In need of Practice with Tarot Cards.

  • Hi EIAI, thanks for your reading. what you had to say is true. i have been trying to adjust myself in this relationship and at the same time, im not stopping being myself. he appreciates it. he told me some painful moment of his past relationship. i could tell it hurt him a lot. i dont think he's totally open to me or trying to accept me. but its okay.. i understand it. it takes time.

    at this point, im wondering how he really thinks of me as a gf? thanks!

  • Nency,

    Card One is the Past:


    An easy opportunity filled with music and joy.

    Card Two is the Present: First Quarter Moon in Fire


    Urge to push things to gain advantage

    Card Three is the Future:


    Compromise, peace, a difference of opinion will finally have a compromise.

    Card Four is the Advice of the Goddess:


    Loss of something valuable. Having to be mature in order to fix things. Eventually things will return to normal, but never the same.

    Did one of you cheat? Or did you guys break up for a little while? Your relationship went through a hard time that changed how the both of you view each other. The relationship is patched up, but it's not the same, and there's a lot of regret. Right now, I think your lover feels as if she's trying everything not to lose you to someone else. If you really want this relationship to work, you both will need to talk out what is really bothering each other. Things will never be the same and you both will need to accept it and move on with your lives if you want to continue to be together.

  • DDTT,

    I think he's projecting a lot of his hurt on you. He's afraid to give his heart again, but he knows you've been gone through the same. Yet, I think he might be asking the same question as you are. For me I feel he is asking "Why is she with me? Is she just trying to play me? To keep up an appearance?" But I think he's hopeful too. I think he really wants your relationship to work even though he's afraid.

  • hi again, im blown away by your words. so true... i feel the same from him.. he's very successful outside but i know he's insecure inside altho he never agreed with my words.. i know some of the pain he went through but i dont know enough.. not sure what else his ex did to me besides the horrible thing i know... i guess i will continue doing good to him, and hopefully our relationship can reach a high level sometime soon..

    i really appreciate your reading, EIAI. you did a wonderful job. thanks for your insight! hope everything is good in your world!

  • BTW EIAI, do you mind doing a reading on my job too? i graduated with an accounting degree last Nov and has been looking for a job ever since. things r not going so good. i did tarot reading on this before, and all the readers said the same thing that i will get the job with my dream company... but so far, nothing happens yet.. im getting so frustrated.. i really wnana start working ASAP. its not just about making my own money, its more of establishing self-confidence and keeping myself occupied... so how long do i have to wait to get this job?? what should i know abt this job? thanks!!

  • Hi EIAI,

    Would love a reading very much and Thank you!

    I have been looking for a job and but am totally out of direction and alittle disheartened, could you shed some light on this? Will I get a good job and when? I have been a teacher aide and home health aide,do I choose one or something else?

    Also, need a definite yes or no on this my boyfriend communicating and/or sending money to his ex-wife, does he have any feelings like getting back together and will she EVER be out of the picture?

    Also, is the female neighbor of my BF still coming to him for s*x ? Are there any feelings there for her either? And is he the good guy I think he is?

    Please do not worry about hurting my feelings I just need the truth once and for all,so I can then decide what to do.

    Bless you!


  • Hi ElAl,

    If you're able to, I would really appreciate a reading on the relationship potential betwen myself and a man I was dating. Things were great for a few months, then went cold for the next few months. And he sends mixed signals every now and again in between periods of total silence. I just asked him out 2 days ago and he didn't respond. Not sure if that is rejection or if he's still considering. Just want to know what he thinks of me and if (and how) we can break through this impasse and try for a relationship. Is it his past hurts that are holding him back or he's just not that into me anymore?


  • none of us cheat nor something bad happend, that's why i dont know what did i do ;(

  • Hi EIAI,

    Thanks for your response to past message.

    I need some clarity on relationship. So here is some background.

    Its a long distance relationship. We have been together for a year on Feb 22. Things have been great..we've had a couple challenges to deal with but I think for the most part its been awesome.

    I am going to London on Tuesday to see him but am having to stay at my brothers. Even thought he had the weekend to look over my travel dates etc. He waited until I bought the ticket to then tell me we need to rethink my visit. Which wasnt possible. He is having to deal through court with some finanical matters with the ex wife and his sister maybe coming for a visit at about the same time. Hence my decision to say at my brothers and not be a burden...coz thats how I felt after the phone call. Problem is have not heard from him since last friday. We always communicate, even it has not been the greatest these past couple of months(atleast the texts from his end have dwindled). When we speak on the phone it good.

    Texted him today to see how he was and told him i'd call later in the day and when I did his phone was off. Ended up leaving message saying I was concerned I hadn't heard from him and was worried he was sick or maybe he's stressed out with the ex or even me, as am getting nervous that i have heard nothing from him in a week.

    Please if you could do a reading on relationship and up coming trip would be great.

    My birthday is Aug 14 1970 anf his is June 22 1972.

    Thanks so much again.

  • DDTT,

    From what the cards show, you're going to have to wait until you find the job of your dreams. By which I mean a job you will love. I got the Bouquet card and it shows that the job you will end up with will be one you will like, but it's going to take time in coming. My guess is between Late June and Mid July.

    Well, this job might be a challenge at first, but the more you get settled in the more you can overcome the obstacles that will present themselves to you. There might be people you may not like or who you disagree with a lot, but you're going to have to end up making peace and compromise to continue working there comfortably.

