Please help me interpret this spread, read on please:

  • On Tuesday, I decided to stop dating a guy who seemed to have A LOT of emotional trauma and baggage from his divorce. He was pretty upset with me since we did have intense chemistry but I knew his emotional state was not well. He seemed to be needy, obsessive and wanted to move the relationship extremely quickly. This made me feel incredibily unconfortable and smothered. Although I am sad because I thought I could build a relationship with him, I am also left wondering if I will ever find my life partner. One that I could build a love and family life with. It is only 12 days into the new year and this wasn't the way I wanted to start off the new year. So I am hoping things may turn for the better later on.

    I consulted my Mythical Tarot Deck and did a sequential 8 card spread asking if I will meet my life partner this year.

    The first card would signify recent past or present situation and subsequently each card till the 8th, signifies the course of events leading up to the future.

    First Row

    1. Page of Cups: A new relationship. This card may signify the beginning of our dating.

    2. Seven of Cups (reversed): Breaking through a fog of confusion and illusion to focus on the issues at hand. This could signify the time and thought I placed on ending this relationship since my gut instinct told me this was all wrong and time to move on.

    3. Seven of Wands: Holding my ground and sticking to my decision despite what my heartache. Again this may demonstrate my choice to stick to the breakup.

    4. Seven of Swords (reversed): Breaking free from old patterns of thinking and behaviors.

    This must be the "breakup" card. I just dropped it like a surprise and he did not see it coming. I, on the other hand, was incredibly uncomfortable with the situation.

    2nd Row (more future based)

    1. The Heirophant: This card reveals a strong pull toward an individual who will explain the meaning of life to me? A mystic? Or a man who is wise beyond his years.

    2. Two of Wands (reversed): I am afraid to step out into unknown territories, despite the huge growth potential, instead preferring to stay with what is familiar. This is especially true since I am getting reluctant to date again or giving up on dating altogether. Perhaps a time to reprioratize?

    3. King of Pentacles: This could be many things? Am I going to meet a well to do man? Or does it mean that I will be enjoying more abundance in the future....hmmmm

    4. Strength: A higher level of consciousness that allows me to take responsibility for myself, self mastery?

    I gather that my future as it pertains to my love life looks promising but I do not get any relationship cards in the future so I am a bit confused but hoping for the best.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback>

  • Anyone? Please?

  • Anyone? Any thoughts?

  • Hi LoyalLiness

    Hey, I'll throw in my thoughts and you can see what you think...

    I thought your readings in the first four cards were very good, the only note I heard that added something, was that things ended with that 7 swords which ( I am not reading the reversals here), seems to indicate a kind of planning or looking ahead and laying out your priorities, and what you are looking for in a relationship. So there is this feeling of "this last relationship wasn't feeling right and so I am going to envision and plan ahead for what I would like to see..." So yes, breaking free of old patterns... and also looking ahead to the patterns you WANT to see...

    That then takes us into this Hierophant card...

    The Hierophant is taking heavenly wisdom and bringing it down to earth, so in your case there is this sense that your heart is really crying out to Heaven to draw down wisdom for the right kind of relationship for you. You are all about getting it right and want to learn.

    Two of Wands - I always see this as an "invitation" and so the choice is move ahead or not. And this invitation seems to be connected with this next card...

    Then, a King of Pentacles. This does sound like a man coming into your life bringing you a 'choice' to move forward with him, and it sounds like a materially strong gentleman.

    Strength - Then there can either be a strong effort to keep yourself controlled, sort of a restraining energy, or it can indicate animal passion taking over. Either way it sounds like this situation with this man is rather intense and is going to require either some self-control, or a willingness to let yourself go a little wild with him. Pentacles can use a little excitement to balance out their material success. Maybe you will be helping him in the dept.

    I asked when will he be showing up

    Possible 6 month mark, and a much stronger 11 months from now. I got that 11 month mark very strong in a 12 month spread (I ran the cards twice just to double check). First spread I saw the Ten of Pentacles in that position, and the second time the Knight Pentacles in that pos.

    The good news is you DEFINITELY have a guy coming into your life within a year who is going to be very successful and A BLESSING for you! I also drew a card on month 11 and saw the PAGE OF CUPS so you are going to be looking at a very loving and sweet, communicative man who is well off is what I get. And also RED hot.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    love, astra

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