• WG,

    I hope you are doing much better than I am at the moment. All I want to say right now is life is unpredictable and sometime predictable. One thing is for sure it can be over before you know it. So live in the now and don't try to live up to anyone's expectation or dictation.

    I am adding a link of the reason I ended up on this forum. http://product.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=3470&page=2&replies=19#post-293320

    Big hug to you.



  • Flow,

    Oh how I wish I had something poignant to say to you right now but all I can do is express how sorry I am for what you are going through. Please know that I am hear for you if there is anything I can do. Wish I was there to make you a cup of tea and give you a big hug.

  • Hi,

    You know it's been a crazy time for me. And I can complain yet a great deal isn't in my hand. I have been having some regrets about having consideration with some events to just keep the peace. Now this is going on I seriously question it all. For some months now I have been working upon my own issues (health, money, future) and I have been trying to give it all a place to create some kind of harmony if you want to call it this. This man has been so patient with me and supportive even from afar. I am not easy...I am fully aware of it and to open up slowly has been an ordeal for me. I have nevertheless. I regain joy in a great deal of things I shoved aside many years ago and my plan was to genuinely share much more with him. Even imagined myself with him on a porch very very old. 🙂

    I would like to see a miracle ...I mean I witness that with my second dad. I know it's not something to compare yet it would mean the world to me and his kids.

    He is now hiding and dealing with this in his own fashion and I can only accept and respect. It tears me up yet I try to keep busy. I let some people know and got some lovely responses yet in the day to day activities I notice people don't really want to know so the mask gets back on and I get on with it.

    I don't know what any of us can do. I am only worried that what we planned to do which is to celebrate his b-day in a grand fashion can be bombarded. I know he doesn't want any of us to be sad yet it's hard.

    I will be in and out of the forums depending how my mood is I will answer. Thanks for the cards. What are the names?


  • Flow,

    I thought of you this morning - heard the Ri song you shared with me a while back - and again when I read the quote I will share below. I am so saddened by your news... I am so sorry for your loss my dear friend. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all go away. I hope you are doing okay and finding a way through this.

    The quote is from a channel done by Lee Harris. I have joined a forum on his website called The Portal (I'm not spending much time here these days). I think you would like it there. I am listed under my real name, but quite sure we will find each other if you join.

    "When you meet another soul that you that you feel attracted to, when you meet some new person in your life, you feel something that you are drawn to be with this person, whether it is for a moment or for a lifetime.

    So firstly let me implode one of the myths that humanity holds within its mental framework, the ideas humanity had around relationships. The idea that any relationship you have with another human being must last forever to be of high value or higher value than those short relationships you may have, it is not the truth, so let that go.

    Let that be a part of the release for those of you who’ve experienced the loss of people in your life, whether that be because they exited this plane or whether that be because suddenly for whatever reason the two of you hit a discord, the two of you separated and went off in different directions.

    Release is necessary for growth, for space is needed for growth and the truth that all of you share is that 5-10 years from now your lives will not be the same. Your energy will not be the same; your emotions will not be the same. So trust that. Trust that you are always moving, and that is as it should be"

    . ~~Zapharia through Lee, from The Essence of Relationships



  • WG,

    I am okay now. Yesterday (5-8) he had his send off and cremation. It was a joyous occasion. It took place at his studio and friends played live music a couple of hours. One of his drum students also played. It was good. When nearing the end a group played a full set full of reflection of him as a musician and we all danced. You wouldn't have believed we were at a funeral. 🙂

    It did me good to have witness that all. I will miss the daily rituals between us. Yet I know he would want me to be okay. So I am.

    I will have a look at that website when I got some time to explore.



  • Hi dear,

    Here is footage of the concert I participated in last November. It's modern and a big experimental yet it was great fun. No I am not in the spotlight yet I wanted to share this.

    http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsAAoI57sOY

    I hope you are doing okay.

    Take care,


    PS. This conductor is known for his unorthodox approach to sound so yeah...it's different. And this was part of a conference called Ted X.

  • Flow - I tried the link several times and it says the address is not valid (?). I am very familiar with Ted X. What was the name of the performance - I can search for it.

  • WG,

    I checked and indeed for some odd reason even with erasing the extra space I put between the http: and // it's not taking me to that video.

    The name is : Merlijn Twaalfhoven & Pips:Lab - Final TEDxAmsterdam

    Let me know what you think. 😉


  • Hi Flow,

    Wow! That was really interesting. I got a little confused at times, though :). How did the audience participation (standing up to the questions) affect the performance/music? Was the light (the guy on the rotating pedestal) supposed to be doing something in particular?

  • Hi WG,

    Hahahaha..I figured I was going to get that reaction!!! Yeah...as I said the man like experimental stuff...and he gets these projects just because of it. The whole build up was new to all of us. He wanted to get the audience participation going so he decided to plant us all over the place ...to get like a chain reaction going. He managed somehow.

    The participation didn't affect the overall performance and/or music. It just was more "open" compare to the rehearsal footage and sound that I had. That was more intimate which has my preference.

    Oooh the light guy..hahaha...he was nice. Uhmm it was just for the visual effect than he really selecting anyone or anything. It was cool to see from above where I was sitting. The drummers were planted in different area's too to get the surround sound...lol

    The people with the recycled instruments were added to the very last minute...they were a surprise to us too.

    I need to start putting a resume together with these experiences.

    If you got time I would appreciate if you can do a reading for me only regarding singing ventures for next year and or a possible singing career.

    I really liked this particular venue and the people (artists) I met there during this conference. Got a good feeling when others thought I was a solo artist..hihi...while this time I was part of the "choir".

    Take good care of yourself and have a great weekend.

    I hope to catch up sometime soon.

