Can someone do a reading for me? Astra perhaps?

  • Boyfriend is unhappy and possible depressed, I want to know how he is feeling and where I fit in all of it and what I can do?

    Is there someone else in this life maybe?

  • Hi notelling

    Okay, let's take a look. Brace yourself this reading is going to have a powerful affect on your life so if you aren't prepared for some big changes, stop reading now.

    In this reading you are the Page of Cups.

    Three questions.

    1. How is your boyfriend feeling? Five of Swords + Knight of Cups. Confused. Blocked about something, he has a spiritual calling on his life and is wrestling with that. His life experiences have not matched up with that he has been expecting, resulting in the feelings of confusion and uncertainty and that can lead to depression. However he really loves you and cares about you in the midst of all this, it's just these other areas of his life are not making sense. You need to tell him all will work out don't worry. Just keep telling him that in spite of how hopeless it looks, all with work out.

    2. Where you fit in with "all of it"? Eight of Pentacles + Ten of Pentacles - You play a strong material role in his life somehow. Either you are helping him materially, or there is a spiritual pentacles connection from you to him. He is anchored to you materially. I also saw the Nine Pentacles here. I think you are providing him material stability. You two share some sort of agreement.

    3. What can you do? Two of Pentacles + Nine of Pentacles - Have you two thought about moving somewhere together? You have a good anchor in material and he is on some kind of spiritual path that has his life reeling. I change of scenery would be great and you should do this together. You should have a talk with him about dreaming of a life together, somewhere else. That will give you a focus and you can begin to harmonize better, discovering all the wonderful ways you fit together. The two of you go to Barnes and Noble and browse the travel section and decide where you want to move to - together. No commitments, just move.

    4. Is there someone else in this life maybe - Seven of Cups + Nine Wands + Two of Cups - "another" is not revealed at this time. This card shows you really wondering about that though. It also shows the situation in a very powerful position in spite of the pain, You need to channel more dream energy toward imagining a lovely new life with this man. Then you will spark something in his heart, and other pieces will then fall into place for him, and you two will have a really sweet and beautiful life together. Somewhere else than where you are currently at.

    I hope that gives you something to consider. I get a lot of Pentacles with you two so you do share a deep connection and it looks to me that you both are intended to be VERY successful together.

    love and light,


  • Astra, thank you so so much. You have no idea how much I needed this reading. I really appreciate it. Bless you.

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