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  • Dear Blmoon

    Someone recently perceived a pearly white energy in my aura. Is this my spirit guide? How can I hear my guide? Please let m,e know if you sense anything about this.


    Love and Light

  • It would help to know what also was going on in your life at the time you were told this. There is a positive and a negative possability for white showing up---one is indeed Angelic---of a higher order--possibly your guarding Angel hovering extra close. White in the aura is also a sign of ill health. AND seen before death so it represents a very low earth energy---very run down. Actually could mean both as if you are indeed having health issues your guarding Angel may be hovering close. White also could be a visiting spirit recently passed or a new birth being imminent. Mre likely a birth. Did the aura stay or has it passed? If the sensitive person who was trying to read you saw the energy it may have been the angel who stepped up to talk for you---make their presence known.My impression sows me a large protective angel---there is a protective need or was at the time. I think your guardian angel was in close protective mode---which is why it would help to know why if you can ge in touch with other events or people who were around you at the time---I get a bit of ill health as well so if you were very very drained---your Angel may have been embracing you with energy---are you having issues with getting run down? Is there a person or persons draining you? Your dreams should have been vivid as well. Did you have any crazy intense dreams as well? I'm feeling you have several things related and happening at once. I did immediatly pick up the names Emanual and David.

  • Dear Blmoon

    Thank you very much for doing this for me.

    The person reading for me told me that this is( the reading was just 4days ago) a protective spirit or angel who I can communicate with by trying automatic writing. I don’t know how to shut off my conscious mind because reading and writing are part of my profession. I think and write all the time! I asked about past life connections with a person in this life, and did start getting vivid images from possibly many lives, but as usual i fell into deep sleep and did not remember anything that was shown to me. I did escape an accident on Saturday, when I was with my family. That was a day after the entity was seen. I have no serious health issues but a chronic food sensitivity and IBS that has caused me a lot of grief for many years. There are people who drain me but I did not know I was that sensitive. I have felt drained but for no medical reason. David and Emanuel I don’t know in this life, as I’m from a different religion and culture but I know them from the Bible. Whoever my guardians are I am very grateful to them and to you for seeing them for me.

    With gratitude, prayers, Love and Light

  • Just pulled a card for you from the Goddess guidance cards that Im attracted to these days!

    KALI: "The old must be released so that the new can enter.Your current changes are for the best. Keep your thoughts positive as they are very powerful"

    Love and Light

  • p.s. I just checked with the person who read for me. The white presence is still there. She says it is protective and trying to bring me knowledge. I have made an attempt at automatic writing today

    Love and Light

  • Thanks for the card--it is right on---I was full speed AHEAD then yes the past---an energy that wishes to remain unchanged tugged at me----despite our own intntions we still must deal with people who are not onboard---Today I feel a release from that bit of energy zapper. I am a writer and most ideas are a form of automatic writing----stream of conciesness some call it. It's the soul of a new poem or whatever your genre. Some say if you have true difficulty receiving written messages from guides to ask then write with your left hand. If you are a writer in one of the creative arts you probably have been doing automatic writing for years but just take it for granted and don't know it. It usually is best invited when letter writing to someone who is spiritualy open and also a writer. Many of my urges to write letters----that letter ended up parts of poems---in fact many writers save letters. Unfortunetly, this is the e-mail age. The late Gwendolyn Brooks Poet lauriate of Illinoise and pulitzer prize winner told me to save my letters as she felt they were like poems. Many famouse writers of the past have had their letters collected and published---pick up one of those and you'll see what I mean---there is something DIVINE in true "letters". I find that automatic writing comes best when the intention is not a direct force of will--to GET something but more of a open receiving with a strong urge to express something---uncensored. Automatic writing comes very very fast! Spirit speaks fast--that's why readings are full of typos and not exactly orderly--altho on rare occasion I have had perfect poems come intact---but that is rare. I do know that writing from Spirit does take some letting go---lots of quiet--relaxed energy---maybe a scented candle--the sounds of nature---it's a calm place. Leaning back--feet up---paper and pen----often starts with doodling pictures. For me it's a great need for silence and no interuptions--like a spell is cast and any outside interuption snaps the connection with great irritation!. Most spirit writing is in journal form---meaning you don't say ok I want a spirit message but more of no expectation---you have something on your mind--started writing then it takes over--you opened the door and it surprises you. I do know once it happens it fee;ls gloriouse----you actually feel the energy as different than coming just from you---it is energizing and joyful. I believe that is your gaurdian Angels intention for urging you to gather that kind of energy as you need that. As it stands for now Spirit is closely energizing you but encourages you too fill your own well as somewhere in your life you give more than receive. We all juggle that. But it can reach a point of harm--illness or distraction in a way that interfears with the whisper that keeps us safe. WHISPER--I'm being shown that word big--so it is coming across to me is you have too much noise in your life and not enough empty space---and empty space is exactly the place that invites automatic writing. Makes prfect sense---this urging---good medicine! BLESSINGS!

  • Now I understand,thanks so much!I write poems, or at least used to till recently, though thats not what I do professionally. Also used to love writing letters and emails to "creative" people. I just never made the link, though at times Ive felt that joyful energy in the past.With spirit I think Ive reached the doodles and nursery rhyme stage, but hope to write like you suggested.

    Aah empty space....have to make it..Creative people just need more tof it than others. So do empaths i guess.

    Very happy to know you are a writer:)

    may Spirit keep your well full to the brim!

  • Just picked another card for you, same deck.

    DANA, ancient Celtic Goddess, message:You have divine knowledgethat can help others through your spiritual teaching."

    Since everyone already knows that, I looked up the additional meanings!You will be assisted in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teaching, whether its through teaching, writing or speaking.All forms of teaching are valuable, no matter how many lives you touch.Lead workshops. write books or articles. Know that you are a leader.

    Peace, Love and Light

  • ps Loved those cards you posted:)Inspiring

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