2012 whats to come

  • Hi i'm woundering about the new year and what it holds for me. I was curious if anyone would be as so kind as to read me about what things are to come? I'm 26 this year and i live in Illinois. I'm trying to find a place to live with my mother and brother. Does this seem like it will happen anytime soon? We are all in places where we need to get out of.

    Thank you for your precious time.


  • SAW, I feel like finding this new place will take a joint effort between you, your brother and your mother for it to happen. But are you doing all the work because I feel like one or two of the others are not helping or are not as enthusiastic about the change. They have to pull their weight too or it won't happen. I feel your mother esepcially may have some misgivings or fears that she may not have confided. When one person is pulling on way but the other people are pulling the other way, the result is no forward movement or even backwards motion. You three must all get on board and push in the same direction..

  • Thank you captain. I'm feeling more confident recently about this move. Ive talked alot with my mom and she seems to be ready.

    Is there any exciting things you see for me that are going to happen in 2012? I hope i am not asking to much. Will i get pregnant this year?

    Thanks in Advance!


  • I should also explain something. I have been having dreams about being pregnant, that is why i ask about the being pregnant.

  • Dreaming about pregnancy is a general desire to be creative. Getting pregnant is one way but you should explore all your creative options, like creating a business, a work of art or craft, writing, designing, etc.

    If you want exciting things to happen to you, create them! They don't happen at random. Decide what sort of goals you want to achieve this year and put into place the ideas and plans that will bring it all to you. Dream big!

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