In need of Practice with Tarot Cards.

  • Hello!

    I was wondering if you were still doing readings for others to practice because i would love one if you can do this for me it would be great if not thats ok 🙂 If you would like a reading i could do that for you as well.

    In the last few tarot readings i have been told not to trust someone and id just like some insight on who and why i shouldnt trust this person. And just advice on how to go about the situation!... Thanks i look forward to hearing back from you.

  • jlinaangel,

    It's good to hear that you have a very open mind. I only hope that you don't have to sacrifice any more of your sanity and happiness for a job.

    You did good either way, and I'm sure you will be amply compensated by the cosmos later!

    Best of luck!


    We've met before, remember? We exchanged a reading there too!

    But I will gladly do another exchange since I do have a question now.

    I'll post on the new topic exchange you made.

    See you there!

  • Hello!

    I am a new member, just getting my interest back to the Tarot after many years away. Something has pulled me back to take the cards out of the closet and start using them again. I found this forum and yours was the first post I read. I would love it if you are still practicing and could give me a reading. I have been unemployed for the first time in my life and with the way things are, have very little confidence in finding a suitable job in the near future. My quesiton for the cards is I'm trying to decide if it would be worth my while to invest in my future though schooling for a new trade?

    Thank you in advance and also, I understand if you've done enough readings.



  • Hello Patricia,

    Welcome and thank you for coming here! I will gladly give you a reading!

    I am glad to hear that you're not taking your losing of your job all too bad. There is a glimmer of hope in you!

    Card One is the Nature of the Question: Balsamic Moon in Fire


    A sense of storing and planning for the future. Long-term plans.

    Card Two is the Past: Full Moon in Water


    Feeling of security. Everything was going great at one point.

    Card Three is the Present:


    Acting out of character. Having new ideas that feel like they must be heard.

    Card Four is the Future: Crescent Moon in Air


    A new beginning. Busy time when what was being planned and thought up is now being put to practice/use.

    Card Five is the Advice of the Goddess:


    The Goddess Hera tells that you're not liking your current situation, but perhaps allowing thing to run their course on their own is the best action for now.

    The cards do show good in trying to go back to school. Something will grow out of it, I think it'll be inspiration and new exciting ways to make money.

    Although, I get that the Goddess card Hera, is telling you not to go too fast or to completely change things. I'm thinking that more disruptions and more things added to your plate are not encouraged. From Hera I get the feeling that your family or home life is affected now.

    Do you have an idea of what you will study? If the cards are of any indication you're doing good by planning things out for now.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you so much for the quick response. The reading seems to follow my inner feelings. After many years in an office setting, I'm leaning towards a specialized medical office setting. There seem to be many more medical offices in my area than anything else. I also think there is more job security in this setting. The past card was a feeling of security. This is especially true, I never felt my job was insecure. I felt I was a strong employee and was shocked when they eliminated my possition. I have spent alot of time thinking about taking specific classes that might help get me in the door to a new career, but was very close to signing up for more than I could handle. Your reading will help me narrow that down and not go to fast in order that I might fail at what I am trying to accomplish. I've come back to the Tarot for some well needed guidence.

    Thank you so much. You are a interpreter!

  • I'm glad that the cards were confirming what you were feeling.

    There are so many people in this forum if you need help with more guidance concerning your cards or your life.

    I myself started here a few weeks ago, so I'm still getting used to things.

    Thank you, again, and I hope things turn out fantastic for you in your life.

  • Hi EIAI, if you're still in the mood for more practice - could I ask you to pull some cards about that other man from my past again? I have been working hard at letting go of him, and have actually felt like I've made a little progress the past couple of days, but then today, I saw his model of car twice on my way to work this morning (it's kind of a rare-ish, older car that I don't often see). I felt like spirit was having a little fun at my expense and laughed, but I did wonder if their was any real significance to this, or merely chance. So, I guess my question regarding this is: is it truly in everyone's best interest for me to completely let go and sever the cords of our connection? Or is their still something yet to come that we'll need to remain in contact for? I really want to do what is best for everyone.

