In need of Practice with Tarot Cards.

  • One more thing I should mention to everyone.

    If anyone is reading the readings I give and they have the same card coming up (Responsibility), it is because the deck I'm using follows the Moon phase and will continue to be the same for 2-3 days.

    This card won't be changing until the 16th.

  • firehorsecrab,

    Thank you for helping!

    First Card is the Past: Full Moon in Fire


    There has been a lot of enthusiasm with regards to your career. Happy circumstances were surrounding your passion to finish and accomplish goals.

    Second Card is the Present: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    There's a lot of gains because of your career choices. There are others that you're thinking of now. For them you are wondering what your next steps should be.

    Third Card is the Future: First Quarter Moon in Water


    You may be getting more than one job offering in the future. More than one might be tempting because it may not be in the area that you would like, but perhaps it will bring some added benefits. You would like things to work out in your favor though and may keep looking. This card indicates that the dates from June 11-14 may bring important news.

    Fourth Card is the Influence of the Goddess:


    Are there some other responsibilities that you have? As in you don't want to go far because you want to be with your child? This card shows that you don't want to disrupt the balance that you have. Still, you will have to make a compromise that will benefit all. Difficulties will certainly come up, and you will be forced too accept it.

    Though you will find jobs, I'm afraid the ones that look good are not in ideal locations. The ones that you may find closer to you will bring some problems along. Things will not turn out as expected, I'm afraid.

    I do hope you find a good job, though.

    Best of luck.

  • Wow, thank you EIAI!! This sounds really right on so far... Ever since I decided to go back to school for nursing, it's been as though I've had the wind in my sails - everything has moved very quickly and gone very well, and now I'll be done in Aug. June makes some sense though since I'll be doing my preceptorships and may find a dept that I like and want to work in (hopefully!) The Demeter card also makes a ton of sense, because I am a married mom of 2 teenage boys, and I do not want to leave my family to find work. But, I know realistically that nursing jobs are not that easy to find where I live, so I am prepared to work somewhere else for a year to get that important first year of experience. However, I really don't WANT to leave my family! I wonder how hard the problems of the close jobs will be? I feel like I could leave and work somewhere else for a year or so, in about 5 years, when my boys are grown... I don't mind a few problems at work... hopefully they won't be too terrible. I'm pretty easy-going...

    Thank you so much for your amazing reading! I'm hopeful that I will be able to find work around here - but also realistic, that it may not be my dream job just yet.... Thank you, EIAI!!!

  • Khemosabie

    Thank you for helping me!

    Card One is the Past: Disseminating Moon in Water


    A desire to be in a relationship has come up. You don't just want to date someone, you want to have a long-term commitment.

    Card Two is the Present: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    This card indicates that you are in a good point of your life, but maybe you simply feel alone. You want to share what you have with someone special.

    Card Three is the Future: Full Moon in Water


    The next person you find will bring a happiness to your heart and perhaps makes you feel whole in a way, but you may keep this relationship a secret. You won't want to share the person.

    May 6-9 may bring news concerning your love life.

    Card Four is the Advice from the Goddess:


    Hera asks that you let things run their own course. Are you trying to meet people; trying to almost force yourself into a relationship? The Goddess does not approve, and she asks that instead of looking for someone you slow down a bit. The one you are looking for will come in their own time. You might even scare them away if you're not careful.

    I asked who this new person is and I got the Fortuna card. This person might be very well-off financially or extremely lucky. They are happy and I think they are known to spread joy.

    You seem fortunate to me when it comes to love, but I hope I'm wrong in thinking that there is a sort of desperation to find someone. In due time, you'll get someone, but if you keep looking for the person that you want, you might miss out on the person that you need.

    Best of luck.

  • ElAl

    Thank you very much. I would say that your reading hits the mark although the cards may see a

    desperation to find love is not so. Matter a fact, my friends and family state that I should be more open when around men. As I have had a hard time being open to men and finding love since my divorce several years back. I would rather be alone then to be in bad company or to just settle for less then the best. If I may ask will I meet this person through work or outside of work? Is this person around me or has not come in to my life as of yet? Keep up the good work you have been given a great gift to share with others.

    Love and Light

  • I'm so glad that you are realistic. I was afraid of breaking your heart.

    But it is all up to you!

