Libra woman and sag man

  • Does anyone know about libra women and sagittarius men. I've been with a sag for 16 months. I gave him a hard time in the beginning but he kept chasing after me until I finally gave in. I love him dearly and I believe he loves me too. However I wonder if it's just my nature to be suspicious about men or if what I'm feeling is true. He says he's loyal and I haven't seen or heard anything about him and other women but I've been cheated on so many times it makes it hard to trust. Is there anyone out there who knows anything about sag men

  • jeanniej I was married to a sag and he was faithful, his downfall was drugs. My brother is also a sag and he was wanting to play until he got married. I know he lost a job because he was a little too touchy feely with some of the girls on his job. But neither are very good examples. Do you have sag in your natal chart? Does he have Libra in his chart? If so where. I am Libra sun, Taurus moon and Sag ascending. Your ascending sign is the one you show the world. My personality is pretty much Sag but I still have strong Libra too. Most Sag women I have known are different than the men. They are very hard workers and of course opinionated. Straight forth with answers and don't beat around the bush. The men aren't quite as workaholics, and they flurt a lot. Always love the adventure of traveling and that's both signs. I like sag myself and fire and air do well together. I wish you the best. They aren't all like your Sag but don't give up.

  • Well Jeanie it will be what you make of it. You can't assume in this relationship based off past relationships that this man will or has cheated on you, As LibrasLair stated sag's are basically good but as all signs or as people go they all have their weeknesses. My best friend in the world is my grandma and ahe too is a sag. She is a very hard working, honest, blunt to the point and spontaneous, as well as loves to travel. One of the loves of my life is a sag man and I honestly must say he is fun, funny, spontaneous, hard working, and also loves to travel. However, I must honestly say that I am still trying to figure this individual out. Myself, I am an Aquarius, an air sign as well. My mother is a Libra, she is a very hard working woman, however she is dominant, very strong and defensive, very protective. She is ver nice at times and can also be very mean. However, as I stated we all have our positive and negative traits, it's just finding a way to surpass that and delve in with your all and just give love a chance. However, in doing so don't be blinded by love.

  • Thank you so much libraslair, I really don't know what's in my natal chart, where would I find it? Toi, I thank you also and your mom sounds a lot like me. I'm very nice at times but I can also be mean. Usually that's when I feel things are not balanced or fair. Libraslair I'll be waiting for your answer as to where I can find my natal chart, again thanks.

  • jeanniej I think on this site you can have your natal chart done. You need to know your exact time of birth and place as well as the day and you can have it done. You may want to do one on your guy. If your mom can remember the time you were born great. Otherwise you will have to look at your birth certificate. Some place will do it for free. Check under astrology and see if you can have it done on there.

  • Personally, dont hold your insecurities from trusting someone you feel you have a connection with. Be optimistic. If you truly feel that he's cheating or lying to you, then you shouldn't be with him at all. Lift your standards high, Libra. Sag loves to play games, make him chase you, make him prove to you that he really cares for you. Sag will indeed do such things if they care. Despite having such a playboy reputation, Sag is also very loyal if they feel you are "worth it." Libra women can have any Sag wrapped around her finger. Play your game right.

    If you want to lose your Sag man in a flash, please do these things:

    Question his intentions, nag him, be jealous, cling to his side, play all the wrong games, and most importantly be insecure.

    Who really wants to be with someone like that?? NOT ME! I am sure you don't either.

  • Ohhhh that's very good dvv80.!!!!!

  • jeanniej I can relate on the trust thing. I know that no matter how much you love a man if you have been hurt by a few before him your biggest fear can haunt you. I agree that a birth chart could give you more insight. I think it's important for you to know if your mistrust of him is specifically out of fear from your past or if it is your "intuition." I'm not saying he's cheated or is cheating because I wouldn't know but if it's your intuition and not out of fear it's very important to listen to your intuition.

    Men who cheat aren't typically good at hiding it for very long and you can look up "signs of cheating" on the web so if you believe you have "valid" reason to suspect him I suggest confront him on the matter. I dated one sag and broke it off because he cheated but everyone is an individual so it's not fair to suspect or accuse him without good cause. Good luck.

