In need of Practice with Tarot Cards.

  • Thank You EIAI,

    Blessings !!

  • Thank you, EIAI... it's true - I am married to the sweetest, kindest man in the world - and I LOVE him so much. Yet, against my better judgement I do love this other man also. We have separated to make life easier for both of us. He is married and loves his wife too. My head wants to just leave him behind and not think about him or love him any longer - I keep wishing to just sever our cords and move on separately - completely. But, so far I haven't completely succeeded at this - though my head and heart are MUCH clearer than when we were in frequent contact. I want to do the right thing - for myself and for everyone. I will work hard toward that end - I was just wanting to see what you see in the cards for the future for me, regarding him. You really are amazingly gifted. Thank you SOOOO much for insights into these situations in my life. I am deeply grateful.

  • Dear EIAI,

    Very good! Yes i have to adapt to what i left in the past. I finally moved on from my ex BF and im open to start dating. I recently started working as a nurse and need to invest in a new car and get my my own appartment. Very nice to hear from you that the sun will continue to shine on me. It wasnt like this before, at all! Mega happy face!!!!!!!

    Thank you so very much

  • Dear EIAI

    You're pretty much right about everything I think. From him, to us and my education and even his sister. You have confirmed everything I have been feeling and thinking.

    I thank you for your reading.

    I have another question if you don't mind. Can you see Why hemmihht be so angry?

    Thank you so so much.

  • Hi,

    if you have time i would like to have a reading as well.

    my question is what does the future hold between this guy I am interested in and I?


  • Dear EIAI,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I will continue to try and determine a path as stuck seems to be of my own doing. I believe I have more motivation in life than work but rather fear giving work up as I don't have anything as yet that would serve myself and others as well.

    I don't have any big dreams that I gave up as unattainable. Are the cards actually telling me to dream big, trust myself and have some fun. ? To stop obsessing and just be...

    Will I begin to trust enough so that I can have another relationship

  • nottelling,

    I pulled the Goddess Lilith for the person you're asking. I don't think they are angry, I think they are being misunderstood. If they are angry, it's because they may still have yet to find something in common with you and that is upsetting for them

    Try to be patient with them.

  • abetterplace,

    I don't know why, but I keep getting an image issue with you. By what I mean, is that you're not happy with the way you look or the way you would want to present yourself to others. I feel like you're keeping a face up to hide yourself. As I got the Mask card (keeping a mask to hide something) for your last reading and now again, the Recognition card for your Past.

    The Goddess Gaia has come up to and she tells me that your protecting something. Something you feel is unacceptable to others. Your reputation is at stake, I think you feel.

    If you're hoping to find love than you have to start again. What is it that they say, "if you can't love yourself, you can't love someone else?" But you're future looks good if you can overcome fears. Things will be slow as indicated by the Instinct card. Your next relationship will probably start as a platonic friendship and from there grow.

    All my best of wishes for you.

  • cellisi,

    Card One Represents the Past: First Quarter Moon in Air


    There were probably more than two people you were interested at one point. For some reason it's affecting your current choices.

    Card Two Represents the Present:


    This card shows that perhaps you are being protective of yourself. You've had some complications and don't know if you can trust them.

    Card Three Represents the Future:


    This card shows that perhaps a new person might come into the picture. They will befriend you and may even be someone you won't usually associate yourself with.

    Card Four is the Advice of the Goddess:


    With regards to this person, the Goddess is not so positive (here literal meaning is nothing good will come from it) about any possible relationship with them. Still, if you choose to pursue this person, you're going to get it, but it's going to damage you greatly.

    Perhaps you should keep your options open for a better, more suitable person.

    Take care.

  • Thank you so much EIAI. I appreciate your reading.

  • Dear EIAI,

    Thankyou so much for the reading i can totally relate to it , i was wondering what cards you are using? they sound very interseting as i collect tarot cards .

    Many Blessings love and light Loap:)

  • It was my pleasure, Loap.

    I'm using the Moon Oracle card by Caroline Smith and John Astrop. They are different from the normal set of tarot cards since they have only 72 cards instead of 78.

    They do have very lovely artwork.

  • Do you think if I am strong and disciplined and ask for help from all my angels, that I can successfully let go of this other man from my heart and soul? That is what I wish for and I wonder if it can be written that way as well? I wish to want only the lovely life I have been given.