  • Nency,

    I really think you need to talk to her even further. What I'm afraid is that she's projecting something on to you. She cares much about you, but I got the Two paths card telling me she goes through emotional changes frequently. She's a passionate person, but perhaps too passionate that she tries to guard what's precious to much with all her might. She's doing more harm to herself and others.

    Your relationship is deeply in trouble if she does not trust you. If you have not given her a reason of distrust, then confront her and open her eyes.

  • Sahara,

    He is not in a good place right now. With you, I think he feels he's trying his best to live up to his duties towards you, but there's much he needs to care for at the moment. He is in a constant battle right, and it's taking his toll. Again, I got Economy so it's pretty much money problems that he's dealing with.

    As for this trip, I got the Isolation and Fall card telling me you feel you've made a mistake. You're not be looked after by him. Still the Stability card shows a good outcome. What is the saying? "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?" The Goddess card Artemis tells that you should play it cool for now. Don't be impatient with him, but instead keep a cool head and have a sophisticated approach with him. If he can't be with you on this trip the entire time, well here's your chance to go a nice spa or a cafe to enjoy yourself.

    Just, you know, don't do something too reckless or excessive.

  • thank you 🙂 , i mean im keep telling her, but she always has that fear that everyone will leave her and i also, and i do know how to make her sure in me thank you again

  • hi IEAI

    can you please read for me too ?

    i want to know how my life will be for the next 3 months ? do you see something new/interesting coming my way in these next months ?

    thank you so much !

  • earthgirl,

    I had written your reading before, but for some reason it didn’t go through, so I’m just going to give you what I can remember from the reading as I had already reshuffled the deck when I submitted your post.

    You have the potential to get a job that you like, but it all depends on you drive and effort. The Goddess card Hecate shows that your stuck in one place with fear. You’re afraid of something being revealed and you don’t want to change anything because of it. If you keep things this way, you will never reach success. The dates February 25-29 have the potential to bring news with regards to work should you take the initiative.

    The cards showed that you a teaching path would benefit you since you naturally connect to students and get along great with them. The Musician card showed you having an easier time here and that perhaps you would probably incorporate music or teach music.

    The other career options were not so positive.

    With regards to your boyfriend, he still has open communication with ex and with his neighbor. He is not giving money to his ex, but he is willing to should she need it. . I didn’t get the sense that he was having sex with his neighbor, but they shared a lot of the same ideas and had much in common. A lot of the cards showed that he was having a hard time choosing from among you

  • Danceur,

    The cards that show him in this relationship are very negative. For him I got Isolation, showing that he doesn’t have an emotional tie anymore. For you, I think you feel as if you made a mistake or did something wrong to him.

    What does he think of you? He doesn’t have any hope to be with you. The disillusion card shows that he now feels things are at an end. He has a lot of water cards, so I’m thinking if he doesn’t feel passionate about being with someone, he will not pursue them. He wants to move on.

    For you, I think you need to stay positive and confident. If this man does not want to talk to you than do not beg him. Things will get better for you as I got the Promotion card for your outcome. A light will enter you life that will fill you with enthusiasm and new ideas to explore.

  • Ilikecolors,


    For the next three months, you will need to be careful you do not get ahead of yourself. The Goddess card Artemis, she also symbolizes the month of April, advices you to keep a cool head as you will want to play and act recklessly. Things will not be under your control so a little more care is needed on your part to make sure you don’t get into accidents. Yes, things will slow down and almost feel boring, that you will feel like escaping and having a grand adventure, but for this while, nothing amazing will happen. The spring might bring better chances for you to spread your wings and fly. All those ideas or visions you had during that time of rest can finally be put into action.

  • EIAI,

    Thank you so much! I wish I had been able to get the original posting too.

    I think the fear is because of my BF right? I really thought I had found the one.....we were going to get married.....he will not admit to any contact with either so I don't know what to do. I do know I must be the laughing stock of the neighbor hood, I live on one block and she lives on the other. He lives between us but alittle closer to her.

    The ex lives in Ga for now. So who is he going to pick and what is he waiting on? I was afraid of all this being revealed because I do love him but this is nuts! I always thought that if his ex were here he would be with her.

    He has been hinting I think about a ring but why? Is this just something to show for him so I won't think other things?

    Also just found this out is he into teenage girls and did he have *** with his ex-wife"s daughter Cathy about 10-12 years ago?( She would have been a teenager at that time)

    You know I must be nuts! When I read this, I think he's nuts but I must be the one. Do you see someone in my future that will love me only and not be nuts? And if so when? I 'm getting the feeling that I'm not supposed to be with my BF anymore am I right?

    Also, the job on Feb 25-29 will that be a school? I have been applying here where I live but should I apply in another county next to me? (Not country but county)

    The people I was working for were private and it is a sister and brother, the brother wanted to date me, should I have or still at some point?

    Thank you for being honest and your time.


  • thank you IEAI for this reading . i was already sensing this kind of reading coming my way !!

    can you tell if i would be reckless in terms of my current relationship or something else in my life ? actually i want to know how do you see this relationship trending in next 3-6 months ? what will be the outcome of this situation i have with him ? any advice for me so i could head in right direction ?

    thank you so much for your time !

  • Hi EIAI, thanks for the reading abt my job... i hope i dont have to wait that long ;(

    another request please.. if u have time.. i wanna know about my health this yr. i was okay last yr. but i was very stressed with my heath issue in 2010 and 2009... im wondering how about this yr? will things go wrong again? thanks in advance!

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