AstraAngel, seeking your wisdom and guidance

  • Hi Astra. I have been in an amazing relationship which ended recently due to his mothers pressure. He is very upset and confused and I have been doing daily readings on whether he will return. I have interpreted all my cards as positive however am unsure as to whether I am seeing their actual meaning or what I desire to see.

    Can you pretty please do a reading for me? I would love to know if our relationship will rekindle as we never fought, other than the mother in law it was perfect - we were to be married in just over a years time. As he as my best friend prior to the relationship I don't want to lose him and am certain he is "the one"

    Will he return? Will it be long? Should I move on? I am so lost right now and am hoping your cards can bring me some guidance

    Love & light

  • Please Astra, I am begging of you - I am so lost right now

  • Hi ShortyIX

    I can confirm what you have been seeing - no worries!

    You are the Queen of Cups

    As to the question - Will the relationship rekindle/will he return? I drew the Page of Cups so that is a YES.

    As to the question - Will it be long? Eight of Wand! He is coming back into your life super quick!

    Should I move on? Queen of Swords. No, unless you just want to, but it doesn't sound like you do.

    I would sit tight, wish him positive kindness and tender thoughts and all will be well! His mother is probably dealing with losing him to you, maybe she is very attached to him. Heaven and your angels will work this all out! Wish her positive healing too! 🙂

    Also, you might take a look at the current thread between sadsag and I - in that we are talking about astral travel / self-hypnosis where you can travel in the spirit to anyone and love on them that way. She did this and got a txt from her BF pretty quick. At the least you might gain some emotional relief that way.

    I have also prayed for you and him, and am wishing you reconciliation, hang in there all will work out.

    love and light


  • He told me last night that he no longer cares when this contradicts all he has said and done - is he lying?

  • He is withdrawn right now - in protection mode. Don't worry, take whatever he says in stride. Love him, stay sweet, Whatever he says, just say "I understand." He will hear your love for him in your voice. You will melt his heart this way...

    Eight of Wands, four pentacles, Page of Wands, and Three of Cups.

    You can expect to continue to hear from him.. let him talk... listen, just listen... all will still work out.

    You see how we have another page (messages) and the Eight of Wands again (which is quick energies and communications and things changing fast) so stay very calm and secure... heaven will work it out for you. Relax. You are loved.

    love and light,


  • Thanks Astra, it's hard to believe as he left yesterday for a 2 week family vacation. I am not expecting to hear from him while he is there. He has been avoiding me sync he split as he knows he will change his mind when he sees me - he won't talk on the phone for the same reason. While texting, as soon as he would start to relax he would immediately stop. I don't know how this communication can improve especially as he is now in another country.

    So him saying he no longer loved me was a lie? I didn't think you could fall out of 4 years of love in 2 weeks

  • He's running... be patient, everything will settle down soon enough.

    He's lying. He loves you, you can't turn that off like that for no reason. Anyway, even if he did all of a sudden fall out of love with you, your part is to keep your feelings of love for him intact regardless and stay open to him... or anyone else lol!

    THis is all angel games they play to help us develop emotionally... just go with the flow, whenever you think of him wish him positive blessings and love... pray for him to find all the happiness the Universe can give... heck, pray for him to find a better lover! LOL.... you can't go wrong... just stay in love for him (and everyone for that matter!) and soon enough BIG LOVE BLESSINGS come your way and you will be living your BLISS!!!!

    He sounds like some kind of tortured soul... people like him get scared and will try to pretend a lot of things to hide their feelings... you are doing the right thing by staying sweet and nice and keep your heart turned above. YOU ARE ON THE PATH no problemo



  • Thanks gorgeous 🙂 while he is away I'm putting myself first for the first time in years and hoping that when he gets back we will reconcike

  • He is the one for me so here's hoping the angels and universe will care for us

  • I drew the Six of Cups for you, I see a reconciliation and it will be sweet... hang in there, take care of you, take yourself out on a date... treat yourself and remind yourself how lucky he is to have someone who is willing to keep wishing happiness his way regardless... either he comes to his senses or you have someone MUCH NICER coming your way, so either way YOU WIN! 🙂

  • Oh you are so sweet. I just have to keep praying then!'

    It's interesting in a spread I did on myself the day before he said he didn't care... I pulled the 5 of swords for my future card, indicating deceit. I find it interesting that every reading - yours, my own, one I has done a week ago, cups are being pulled for me, happiness and wonderful relationship keep popping up. Interesting hoe in a life spread the 3 of swords came up!

    I have just done a spread on myself, as I ask my inner guidance each day how things are panning out. Interesting that I also pull the 6 of cups for my outcome! However the 4 of cups has popped up in my future - how disappointing haha.

    Do you know any good spreads which have been accurate for you that are more specific to relationship? I asked my guidance yesterday if my special man and I would reunite?.. I pulled the 6 of cups, then the queen... Then the king! I couldn't believe it!

