and different statues of "things" at his altars.

    Well, obviously this visit has CHANGED my mood tremendously and I became silently depressed whenever I meet my bf. I know this is not right but at times I did regret for visiting the fortune teller and to add salt to my wound, my friends said he is very famous in town and lots of politicians and victims seek him for help. He even deals in apparitions, black magic, etc.

    What should I do? I know it sounds funny but I keep thinking of cutting off my r/ship with my bf already.. aarrgghhh!

  • You should sit down with your boyfriend for an honest talk about where your relationship is going and whether he still has feelings for his ex. You mustn't let your fear of upsetting him stop you from finding out the truth, even if it is painful. You need and deserve to know if the relationship is to continue or not. You would not want to feel that your BF is waiting for his ex to get back with him while he passes the time with you. You need to know one way or the other so that you can move on if you have to.

  • Thank you so TheCaptain! Really appreciate it 😃

    Should I tell him about the reading? And.. what if he denies about his feelings? mmm Gemini men can be manipulative at times to gain their self-interests. shrugs

  • And.. the fortune teller said that the ex would go back to my bf as they are still communicating behind my back. besides, he will be settling down for marriage at 36 to 38, n he will marry her, creepy right? He does love me, but nothing compared to his love for the ex.

    Sorry to spam this page. I'm just.. thinking a lot before investing my whole lot in this r/ship.

  • I would not mention the fortune teller. Readings are alwsys made from your current point in life which doesn't have to mean they will stay that way. Talk and demand an honest answer that is dar more reliable.


  • I agree with Paddi. Don't mention the fortune teller. No psychic is a substitute for getting the truth straight from the horse's mouth. You have to be prepared to use your intuition here and not just believe something - or someone - because you want to believe it.

  • Just as a matter of interest, Geminis and Cancers garner the most complaints as lovers on this forum, especially the male variety.

  • Hello there, we did have a talk earlier on and apparently, they are still contacting each other but merely because of "business" which they've shared previously. He said he has ZERO feelings towards her, only hatred (not a very good thing either) and wants to marry me and to settle down so.. we'll see about that 🙂 I don't trust him 100% yet, am just going to do my best as a gf.


    Thanks TheCaptain and Paddifluff! =)) hug

  • Hugs back:) If you din't trust him then maybe you should not be with him; At any rate get that trust issue sorted before you decide to marry the guy or your marriage will never succeed.


  • Yes it would be better if he felt nothing towards her at all. There's a very fine line between love and hate. If she can still inspire some sort of strong emotion in him, it means he is not yet over her. He may hate what she did to him but not hate her as a person.

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