    Thank you!

  • Hello EIAI, if you're still up for practice. I would appreciate your reading.

    I want to find out about my relationship but also about my finanical situation..will I find work where should I move to Dubai or Sierra Leone...or should I go into business with my Girl friend.

    My birthdate is August 14 1970, my BF June 22 1972. And potential business partner July 6 1970.


  • Hi EIAI,

    I would love a reading too.My question is "Will i become financially independent in future?".My DOB 01 April 1982,Female.

  • Firehorsecrab,

    Practice or not, I will gladly give you a reading whenever you need one!

    Card One is the Past:


    An easy phase filled with music, laughter and joy.

    Card Two is Present: Last Quarter in Fire


    Dissatisfaction with how things are turning out. Not accepting something for what it is.

    Card Three is the Future: Crescent Moon in Fire


    Excitement. Optimism and enthusiasm will set things in motion for any of your hopes and fantasies.

    Card Four is the Effects of the Past: Last Quarter Moon in Water


    Loss of control. Hidden emotions.

    Card Five is the Circumstances of the Present: Gibbous Moon in Air


    Feeling better after revealing what was hidden. Ideas and imagination are more vivid.

    Card Six is the Future Outcome: First Quarter Moon in Air


    Fitting your thoughts to what you think others will accept

    Card Seven is the Advice of the Goddess:


    Be firm and take strong positive action to achieve your aims. Fighting with all your might, but still needing help.

    I feel like you're at a balance. On the one hand, you seem to be putting your whole self on trying to keep yourself from going back to him, but on the other hand, he's still on your head placing doubts. So any "sign" of him and you're willing to tip over!

    I feel that you're going to be this way for a while. Help from me or others, you're still going to have thoughts about him. Ishtar the Goddess wants you be strong. Whatever you choose, do it without regret and have acceptance. Nothing is going to be easy let me tell you.

    I see that there is an internal fight. Do you have much confidence in yourself to let him go? I only see right now your mind getting excited about him. Is it that you're hoping that he will return? If you want to let go of him, I think you first need closure. Simply going cold turkey seems to be failing. Perhaps a conversation will help. Here your true will is going to be tested, but first you have to really make up your mind of what you want.

  • Sahara,

    Heh... Your post is confusing. Let's see what the cards have to say!

    With Concerns to your relationship: The present card Economy shows that money may be taking a toll on your relationship with your lover. Your relationship is still growing and it has much potential for happiness as shown with the Reputation card. Maybe it's that you both have fallen into a rut because of your finances, but you both should find ways to better appreciate each other and renew your commitment.

    With concerns to your financial situation:

    Your current situation right now shows me that perhaps you're waiting for divine intervention to find a job with the Sleeper card showing up. Are you waiting for your calling with regards to work? Well, you might get it in the future, but the thing is it's going to come with certain conditions that you will gladly overlook. This will be a problem as shown with the Precipice card showing that you're going to make a reckless mistake that will be hard to rectify later.

    Will you find work? That circumstance depends on who you know and how well they may like you. The Duel card shows that you're looking and probably competing, but the outcome card shows that how well you network with potential employers will help you in finding a job.

    Where you should move: Dubai shows that for now you will get noticed more as your reputation is good. For the outcome though, I got the Guru card showing that you might go through some trouble. Possible drug related or emotional problems that you won't be able to handle.

    Sierra Leone shows a bit more potential for an outcome. I think that perhaps you have some fears from this place, but in the long run there will be a lot of excitement and projects coming from here that will begin.

    With your friend the cards show that you certainly want to help her. This is good karma and should you decide to you will build confidence, reliance and a stable footing for your career. The outcome card Confidence shows fruitful growth of excitement and joy.

    Hope it helps.

