The meaning of 7 in your birthdate...

  • Just curious...I have three 7's in my birthdate and my birth hour is 7:21 significant is this and what does it mean....any thoughts?! Thanks!!!

  • I too have three "7"s in my birthdate as well as being born at 8:27pm. The total birthdate number ( mine adds to 1 ) being the most significant to your birth path, and the day of birth being next (mine is 8, added from 17th), individual numbers have little signifigance. Althought 7 is a touchstone for the pathways of spirituality and practicality. Without the power of seven to ground and set limits we can be at the whim of inspiration and intuition leading to fantasy-ism and unrealism. Antelope

  • Thanks so birth path number is a 3 and my day of birth is 7....I just see so many 7's in my life....I just kind of wondered what it meant...thank you 🙂

  • Positive ,specialist technological, inventive,meditative,thoughtful,skillful, charming and intelligent.

    Negative suspicious, repressive, unreasonable,overonalyicol, argumentative, independent, and cynical. the number 7 is ruled by Neptune.These People often have a love of travel and the sea.Rarely interested in every day material things, they often have an otherworldly , philosophical, or spiritual outlook .Often highly intuitive-even clairvoyant- they may exert a magnetic influence over others, but may also a tendency to become too introverted. I think you have to use your name and birth to get your personal number, Luana

  • Thanks Luana! I kind of see those traits in myself to an extent....especially loving the water!!!!

  • I also have a lot of 7's in my birthdate! Mine is 7-7-1973!

    I also weighed 7 lbs and 7 ozs.. And I was born at 12:48am

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