AstraAngel, need your insight on my relationship please...

  • Astra, so I have been dating this guy for about a month. i know its pretty short, but he seems to be a very loyal nice man. he's growing on me.. we had a little fight a couple days ago... we r fine now. am wondering how our relationship will be like.. will he be the one?

    also, im quite curious to know how my meeting with his mom will go on Monday.. I am dog sitting for his mom.. will meet her monday... not sure what i can expect from her.. but i really want her to like me... or at least dont hate me.. so will things go well between me and his mom? will she like me or not? please let me know! thanks!!! looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • astra please ;(

  • Hey DDTT!

    Okay I drew some cards and they seem to paint a picture thats a bit of a road with you two.

    Here is what I got and I will give you my opinion and you can decide...

    You are the Queen of Cups and he is the King of Cups.

    Four of Pentacles, Five of Cups, The Tower, The Empress, The Devil and Six of Cups.

    Something compelled me to keep drawing cards as I was curious to see where this goes.

    It seems to me that something nice could develop with him - eventually - it looks to me like it may take a while according to this. The four pentacles is like a very defensive kind of card, like protecting something. He may not want to really open up easily.

    Then the five of cups signifies some real emotional loss from the past. Plus the Tower also shows something rather calamitous occurred.

    The Empress shows you as a very nurturing lady and sweet, very connected to the earth and living things.

    He is the Devil so he has some passions to contend with which can be exciting or it can be time to keep some ice water handy...

    and then the Six of Cups which is a very sweet love that is all about helping one another and being very sweet and kind to each other, and draws from events of the past to build something lovely and lasting.

    The fact that you have already had a "little fight" shows how you are both contending with some healing issues, could be some events from the past that your relationship is triggering, and that can be painful and yet it could be just what you two need, one another, to discover acceptance, forgiveness, patience.

    As for the mom... Will things go well with her tomorrow?

    I drew the FOOL so yes it will be happy and nice!

    As for "will she like me or not?" I drew two Knights, Wands and Cups so I think she will more than like you, she will hope and pray that you will be a good companion to her son.

    I hope that helps... blessings and love to you DDTT.


  • thanks for your quick response astra! your dead right on us. we both came out of painful relationship a while back. he didnt tell me much about it, but he said hearing his ex telling him that she did the abortion (thats his baby) was the saddest moment of his life... i guess he really wanted to have a kid and start a family. anyway, he broke up w her after... we had a small fight... bascially he complained that i never initiated a txt or call to him which to him, it seemed like im not into him.. i explained.. and now we r fine.

    astra, can you please tell me what he is really thinking of me? does he see me as a potential wife candidate or so? thanks!! looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • up again~~~ astra!

  • Wow. Looks nice...

    what he is really thinking of me?


    Potential wife candidate or so?

    The Knight of Cups - This indicates the flow of love, so there are intentions here of carrying through (flowing) from the Lovers on to something committed and sweet.

    Then the ACE of Swords and the Eight of Wands and Seven of Cups shows his heart and mind is being guided into a place of deepest love for you, these energies are quickening, something is changing and it is nice. Keep the faith, love him within, you will be together very soon. (Chariot)

    love, astra

  • thanks astra!! i hope things will go as u said...

    i have another question related to work.. its getting me so nervous... i wanna know if this document will be received by the authority this week?

  • Yes, looks like it to me.

    You are the Page of Wands

    and I drew the Knight of Wands, King of Cups and Queen of Swords.

    Looks like a lot of authority to me!

  • thanks astra! good good! hope so! its so important! ehh

    btw, i met my bf's mom today and his brother and sister in law... very brief meeting.. bascially just met up and gave them the dog.. they didnt really ask me any question. they all seemed friendly... can u do me a reading on what they are thinking of me? and when will my bf introduce me to his family? what's his attitude on this? reluctant? too soon? thanks again!

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  • For your question

    "what do they think of you?"

    I drew the Judgment, Page of Wands, and Two of Pentacles

    Which sounds like they concluded (Judgment) that you are intelligent and a good communicator (page wands) and physically fit, capable (two of pentacles)

    As for the question "how long before your BF introduces you?" I have the eight and seven of pentacles which can be slow. Looks like 7 - 8 months away. So I gather you are expecting a "formal" introduction, and not just dog watching, is that it?

    And you asked "what's his attitude on this? reluctant? too soon?"

    I drew the Three Cups and Knight of Cups - so he is thrilled! I think to him this WAS the introduction, unless I am missing something here. He is very, very happy and in love looks like to me!

    love and light


  • thanks astra! for the last question, i guess i misled you... i actually wanted to know what his attitude is in general.. i dont understand why it would take him so long to introduce me to his family... its quite disappointing... can you do me a reading why it takes him for so long to do so?and also, is he really faithful as he always claims to be?? just curious - since he has already talked about moving in together, and i told him i would only consider doing so if he gives me a ring getting official.. so things between us continue going well, is is possible for us to move in together sometime this yr? will he propose by then??

    im sorry if i have so many questions to ask about this guy... i got so hurt from my previous relationship and i just want to make things right this time.. i am not 100% sure but i think he's the one, and im ready to settle down this time... so i really appreciate your insights on this, astra. hope you dont mind... looking forward to hearing from you again. thanks so much

  • wow some update astra!!! the document related to my job got delivered today!! finally!! hooray! thanks for your positive energy!!!

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  • His attitude in general:

    Knight of Pentacles - He is chasing material, job concerns income on his mind.

    The Lovers - He is in love with you.

    Why would it take him so long to introduce you to his family?

    Three of Swords - heartbreaks from the past has him delaying moving ahead with the "steps" leading up to the ring and marriage.

    The Moon - these are very troubling emotional waters for him, so you should be patient with him.

    The Devil - He is beset by passion and yet he is beset by pain, so it is a lose-lose situation for him. He introduces you to mom, he is opening up a repeat performance of his past relationship. And yet he is crazy about you and can think of nothing except getting you in bed with him.


    Five of Cups - he will be faithful as long as the heartbreaks down't start. As soon as a relationship becomes troubled he will walk.

    Seven of Cups - his eyes do tend to wander, he is looking over other options, so as for "faithfulness" you will have your work cut out for you. Can you keep him happy with you? Then he will be faithful. Otherwise he will run away faster than a jack rabbit on a hot tin roof in Phoenix in the middle of August.

    Move in this year? Two of Wands - yes. Very possible. Eight of Wands possible, like tomorrow.

    Your work prospects look awesome - I keep getting the Three Pentacles and now the Six so your financial life is about to go into hyperdrive.

    love and light,


  • astra, thanks so much for your wonderful readings. you calm me down... last couple of months have been extremely difficult for me.. i just want peace these days. i will keep you updated. maybe i will need your insights sometime later.. again, thanks for your help. i really appreciate it. hope everything is good in your life. bless you!

  • ehh last question at this thread.... hope you dont mind.. i wanna know when i can start using this money? like when i can financially count on him? im not a gold digger, but i think its a good sign if a man wants to spend money on his love.. otherwise, i dont think he loves this woman.

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  • Hey DDTT

    I drew the Nine Wands and Justice and Six of Cups, so nine wands are quick, justice says its a reward (or deserved), six of cups seems to be where it is coming from. This relationship I suppose. And the Ace of Cups, which is another nice sign that all of this is working together, the start of something lovely.

    Does that help?


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