    You are an angel yourself, EIAI, I am so grateful.

    Love and Light, and brightest blessings.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Yes, absolutely. These decisions are all up to you. If you really want to go and try your hardest you will succeed. I'm wondering if you entered this relationship because you felt alone for a while, as I got the Guardian Angel card and the Music card as well. It seems that perhaps you need to fill your life with something creative, or enjoy music or creating music to avoid falling back. When you're feeling at your lowest turn to your Guardians because they are there for you no matter what. They do not judge you, but are there to listen to you and guide you if you choose to listen to them. Music may be a leading path to them for you.

    I wish you the best for you.

  • Oh EIAI, you are amazing. Music was a HUGE part of what that man and I had together, sharing music, singing together - it was the greatest part of our connection. I've been planning to take guitar lessons after I graduate in August. I got a little ukelele to begin to try to get some strumming rhythm, in the meantime, while I'm in school. I LOVE to sing, and music has always been such an important part of my life.... my husband plays music too, but unfortunately, not in a way that is easy for me to join him. I think you are right about me being somewhat lonely and lost when the other fellow and I got together - kids growing older, needing me less and no job at that time to pour my energies into. School has been a savior for me, and so good to know that I will have income and work that I will love. Now, to find a way to pour out my musical heart too, within my own community and family.... you're truly tapped in, EIAI... I thank you so much for giving so much of your time to me! ❤

  • Thank you for helping me, and for trusting enough in me to confide in.

    I do so truly wish you the best -- now and forever

  • I wish you the very best too! : )

  • EIAI....hi, again - hope you are receiving many blessings from the work you are doing~!

    Today, they "eliminated" my position - so the if I should leave card saying a possible lawsuit - that I took as if I quit....this was termed a layoff.....

    I did try and make it work! smile.....but for them to hire a Marketing Director and then tell me all they ever wanted me to do was put out very two faced, at best.

    Anyway, any thoughts you have as to my leaving would be appreciated, as is all you've done for all of us here!

    Bright blessings!!


  • Thank you jlinaangel.

    I'm not sure you're happy about getting laid off, but I see it as you wish coming true -- in a manner.

    Hey, it's their loss for not putting your skills to good use, those dummies

    But let's see what the cards have to say for you:

    Card One is the Nature of the Question: Last Quarter Moon in Air


    Things aren't turning out as planned or as thought. A lot of communication (or too many thoughts) from too many people that has probably put you in a more odd or confusing position.

    Card Two is the Past: Full Moon in Air


    You were hoping for a good outcome, and had even planned for it.

    Card Three is the Present:


    This card shows that there have been some terrible mistakes made. Life is falling apart. This card shows that there is the opportunity for a new start.

    Card Four is the Future:


    This card shows a love entering you life. It will be exciting and let you feel something you have not felt in quite some time.

    Card Five is the Advice of the Goddess:


    This card shows that you may feel barred or stripped. She declares that you must take strong positive action with the new changes coming to life. Be open, be malleable.

    From what I see, all this change it causing you a lot of frustration. You feel like your being overtly tested. How did you say it? "Battered?' The Fall card shows that you've taken a punch to your ego/self-esteem. On the plus side, this card indicates a time of renewal. A time that you can start over. As for the outcome it looks great to me. You got the Bouguet card which to me looks like a relationship will be on the offer soon. If not romance than a job you're going to love is in the horizon to as a possibility.

    From the Goddess Ishtar, though, she's saying that it's time for you to be open to change. If the relationship or job in question comes, it might be one of those types of things you never thought, or figured, yourself doing.

    Things are changing, but a lot of for the good. You're advice for now from the cards is to accept a new phase of life.

    I know things will get better!

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you! EIAI - first you made me actually laugh out loud, and, those cards are very applicable huh?! I'm not that tore up....but yes, frustrated is a good term. Just a lot of effort into something I didn't want in the first place - I told them no when they first asked me to interview, so in a way it's more I feel like I got played.....and I HATE that!

    Oh, well, though - new beginnings are always welcome, I live for change...haha....honestly, I do, more than anyone else I know. So we'll see. I'm open to any job that allows me a chance to feel like I am contributing to someone's well being - and I don't want to end up back at home being bored!

    This feels very hopeful - thanks so much and all the best to you and yours,



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