  • Out of curiosity. I have pulled a spread out for you - I hope you don't mind! How differently the cards come up for you rather than me!

    You'll please let me know how my skills are coming along as this is what I see...

    Presently you are exhausted with a long personal struggle - you are trying to find the strength to pull through, however success waits when you do! Thid battle is because of being overwhelmed with choice - I'm sensing romantically - and one must be made. Is the root of your issues a charming and desirable woman?

    In your past, you've had financial hardships, however in your future I am seeing a positive outcome in the material sense. There will also be fast progress after your delays due to this hardship.

    You fear receiving news relating to thus relationship - but don't worry! It's good :-). I also see great happiness for this relationship! However you are currently desiring some quiet time for contemplating.

    Finally, I pulled the ace of wands for you. Congratulations on your new way of life!!

    Sorry if this was rubbish, just thought I'd give it a whirl for you

  • Hey astra Angel...

    I was just wondering if you could pull some more cards for me re: the ex situation. A few weeks ago everything was indicating he would return and be happy with me.. That we were soulmates. Now it feels like he may never return.. Have you got any insight?

  • Just bumping this up so you see it 🙂

  • Astra could you pretty please do an updated relationship reading? Thanks So much 🙂

  • Hi ShortyIX

    I have been away for a bit, and just now catching up... absolutely, let's take a look and see how everything is looking for you!

    First, thank you so much for that reading you did for me! That was so very accurate, described me to a tea. Yes to every point... I often feel exhausted... not knowing that there is any real point to my efforts. Reading for others here is the only path that has given me that "feeling" that I am on the right track here... so much else has come to naught. And yes, there is/was a lovely romantic interest, higher than the stars above, and beautifully mysterious and captured my heart completely... I really don't know where that is, nothing "materially" has come of it that I can see, so I am left in a fog... its kind of a pretty fog though... like the mists that show up at midnight... over a dark pond... and the moon looking down... very nice actually.... I just wish there could be a hug once in a while 🙂 Ace of Wands is hopeful and magic nice... thank you for this Shorty, you touched my heart...

    Okay.... let's take a look at you... re "the ex situation"...

    A few weeks ago everything was indicating he would return and be happy with me.. That we were soulmates. Now it feels like he may never return.. Have you got any insight?<<<

    Well, while I was getting ready to search for the significator for you, the card on the bottom of the deck was staring me straight in the face... the TWO of CUPS... hmm... nice.... and we haven't even really started! Or maybe we have ha ha....

    Okay, so you are the QUEEN of CUPS in this reading...

    First card... Six of Swords - moving to calmer waters. I always like to see the Six of Swords it has such a nice, calming mystery energy about it, and I always see it as a romantic card too. Like, something could be "going on" in that little boat while it is silently crossing the river.... you are really wanting calmer, quiet, serene places in your life. It could be that you have attached this to your Ex? SO that you feel inside that He will be able to unlock this for you? When you think of him, do you feel a nice feeling come over you, like sweetness... and much like this card, like he has you safely in his arms... even though he is not there physically...

    Three of Pentacles - a card of work. Which is interesting in love readings as it seems to hint at something being "worked out" or developed, some effort anyway in connection with him.

    And then the Nine of Cups! The "wish" card... the Caselli deck shows a lovely couple enjoying the time of theor lives together around a table all set with so much wonderful nice things... like their reward. Nines are beautiful energies, they are fulfillment with just a hint of more yet to come (the 10). So this seems to be a very nice sign as regards him.

    Ten of Pentacles, wow! That is another fantastic card of success, where love not only is realized, it also comes with all of the reward that true love should have! You have kept the faith through a long and hard battle, unflinching, not caring what happened, only seeking your heart. And because you chose the road less travelled, you enter the sweet fulfillment of your every heart's desire in love... full, rich, abundant, and you KNOW in that place that your heart took you there even though at times it was quite painful to hold on. Believing even when there was nothing to really hang on to.

    A pause, a time where you are waiting. Not really doing much, nothing really happening, that you can see. The crops are still growing though, the wisdom seems to be that there is a LOT going on in hidden ways that you can't see. The seeds you have sown will produce exactly what they were intended to do. Every desire, longing of the heart produces after her kind... you believe in true love and that your Guide is indeed carrying you to a lovely place in love and relationship.. then that is exactly what you will enjoy! So this seems to be saying take it easy, and don't be concerned that nothing seems to be happening. I know! You want to put in the sickle and reap now! You want to call! You want to shake the trees and make something happen... instead you are doing the right thing by being patient and waiting... calm and serene, poised (a lot like that Six of Swords energy we saw at the beginning).

    And, the Ace of Cups... so that is where matters are leading for you Shorty... a new love beginning... something so wonderful that to know too much at this time could possibly affect the outcome so our angels can only leave little signs of something really sweet and nice to come,and this Ace is as sweet as they come. Crowning love is what I hear... real, true, authentic, authoritative in its honesty and 'oneness'... the pearl of great price...

