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  • Hi Captain, maybe you could help me a bit decipher a mystery. i have been having strange silent night phone calls. The first one was on the 28th December at 3.13. i answered this one but the person hung up. the number is not shown on my mobile. this happened 4 times that night. Later the situation repeated several times every three, four nights, three, four times a night. This night i had another call at a quarter to one. What's going on? What are the person's intentions? Is it connected with my job somehow? What should my reaction be? Should i just ignore it?

    ps there was a similar situation last year but it happened only once, now it's a bit annoying.

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  • Oh boy how scary. Have you reported it yet to the police? Or had the phone company trace the call? I would take the phone off the hook at night.


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  • call the police.they can trace any call now a day. do it now before something happens

  • could be tele markers because they call and hank up on me. i think they get paid by the call even if they dont talk to anyone. but call the cops any way

  • Thank you for response, both of you.:) it's my mobile Paddi, i have it turned off or muted (don't know if it's the right word) at night now when i know what to expect (i need to remember to do it:)) so i don't hear it but in the morning i can see that somebody phoned two or three times. The number is not shown so the intention cannot be good. i thought the person would get bored with the night calls at last if not answered but i looks like he/she doesn't intend to stop so yes i think i need to report it to the police. Thank you girls. 🙂

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