Being empathic

  • yes it is very frustrating I prefer to stay away from people when it gets bad - this whole past week was a living nightmare at work so by the time I got home I was so exhausted - I feel people are so stressed out and they are not taking time to recharge to get a better sense of their problems. I want to help but I can only do so much I do a lot of blocking and wearing my crystals I also found heavey cleaning of my home & even the warehouse at work helps and today I will be doing a small bonfire to get rid of some of the negativity in my firepit outside

  • Glad to know its not just me. These days I feel bone tired from just being near people especially large groups. The crystals feel like they need constant cleaning and if they clog easy. I feel recharged by playing with dogs and cats:) Also, with crystals, though clear quartz seems the best choice for shielding, I get the feeling that our crystal needs are changing more rapidly and we need to keep shifting them around, going by instinct. Has anyone else felt this around crystals lately? It is great to get validation because otherwise sometimes one feels its all in my head!

  • Hey - just read an article that reminded me that Neptune is switching signs next week. This happens about once every 15 years I think so we have been already feeling it. It is moving out of Aquarius and into Pisces - it's "home" so to speak. Anyway, this is one of the causes of the increased sensitivity everyone has been feeling. Get used to it! That's probably why we have been getting the repeated messages to not only shield, but CLEAR our personal energy field on a daily basis...

  • yes that makes sense Watergirl...someone on these threads had once used a phrase about maintaining good energetic hygiene...thats it:)

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