    At first I thought this spread was perhaps a timeline however I think it is a snapshot for you at this particular point in your life. These cards are exactly and precisely what you need to know, to see, to understand within. Overall, the message seems to be

    You are heading for something very nice, serene in love... so sweet and mystery-soft... the six of swords...

    Stay steady, keep doing your work, believe, have faith, remain constant and productive in those ways that feel right for you (three of pentacles)

    Keep wishing, longing, dreaming, and seeing your love working out, the table set for the two of you. Nine of Cups. For that is exactly what Heaven has planned, a relationship of deepest and most extraordinary love, success crowning, with everything else working out amazingly well for the two of you. Like a miracle of blessing. And because you chose LOVE and not riches, and fame and chasing after everything else under the sun, you receive the love you have dreamed of AND the riches, and the abundance and all the rest as icing on the cake...

    Don't be discouraged because at times you feel blocked... stuck... like nothing is happening, Oh a lot is happening, in ways you can't really comprehend. Every wish is granted eventually, every longing of your heart comes to pass to degress you can't even begin to fathom. So stay steady on your feet and trust that in the hidden ways, the ways that really matter, much is developing and all is in angels hands.

    And, the Ace of Cups, says once again love, love, love and it is HIGHER love, a relationship born of Heaven and not just earth, it is transcendent and lilting light, with the two of you, his heart and yours, dissolving together, becoming one in the most exquisite way possible, merging, coalescing, intermingling like two lovely streams in the woods coming together into one.

    That is what is happening, his heart and yours merging.. even though nothing seems to be happening, and you arise some days and the pain of being apart is more than you can bear... you are going through a time of joining in Spiritual ways with him (I believe) and the angels want you to know that. Apparently that is part of this journey of love, the pain, being apart your roots reach out to one another under the surface... and you find his heart under the earth, and he finds yours... and you communicate in the night places. IN the mystery of silence, in ways that our conscious mind struggles to understand... but the heart understands...

    And your heart does understand love Shorty, and I know, I know I know that everything is working out so sweetly for you. You are indeed connected with him, in some mysterious way. Your heart sings of him and the angels here those melodies and they whisper "keep going little one"... and trust, and hold yourself while you wait... embrace the air, "I will meet you in the air" I seem to hear him saying to you... and he seems all around you now... even now....

    Oh Shorty, I hope some of this made some sense to you, I get raptured into these places that I can't even begin to understand, and like now, I AM crying my eyes out and I dont know why... for you, for love, for us all, I don't know... I only know there is a lovely mystery at work for lovely ones like you who trust and follow their hearts...

    Oh and I am reminded to point out to you again.. that two of cups we saw right at the first... I think angels are smiling over your life... such a nice sign of sweetest, most intimate relationship...

    Blessings and love to you ShortyIX, your heart is lovely, and heaven is so desperately in love with you, and you can know that all is working out ... perfectly... everything is ... right... on... schedule...

    for you.



    P.S. You had asked about other spreads, relationship spreads, I don't really have any certain spread, I tried one spread that was in the shape of a heart a time or two on this forum, you might be able to search that out... it seemed to help.... although I just tend to go with the flow of the moment, and let spirit guide without too much forethought... love and light to you my fellow sojourner of romance and mystery!

  • Thank you Astra. I'm seeing him tomorrow for the first time since we broke up and I'm very nervous. I'm worried his feelings for me have left this earth.. I'm hoping the angels are right in your spread..

  • I'm also hoping the meeting will go well!!!

  • Oh Astra, he seemed so happy to see me. Nothing about the relationship or breakup was said... And he seemed concerned as my voice was a bit croaky, he hoped I wasn't ill.

    Can you draw a few cards and see where he's at now? Please? You are so wonderful and I"m hoping that my holding out will be worth it in the end

  • I simply had t,o share with you the first spread I've pulled in awhile on myself! It's a Celtic cross

    1. My present situation - 9 of Pentacles. Financial success and material security. A little unsure of this as I'm struggling money wise at the moment!

    2. Influences - 4 of wands. Marriage plans, stability! All the things I HAD with my ex

    3. Past - 3 of wands. Progress card - ex and I started talking again this week!

    (can we call him Jack? Ex is so crude!)

    4. Immediate past - 8 of Pentacles. New job from existing talent. I was recently given a new intern position 🙂

    5. Crowning thoughts - the fool. A major choice - to pursue Jack or not?

    6. Future. King of Pentacles. A man in finance -Jack just transferred to studying straight economics!

    7. Fears - 7 of wands. Yes, a battle - to get him back, or against his mother?

    8. How others see me - Queen of Pentacles. A woman of worth, lucky me!

    9. Hopes - 6 of Wands. triumph, success!

    10. Outcome - 2 OF CUPS!!, we all know that this is a relationship reconciliation!

    Oh I hope im not seeing what I want to here Astra.... Can your angels see into his heart? I hope so xxxx love and light

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