Being empathic

  • Anyone else feeling overly super- extreme sensitive, more than normal, to the emotions and energies around, like the usual white light shower is no longer adequate protection? I keep getting bowled over by emotions that are most definitely not my own. I can pick up most people's state of mind just by looking at them but then in a detached way, but this empathy is a killer!

    xxxx Paddi

  • I'm not sure this has anything to do with what you are feeling but... We were talking yesterday at work about how anxious and over emotional many of our patients have been for the past few days. I doubt we just hit a "patch of nervous patients" but these folks are bordering on out of control. Crying shaking and moaning. They are not able to describe what is going on and with much effort on all of our parts they are finally able to calm themselves.

    Very wearing for the staff and uncomfortable for the patients. I hope whatever it is passes soon.

  • That can't be easy for you all. Maybe the veil is thin at the moment. Where isPoetic with her excellent explanations?


  • Hi Paddi,

    Yes I have been like this for the last few weeks and at moments it gives me energy and then after I am drained (not always). I have been picking up a great deal of warnings also. I shield myself if it gets too much. We are not alone in this. As abetterplace mentioned here. Since it has been like this for me for a few months now I am not sure when it will be over in general.


  • carry or wear your crystals to help absorb the other feelings I know it helps me especially if i am in a crowd. It is very tiring to have the emotions hit all at once and to keep the shields up.

  • Where I work with the clothing I have on it's difficult to carry that with me. Even in my As I said it has been like this for a few months on and off but the last couple of weeks it's full on.

    Yet my warnings I get mostly early morning in bed. If it's someone I know I will check up on them if not ...I just "see" what the day brings.


  • I feel that being an empath presents various trials and tribs throughout any phase of any day. However lately, I have had no inclination to go out and experience others. I am also prone to "see through" certain types of phone calls. Like, I am on a dating website, and over the past 48 hours, have received more contact requests than I ever have before in three years. However, I cannot tolerate any of the conversation topics they are presenting. Sex, Sex, Sex.. no Hello, how are you, what are you interested in... I am glad I am staying to myself these past few days.. I guess this is Venus in Pisces? Poor little fishey .. no, poor Venus. There is so much more to life.

  • hmm, the forum bleeped out the three letter word beginning with s.. lolol

  • Yes it is tough, I will remember my crystals. There are people who put a brave front on their lives, well don't we all at some point or another, but it is possible to see right through that. And sometimes I want to go and ask if I can help, but they would look at me really weirdly if I did that. I have my husband really freaked because I feel his emotion from afar a lot of the time.

    Loads of protection required at all times!


  • Paddi,

    Just a moment to pop in, you got it right for sure when you said the veil is thin. At our place the dog is going nuts lately and little one and I cannot rest worth a darn. I'm constantly catching glimpses of movement. Whatever is going on it's definitely affecting those of us who get a good dose of what's going on around us even when it isn't our own to deal with....

  • is it the shadowpeople RC? I know I have been seeing things out of the corner of my eye and when I look nothing is there kinda of freaky

  • Hello

    I am also feeling very sensitive lately. I feel it in my solar plex and often have to bring my focus to the conscious now, as I will be off daydreaming and performing tasks unconsciously. I am trying to protect myself and ground myself often, but I agree the white light don't seem to be enough, with picking up others emotions, any advanced protection ideas? like the sound of crystals, I have a few good ones, including a tiger's eye and blood stone, I do want to get my hands on some Jade though.

    yeah got crystals but they are doing no good sat in my underwear draw lol I must cleanse them and wear them on my person, perhaps this will absorb emotions and help me feel more protected and stable. Thanks

    Shadowpeople? That sounds scary, what are these? I have felt that there are spirits around me , but I pray for protection at this point because I become scared, have I anything to be scared of, I hope not.

    With love and light fellow empaths LL

  • Being an empath sucks!!!!!!! The only way I can get rid of all the emotion is to sit down and cry it out. I refuse to help the police any more. I tell them that they need a psychic detective.

  • The solar flares have been intensifying this as well. I have to take VERY hot showers with epsom salt and sea salt. Wear crystals (usually clear quartz, etc.) do clearing and/or grounding meditations several times a day, burn sage constantly, and have a constant air flow in my living space. Also, candles, lots of white candles. This makes it...bearable.

    but wow, its intense now!

  • haha i love that answer! we often put everyone else first. it gets VERY draining 😞

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Lol Dmick I am with you there, I started a detox two days ago and I am fed up already but they say that is when you should push through.


  • Yeah, everyone is going thru a lot of transformations now.

    This may help.

  • That is how I feel all the time, and why we are drawn together here I suppose:), I have to remember to seperate my emotions from those around me, i have no clue how to truly form a block or something to help me feel what they are feeling without it overwhelming me, I just take it on, and yes thats when it gets frustrating.

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