    Flow xx

  • Okayyyyy since when is v i s u a l effect worthy of stars? Crazy!!!

    ** rehearsal footage and sound that I have.

    Adding pics. One is reheasal room and the other is pathway..just to give you an idea of the building.

    I hope they aren't too big to load..

  • Next ..

  • Sighs..again..:-)

  • What a beautiful venue! We don't have any buildings with real history here in Las Vegas - we tend to implode things and start over (LOL). Yes, I will do a reading for you, but I am leaving on a business trip tomorrow morning so probably won't be until this weekend. Until then, embrace your inner soloist 🙂

  • Hi Flow,

    Okay, I did a reading for you :). Spirit is asking you what you are waiting for! LOL. Why do you feel you need to be the wall flower or part of the pack (choir)? They kept showing me a teacher or mentor, but if felt like YOU feel you NEED more training or teaching and that is NOT the case. This push for you to allow yourself to be the star, center of attention/focus, etc. is a healing exercise for you in more ways than one. You are very close to breaking through. Your desire to break away from the background and be solo is coming through very strongly, but also that success is imminent once you can release your fears. The "safety in numbers" thing needs to be released. Nurture your inner diva 🙂


  • Hi WG,

    Thank you!!!

    How was your trip? I was thinking all week to reply and then things like getting ready for X-mas got into the way. Today I was supposed to do some more shopping yet it's raining all day so I decided to chill and stay in.

    Last night I was out in town and I discovered that the local government decided to put a light tour together and it was really lovely to see all these artwork lit up. Where I was I saw 3. It was a bit too cold to do the actual tour yet who knows I might brave up and actually do it one of these days.

    I do get what you mean about imploding and starting over. Here the buildings with history are getting more less so we try to cherish what is left. That one in the picture is over a hundred years and has been renovated extensively. Did you hear about what happened in London this week in the Apollo theatre? I am glad no one died from all that collapsed upon them.

    The reading is lovely..thank you again. Regarding the push...uhmm yeah a chicken is residing here...lol I know I have to get on with it yet on certain days I manage to think up "obstacles" in why I am not ready. Then on others I am like ....lets get those skates on and go..LOL

    We just had the final of yet another The Voice and I enjoyed it very much. A young girl Julia won this time. I hope she does well.

    In this season a great deal of friends and acquaintances competed and got pretty far.

    Another friend (met her during singing classes) agreed to go with me next year to see a documentary called Twenty Feet from Stardom. It's about background singers from the past and now that didn't fully break through due to many reason including not being recognized for their art.

    But what about you? Did you find anything on your love for glass?

    What are you doing for the holiday season?

    And WG...I will start nurturing that inner diva....gosh something else to worry about..LOL.


  • Hi Flow,

    Oooooooh, a light tour sounds fabulous!!! Brave the cold and get out there to see the rest of it! Bundle yoruself up and then treat yourself to some hot cocoa afterward :).

    I just found out this morning that 2014 will be the year of the Horse. I am a fire horse 🙂 so am looking forward to it. However, it's a year for EVERYONE so keep in mind that the horse charges ahead and is in the SPOTLIGHT. It's a good year to chase your dream of the same. Why don't you try out for the VOICE next time around? At the very least, start auditioning for the solo roles instead of remaining in the background.

    Still nothing for me in my area on glass blowing. Maybe this will be a retirement hobby for me :). I have attended a few functions where I have attempted to paint. I have absolutely no talent whatsoever, but it's fun. Actually, I am going to try to paint something this weekend for my great niece for Christmas. She is just over 2 yrs. old. Of course, I will buy her a gift as well since the painting most likely won't be very good and she would probably prefer a toy (or some clothes - she's already a typical girl)!

  • Hi WG,

    If you want to read up about the light tour I found the website for that it's called amsterdamlightfestival dot com. You can change the language at the top.

    Honestly I haven't read any new year prediction as yet. 🙂 Trying very hard to tidy up all that came my way this year. So the Horse say (spot) light and camera...huh? lol At this very moment not sure about auditioning...yet I have planted some seeds for collaborations in the past so maybe something comes out of that. It has to feel right whatever it's going to be.

    The Voice is already taking pre-auditions already...I need to figure out a great deal and therefore not on the same wave length as the show at the moment.

    I do have a question for you tho...since you said that your sign likes the spotlight....Does this mean that you too are going to be commanding full attention? 😄 hmmm perhaps next year you might run into a potential keeper.

    You know if deep down within you this desire resides it's bound to manifest. That's why I always say not to focus that much it will happen when it must happen. No need to stress the mind with it. BTW surprises are the best. lol

    (I haven't picked up anything..just speculating).

    I recall a while back I heard of a company that does give online courses for glass blowing. I looked for it and their name is glasscraftinc ..ofcourse there is a dot com for that. See if you can do something with it. You never know if the change you dreamt of is in this direction for you.

    How are your dreams lately? I ask since they brought you back around these parts.

    You know what....perhaps when you do go to one of those functions where you paint...talk with the teachers ..they might know someone that can assist you with your love for glass. I wouldn't give up on it and it's definitely not a retirement hobby by the looks of it. And don't beat up yourself when it comes to painting. I know of an artist (who passed on) that didn't know how to paint either so he decided to take some spray cans/paint and "draw" with them and nowadays people pay thousands for his art.

    Children appreciate colour and simple themes. A flower, a house, sunset, birds...those type of things. Next time you can engage her to paint with you and take pictures of that so she can have when she get older and you both have a good laugh then.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Flow xx

  • Hi Flow - Merry Christmas! I just typed a long message to you about the glass blowing and my niece's painting and - POOF! - it was gone. Argh! Oh well...Hope you enjoyed your holiday 🙂

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