    As for the problem with a job that's nearby, I pulled a few more cards and the outcome or future card that I got is that your emotions and feelings will be at an imbalance. Work and family life may be given priority over one another.

    The Goddess Card Isis also came up and she advises to put your priorities in order. You must find a way to play the role of the mother and worker at the same time.

    The distance might be closer from home to work, but the time you have to work takes away from your family time.

    I believe you'll make it, and have success!

  • Above post is my response to firehorsecrab!

    I keep forgetting to post the names of who I'm directing my post...

  • Khemosabie,

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I was hoping to be wrong in that respect. Glad I was. I'm also glad to hear your view on what is important for finding a partner.

    Now as for meeting him, I got a card indicating you may meet him at work. I don't think you have met him.

    For some reason I kept getting the Trapped card and Ishtar when I asked about if you met him or not. I think not because you have isolated yourself and have not had a ray of sunshine come into your life as perhaps he will.

    As for Ishtar, I think it pertains to what you're talking about when it comes to finding someone. You have pretty much been stripped to your essence when it comes to your emotional or loving side, but yet you are willing to fight in order to find real love.

    The Goddess only suggests that you do not close yourself off to the rest of the world.

  • EIAI,

    Hello, Im here if you would like more practice. I have a lot going on in my life at the moment (all good things)

    Feel free to take a look, lets see what you see 😃


  • abetterplace,

    Thank you for helping me!

    Card One is the Nature of the Question: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    Gains are indicated by this card. By home or work, there has been a need to show or share what you have received

    Card Two Represents the Past: Gibbous Moon in Fire


    You felt yourself with a purpose or great inspiration that you needed to move on to what you believed was your destiny

    Card Three Represents the Present:


    Perhaps you have been very generous lately. It may be because you've been trying to impress someone or to get the attention of others.

    Card Four Represents the Future: Full Moon in Fire


    When the time comes, you'll see the rewards for your efforts. People will come to admire you and perhaps even congratulate you for what you have accomplished

    Card Five is the Advice from the Goddess:


    Demeter here shows that perhaps you have lost something precious to you. She indicates that eventually you will get it back, but it won't be the same. Maybe your reputation, for example, has put you in a bad light.

    Nothing will be the same, but you'll have to make do with what you have. Things will eventually come into a new order.

  • Emotional turmoil does make sense, in general for me - I am a bit of an emotional person anyway, especially like in the situation you talk about - like if I am torn between my people I love and my commitments to work, etc. Luckily my kiddos are older now and have a taste of not having me around as much - everyone has done really well. I think I will take the perspective that even if I am away at work full-time, at least if I work near here, I will be able to see my family in my off time, instead of if I had to move far away to get that first year's experience - then I would hardly see them at all - which would make me VERY sad!

    Thank you so much for your excellent reading - I feel more reassured that I will find work!

  • Hi EIAI,

    I was reading your reading again to sinck it in. Yes, very good reading indeed, thank you again. I have a question, on the : Card Nine which are the Possible obstacles and opportunities you may encounter: Full Moon in Water


    you're saying A period of much happiness will be achieved. Unfortunately, something unexpected will happen.

    I wonder what could the unexpected unfortunate be ??

    can you please explore on this?

    Thank you a lot. U

  • I would love a reading too please. Can you tell me if my bf has someone else in his life? Will our relationship improve? And can you see anything in there about his sister, or my education?

    Thanks so much.

  • Dear EIAI

    I'm not sure what the reading means to me so will try and explain what I believe. The reading was rather elusive initially which doesn't surprise me. I have been feeling stuck for a while now and unable to determine a future path for myself.

    Responsibility is my middle name. almost to the point of being more important than what I would like to do.

    Card 2 The past individuality. Due to a break up in a long term relationship i have been forced to move forward with my destiny. Not sure what that is but I can tell you a breakup inspires you to move as an individual and forward seems the best direction.

    Card 3 Palace I'm not sure that I have been more generous lately. We had the holidays, I loaned out my home in the south so that my friend would feel better, I continue to help my children but all of those things are pretty usual. and would not call attention to me.

    The home in the south is across the street from my x so my friend is there rather than me. I don't know that X would would be impressed or notice though.

    Maybe recognition is I will final choose to stop working.

    The advice from the goddess rings most true. I have lost some precious people, plans and things this past year. In the process I have been learning some valuable lessons.

    What does it mean I will have to make do and things will come into a new order. Is that going to be better or am I going to finally be unstuck?