  • Wow... you are really amazing EIAI! It's just exactly how it was and how it continues to be... I want to be strong and decisive, my head WANTS to let him go and be free very, very much... but yet he remains in my head/heart... and so much time has passed. I thought for sure I would have stopped thinking of him by now... though, I must say, I am hugely grateful that the pain is gone.... other than the confusion and distraction of my heart/mind continuing to dwell on him - it does shake my confidence in myself though and my ability to steer my own course in life. Who is this person to me? and why do I care so long?... my head understands that he wasn't even a good match for me - we both kinda drove each other crazy with our differences. It's mystifying. That's why I keep looking for wisdom from you and cards and other intuitives through the years... I'd so love to understand why I'm captive to this thing, and how, if possible, I can free myself. Your reading gives me a direction. I will continue to be strong like Ishtar says. I don't think a conversation with him is possible - he is very guarded with anything he feels or thinks, and I can never get a real answer from him, so I've learned my lesson and will not try to communicate anymore. That's some kind of strength or wisdom, right?

    Thank you SO much!!! You've helped me very much. I hope your mom is continuing to do better... : )

  • Hi EIAI, if u have time, i would like a reading from you.. about my current relationship. me and my bf we both came from a painful relationship. he's a very successful man. i have been dating him for more than one month... things go well, but i dont have this spark with him. im not saying hes not a good catch.. i just dont think our relationship is exciting.. its kinda boring.. we dont do much together.. i do like him a lot and wanna continue knowing him better.. do hope he's the one... well, but im not sure.. so can you please tell me more about my relationship ? much appreciated. thanks in advance.

  • Sometimes, all we need is one connection, one link, to keep us bonded to someone for life. That time you told me you both shared your love of music, I think that's it. That moment in time ingrained itself in your heart and mind. Like that car you said was so rare, that connection that brought you together was rare. Even if everything else is horrible!

    I think, for now, this time apart is the best you can have to try and forget.

    And thank you!

  • can i please get reading for my relationship?i'm virgo, she is libra

    in general, she is like constant afraid of losing me idk, i feel like i cant make her happy

  • I think you're exactly right. There are countless stories of people who miss people from their past for their entire life, and yet it doesn't stop them from living and enjoying all of the people and experiences they have in the now(s) of their life. I believe I can live with that if that will be my path. I will still hope for a release from this feeling of longing/grief. But if I'm not successful, I'm not afraid of it. And yes, the music was amazing! and taught me to make sure to find a way to keep music in my life, no matter what. It's lifeblood to me.

    Thank you so!

  • Best of luck firehorsecrab!

    I'll be here if you ever need another reading.

  • Thank you!!

  • si12,

    Card One Represents the Past:


    Seeking escape; possible betrayal

    Card Two Represents the Present:


    Helping others; being able to empathize and sympathize with the problems of others.

    Card Three Represents the Future: Crescent Moon in Water


    A particular emotion felt in the future will grow as time passes. New friendships, but still protective.

    Card Four is the Advice of the Goddess:


    Be strong and firm in your actions. Fight for what you want.

    If you're fighting with all your might, good because you will eventually get a job that will be suitable. Ishtar is very supportive of you if you really want to have independence. If you're not getting what you want, it's simply perhaps that life is trying to slow your pace and you need to go with the flow in a way. Still, there is a lot you can do and as your present card shows, if you're out helping people than help will be faster in arriving to you. This helps your reputation and perhaps gets you in a position where you can have a friend you've helped hook you up with a job. Be strong!

  • DDTT,

    Card One Represents the Past:


    Protecting oneself. On high defense

    Card Two Represents the Present: Balsamic Moon in Air


    Adjusting ideas to new circumstances.

    Card Three is the Future: Gibbous Moon in Air


    Bringing things out into the open. Placing your cards on the table.

    Card Four is the Advice of the Goddess:


    Honesty and integrity will get the rewards they deserve.

    I think it's suitable that you both are taking your time in growing your relationship, and you for trying to adjust to him (although you don't have to). In the long run, this relationship may not be all excitement and hot-passion, but it's worth more because this relationship has the potential to grow and letting your both mature. Of course, you need some passion, but maybe it'll take a little bit more time and getting to know each other on a deeper level to finally live that passion. I like the outcome card as it shows that there's still growth and hope for the future.

    As a successful man, he may be putting his career first, especially if he hasn't had good experiences with love.

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