Tarot readings

  • I had a tarot reading yesterday and I was told that I have a negative energy around me. I do have some positives but they seem to be overshadowed by this negative energy I am harboring. She thinks that she can help me work thru this with meditation, prayer and other methods. Has anyone else had this experience and what can you tell me about it?

  • When she offered to "help you through this" was there a fee involved and multiple sessions that would be required??? Classic scam artist tactic...run in the opposite direction.

  • So you think it is a scam? She was so accurate with everything she said and it was specific.

  • Can you help me, what should I do?

  • Tinybelle,

    Unfortunately, there are people out there who may be psychic or intuitive, but who use their gifts in negative ways - simply for their own gain. It is not necessarily evil for a person to charge for their services, but if this person filled you with fear and then urged you to take action based on that fear - especially action that involved the further exchange of money from you to her - then this person is NOT trustworthy.

    So for starters just take a deep breath and allow that fear to dissolve. You are safe. If you have a question or situation in which you need guidance, please tell me what it is and I will do a reading for you.



  • Please also remember that your true power and strength is your spiritual power and this lies WITHIN you. It is a resource that will never dry up or be unaccessable to you. You do not need this given to you by another. The negative energy was hers.

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