Learning tarot - would love a more experienced insight and to swap readings

  • I have been interested in tarot for a long time and have been learning slowly but surely. As I have recently been in a break up which should not have occurred I have been seeking guidance from the cards. Here is my most recent Celtic cross reading on myself and my interpretation - I would love a reading from another more experienced than I and to perhaps read and interpret on them!!

    1. My situation - 7 of wands. I am being challenged and finding the need to take a stance

    2. Opposing factor - page of wands. This is good news, can be via word of mouth. As I have heard my ex partner still wishes to be together this is showing the true root of the break up was as I believed - not due to him or myself but external factors

    3. The core of the problem - four of swords. Can represent rest after a period of strain, the need to rejuvenate. I believe this card is indicative of my partner, who's mother was wearing him down to leave me. The stresss of her and I pulling him in opposite directions was the ultimate cause of our relationship ending and this card solidifies this fact in my mind

    4. The past - two or wands. A partnership moving towards goals and ambitions - my partner and I were buying a home and getting married

    5. The immediate future - five of swords. Dishonour, defeat, loss, untruthful ness - a warning card. This makes me quite wary and I am unsure of its significance

    6 Close future - strength. Feminine qualities - patience, diplomacy and courage will achieve desired results. Also can be women's charms to which men succumb. Perhaps my patience with my partner will mean his safe return to me? Woul love clarification!!

    7. Fears - queen of cups. Very very unsure. My partner and I split over his mother but the queen of cups does not reflect her at all

    8. Other peoples view - temperance. A perfect union, healing. Not one person believes we are apart as most took our relationship as perfect and still do.

    9. Hopes and wishes - the hierophant. A trusted person, or traditional values and ethics. Perhaps my desire for marriage?

    10. The outcome - nine of wands. Energy feels as if it has been spent, but a triumphant victory awaits. Finally winning over the horrendous mother in law?

    Would love your opinion on my interpretation , and any others willing to give me a reading would be appreciated.

    Love & light 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks, I have been following the course. Just wondering if I could get a more enxperienced interpretabtion

  • Im learning, ill give it a go if you'd like,, sometime later today?

  • That would be amazing thank you!!!

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