Taurus or Capricorn Man? Need a reading

  • I had to start a new topic because I mixed up the sun signs...Here we go again:

    Taurus man: 5/3/82

    Cap: 1/7/83

    Me: 7/11/80

    I'm back and in need of some insight. A lot has happened but, then some things remain the same. I've listened to Watergirl's advice and though I seem to attract men - something always seems to go awry. I'm quite stronger with handling these emotional turbulence but, would like to know whether I should let these two men go or find someone more deserving of me. There's no sense of urgency on my part. I don't dare to do that anymore. Things did move fast with both men only because of the intensity. I've been going to a counselor to help me see things clearly and to sort out issues within myself. I think I'm at the place where I can see the early red flags and walk away but, I'm still curious about these two men. Gemini man is great and really helped me to open up emotionally. I feel a special connection with him. However, he retreated because he's going through some serious personal issues and resolved to clear his head. So I wonder if he'll come back or are we better off as friends? Cap man is a mystery. It's hard to tell what he's thinking. And I'm not exactly happy with his disappearing acts. It's sad that the last man I was with gave me trust issues and so I feel I cannot trust this Cap man. Sorry for the long post but, I would love to know whether these men will be part of my life. I hope Watergirl or The Captain is reading this 🙂

    thank you!

  • *please replace Gemini man with Taurus man. I'm a scatter brain today 😞

  • You said it! You attract what you carry. Relationships relfelct your inner self. No astro sign makes a difference, its your willingness, ableness and resonance that effects your ability to draw a mature long term union. A good way to tell is if you are needing to ask for help alot about your relationships. When you are ready for a mature union and he is 'the one', you will 'know' and you will not be asking for help in the relationship and trying to project into the future along with ignoring the 'now'. 🙂

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