Virgo man & gemini woman

  • Me and my bf of one month had some argument recently and I played a part in pushing him to say to drop the relationship when I told him that He won't be hearing from me anytime soon... I said out of hurt, anger. So it ended, later in the evening I texted him that I want to work it out. He didn't reply. I decided to not say anything after that and give some space. Because since got together been spending a lot of time together so that is probably needed. What do guys think? Am I on the right track by give it some time, space? If he does come back should I ignore or talk with him. I don't know what to do I haven't been in this situation before.

  • What are both your birthdates?

  • 25-05-90 me him: 20-9-90 or 21-09-90 embarrassing i can't remember which one as yet

  • That's close enough for a reading.

    This is not the best of matches for love. The relationship cries out for stability. Unfortunately, fleeting and tenuous connections are predominant here, making grounding unlikely. On the mental, thoughtful. logical or intellectual side, things can go extremely well, with eccentricity and imagination the hallmarks of mutual creativity. In more physical, emotional or instinctual matters however, the relationship may demonstrate glaring deficiencies - not the least of them the inability to be there for each other in times of need.

    A love relationship here will rarely go very deep. Your man will be attracted to your looks and you will feel appreciated but may also sense that you are being treated more like a beautiful object than like a worthwhile person. You may also find your BF's sensibilities rather snobbish and you may feel like you are being patronised, something you won't tolerate. On the other hand, he is not about to get the dependability he sorely needs from you. This affair is perhaps better off if it does not lead to marriage because you two make better acquaintances and occasional leisure-time companions than you do lovers or spouses.

  • thanks, it is a bit unclear to me but maybe I'll soon see what you mean

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