  • Well from my experience with a cheater I was very naive. A Libra trait and there were signs but I didn't have a clue cause I had never caught my taurus in a lie so it just didn't dawn on me that what he said about things I asked wasn't the truth. I did have a light bulb moment tho. I was walking down the driveway to get the mail and I heard a voice say you've never known a taurus who was faithful. I literally turned completely around and said where in the hell did that come from. I told my husband that night what had happened and his answer to me was " oh your just paranoid". No I'm not, I trust you more than anyone in this world. Well down the road I asked him if everything was alright between us and he said no. What a shock. Oh it's not? No I don't love you anymore and I am tired of pretending. I asked if there was another woman and he said no. Well I had to get off the phone. I broke down and then regained control and called him back. I told him he was a liar and that a man doesn't leave unless he has someone to go to. I found out about a month later after I told a girlfriend I think he has a girlfriend in San Antonio. She said how do you know? I don't know how I know, I just do. It was confirmed by his aunt that I was right. I was living in Mo. when he was driving over the road. And he told me to have my son come and get me and take me back to Calif. That was a first. Sometimes we just want to believe the best so bad that we don't see what's right in front of us. But listen to how you feel because there is a reason for it.

  • If you want to lose your Sag man in a flash, please do these things:

    Question his intentions, nag him, be jealous, cling to his side, play all the wrong games, and most importantly be insecure.

    nice saying dVV80 as everyone should know by now, im a sag man, dating a libra woman,

    and i must say that she is doing all these things EXCEPT being clingy, in fact she's even told me that if i wanted i could dating other girls but yes she should be a little jealous, which i already told her that i dont want too, and she does play games i think, and she got pissed when i said that to her lol, i do feel myself drifting away from her mainly because it feels like the whole thing is one sided, and im trying to see her, and invite her to do things, when i know she could have gone too, but says she needs to study for a test that is 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! like 2 weeks isnt long enough to study?

    i can honestly say that "playing hard to get" has drawn me in alot! and ive told her that she is worth it, and still i feel like shes avoiding me cause she likes me so much that it scares her, and it scares me too!! ive never even been in a serious relationship, but i have kinda stopped trying the last week and half. and im kinda waiting for her to show me some interest instead.

    and i dont think she likes that, cause she has been really grumpy lately and doesnt text me that much the last 3 days or even at all unless i text her first. but her survey anwsers on myspace are quite. funny, it asked her how many times she had been "in love"? and she said twice, which she has only had one relationship prior, which then makes me think. but i not taking the bait, which i think kinda got her mad too, cause i ataully jumoed the gun and said that i loved her, and of course was dissapointed, and felt like a moron, so im not willing to feel that way again.

  • Morning Chevelleman71 your are both young. You have your lives ahead of you. Libras's don't like being rushed or pinned in. Let her do her studies as she says is so important to her. Men always want what they think they can't have anyway. And I always say she chased you till you caught her. If that went over your head I am sorry. But just give the invitations and if she doesn't want to go then find someone else to go with. When she gets tired of that you just may see some changes. But live your life don't wrap it up in someone else to make you happy. Only you can do that.

  • chased me until i caught her? hmmm well i can say that i chased her first and foremost, and she really didnt text back that much at first, until we had those really deep conversations, then she was texting me out of the blue during the day, telling me about her score she got on a test, i geuss maybe because she now trusts me? which i worked so hard to get lol. and after the survey thing a few days ago "how many times u been in love" "twice" when shes only had one relationship before. another question was "how do you feel about those person(s) now?

    "well that depends on what one lol 🙂 " she said.

    we've only text a little bit the last few days. we've already had problems with me over thinking about things, and reading into things too much, and jumping to conclusions. which i told her that im done with, and i havent been doing, and maybe she answered like that to make me think, too see if i really did stop thinking. or if that was how she truly feels i dunno. i just wish she would come straight out and say it if how she feels, much like i did before. but then i got shot down, and i dont wanna repeat of it. here's the thing we both unhappy! lol we both had really bad pasts. and maybe that why she trusted me so fast compared to other people. thanks for advice libraslair. as u can see im kinda new at this whole thing but im a fast learner.

  • Just don't get discouraged. This is another one of life's lessons. You have many more ahead of you.

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