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  • hello, I have just signed in - Im very troubled and an asking for prayers and guidance as my ex-husband won't let me see my 12 year old son he has turned him against me because I left him after a violent marriage, I have been to court to get him back and my ex-husband told my son to say he wants to live with him. He won't let my daughter see her brother we have no contact and no one is helping because they say 'It's my son's decision to live with his father'..........I have a last court hearing to attend PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT THiNGS GO IN MY FAVOUR AND i can have agreed contact with my son.............I feel I have done everything to fight to get him back, but nothing is going right for me.

  • Twinklelibra, do you have any evidence you can show the judge to prove your husband is a violent man? That would sway the verdict in your favour. And are you absolutely sure your son doesn't want to be with his father - I am feeling a part of him does, because he doesn't know the full extent of what his dad is really like.

  • Dear Twinklelibra,

    This is so hard what you are going through. And a child entering puberty has challenges of his be caught up between your ex and you.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and I beg you to trust the Universe to do what is right. If it takes longer than you think it will have it reasons why yet I beg you not to loose faith.


  • I am so sorry. I am. Violence against women and children is so hard to prove sometimes. I say pray/ Pray for your son to be strong and tell the truth and for the truth to come out. I have been there. I will be praying for you. I will.

  • hi THe son has said he wants to see both parents, and he has always been close with his dad, there are police reports for his dad being violent but because my son is 12 yrs old the courts have gone with what he wants, is dad won't let us she him and its his birthday today.......

  • I'm sure the court will allow you visitation rights to your son. They can only withhold these rights if you had something bad in your background that would make you appear unfit to see him.

  • I hope so, please say a prayer for me.

  • You don't need prayer - you just need to fight for what you want. I know Librans love harmony and hate conflict, but sometimes you have to make a stand for those you love.

  • In this situation you are entitled to see your child. Sometimes the court may appoint a legal guardian to a case. the child can be deemed old enough to make choices for himself. When he is 16, he can stay where he wants. The courts will consider who can provide the best for the child. For a court to not grant any visitation rights that would have to be a reflection of poor health, behavior and accountabiltiy. The best thing for you to do is to remain rational, clear and assertive when in court. I am a Libra and love conflict becasue you can use tact and diplomacy and you must face conflicts with good discretion in order to get them resolved. We must no avoid conflicts. Conflicts are a great way to grow courage and develope yourself into a greater person while developing your worth.

  • As far as the police reports go; who else is involved with the violent actions? If you hold the reports, I take it you were involved? This may not work in your favor but only to show how both of you together has casued domkestic violence. (you in the picture) If the violence has been acted upon involving other parties without you involved (past history) then it may work in your favor.

  • hi Acceptance faith - my ex was violent towards me and I would contact police, since we split up he has been following me and I reported it to the police and he was arrested then let of......

  • hi The Captain.........I've been fighting to see my son for eleven months now and feel I've got nowhere, and am feeling so tired and drained of trying everything possible by involving CAFCAS I have always hit a brick wall, just don't know what else I can do.......??

  • You cannot give up the fight - it is your loved one you are fighting for, not just yourself. See it through to the end and don't give up hope. This year is a special year when many people who have previously acted badly, yet still have gotten what they wanted, will see a severe turnaround in their fortunes.

  • I know you know not to give up. You already set your intentions to persevere. I think that the projecting the worst of an outcome is coming from focusing on past results. Let that go. You will get to move foward in your relationship with your son. It is cause and effect, what you will attain from this will be based of your causes. You will reunite. Your pure intentions have already set the manifestation in motion.

  • Thankyou for your kind words its giving me strength to focus on my son and I hope I will be spending more time with my son. I will keep you informed of the outcome in court as it's the last court date.

  • Visualize it! You and your Son in harmony..........and say Divine acceptance:)

  • Hi AcceptanceFaith I will do that, many thanks.

  • Hi Acceptance Faith, I didn't realise you have stopped the readings and I'm sorry for asking for a reading after you stated you were only doing three.....didn't read the pages properly, Sorry once again. But would like to say that I greatly appreciate the advise and guidance that you gave me.

  • You are supported here and will always be listened to, Twinklelibra, whenever you need it.

  • I did do one for you Linra:)

    I meant for the others posting after I had already done 8.

    Pattifluff came in and was just trying to be supportive to me.

    I feel that I should not carry activity with this site anymore. I really feel dark energy and violation, like psychic intrusion here. I am going to ask my angel to send me protection. I came on here with such love to give but after Pattiefluff reading (she intruded and went in when she was not given permission) The reading was dark and did not resonate. I think thats why I feel this way. I feel such dark weight and negetive. It usually does not effect me in this way.

    I have gone onto another site before psychic access and it seems more like live and feels brighter. I will stoick with the chat forums on there.

    I wish you the best.

    I tried this site and thought it was going to be something that meshed but I guess not.

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