  • Undio1

    I'm guessing that you will run under scrutiny of others. You will feel at ease with your lover, but others are creating a bad image. This is what may bring about the bad circumstances.

    The Goddess Lilith advises than when such a time comes, you don't take what others are saying so serious. They don't have your best interest.

    To me it sounds like perhaps people will begin rumors of either you or the other person. These are nothing but ill wishes for your happiness it seems.

  • abetterplace,

    I think it may be from a dissatisfaction of where things are. Are being true to yourself? I know that you're a hard worker getting things done, but are you letting your work be your only drive in life?

    Eventually, you won't be able to live the same life anymore, I think.

    What dreams did you have when you were younger? Did you give up on them because you thought they were to unrealistic or of poor standard? I got the Goddess Freya just now and she may be indicating that there may be something extravagant you want. Don't shy away from it. Explore it and dream once again.

  • sweetoty,

    Thank you for helping me! You weren't kidding in telling me that things are going good for you!

    First Card Represents the Nature of the Situation: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    Material gain. Now all that's left to do is decide what and who you're going to share it with.

    Second Card Represents the Past: First Quarter Moon in Air


    The feeling to share your ideas. Hoping that your innovative thinking can now be greatly appreciated.

    Third Card Represents the Present: Crescent Moon in Air


    Ideas, inventions, inspirations, have been at the front of the mind and now can no longer stay hidden. It is a time to share and see how they will be seen by other people. A time of sharing and getting feedback.

    Fourth Card Represents the Future: Crescent Moon in Earth


    One of your ideas will stick and you will get a chance to make it a reality. You will care for it, invest, and make it grow into something bigger. A very good outcome for money.

    Fifth Card is the Advice of the Goddess:


    The Goddess Isis here is showing that you are being rewarded for your honesty and integrity. Her advice is to not forget to be modest. Have pride, but don't let it get the best of you.

    Congratulations! You are being well received now and will gain a lot from your ideas or inventions. The cards indicate that there is a new beginning, but you already know to go forward and do all you need to get success, don't you?

    Take care!

  • nottelling,

    For your first question the cards are very positive. They do not see him being with another. He's not one to easily change things as shown by the Goddess Ishtar. When things do change he might find it difficult to accept changes.

    For your second question: You got the Goddess Hecate. She is showing that your relationship is stuck in the past. You both can't move on to the present, making your future the same. If you both can work harder on yourselves -- leave the past behind-- than you both may be able to enjoy your life together fully. The outcome card is individuality, so I think it's also saying that you both may need to stop depending on each other and live your own lives without needing so much from one another.

    For his sister, I got the Goddess Gaia. She showing that she wants to protect him. Also, she is willing not only to see what he's going through, but what you're going through. She empathizes with you both. She's worried about the both of and would like to help. She's simply hoping for the best I would say, but she's willing to step in and protect her brother if she's sees he is in deep trouble.

    The Goddess Kali has shown herself with concerns to your education. I say you're going to have a hard time with academics. Your present card is Altar meaning you have a lot of negativity surrounding you, so you're not able to focus on anything but your problems. The future card is positive, Impulse card denotes that in the end you'll probably get some energy that will help you keep up with your studies.

    Hope it helps.

  • EIAI - would you mind pulling some cards for me about a past relationship? It's a person I was involved with for 4 years from far away.... I still feel a pull toward him, and keep wondering if there is still something for us to work out together, or are we truly done? the relationship has been over for quite awhile, with very little communication these days (though always kind and friendly, when we do email). Thank you!

  • firehorsecrab

    I'm going to be honest...

    When I pulling out cards for your concerns about the problems that you had, I kept pulling up the Lovers card. I kept seeing an illicit love affair.

    I really thought I was wrong because you said you were married!

    Just now I pulled the Goddess card Venus. She denotes love, and I think you've fallen for this man. You want to keep seeing him. I think you both will keep in touch and deepen the relationship until you are tempted to be with him completely. I say this because for your outcome card I got the Two Paths card meaning you're going to have to make a choice that will affect your life.

    Seeing as for the problems that you would have for work won't just be that you won't have enough time because you're working and tending to your family, but because you're going to have this relationship too.

    The Goddess simply warns that you're going to have to pay the price for having your cake and eating it too, but if you're still wanting something and go for it then so be it.

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