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  • Can he change? Yes, of course.

    Does he want to? Not enough to really try.

    Your willing to spend another year like this only out of hope? What if it takes ten years?

    Or is it that you want or need him to say that this relationship is at an end in order to move on?

    What can you do? You've tried all you could to be with him these past weeks. What more can you do?

    He's a grown man and you can't make him to change.

    If this relationship is what you want then accept that this will be the norm until he finally realizes and does something to change. Because right now all he's thinking is "Oh yeah, I do do that don't I? Oh well."

    He needs to want to change and to take you more seriously. All you can do is wait...

  • Thank you for taking the time, EIAI. I appreciate it.

    I'm glad to hear that I'm picking up the signals. As I've said, I have just about no experience when it comes to dating and that kind of social interaction, so often times I don't even notice them.

    This is something I defintely would like to happen. I don't really think I could say I've ever really thought someone wasn't good enough for me (I don't like to place myself over other people like that), but he's definitely a good guy even if he has his moments (we all have flaws, they emphasize our attributes). I'm trying to show I'm receptive, while also trying to relax and open up as well (I tend to be friendly with my coworkers, but a little guarded... I have a hard time truly becoming friends with people).

    You said that someone else may come into the picture... Out of curiosity, did you mean that someone would be directed at me? Or at him?

  • EIAI

    Sending hello hugs:)

    Love and Light

  • Aww!

    Suramya, you are so sweet!

    Thank you for visiting me and for keeping me in your thoughts.

    Hugs (extra hugs) and love

  • Kaymrial,

    Well, if you usually like someone you notice almost everything they do. 🙂

    The new person coming into the picture could be for him. Feeling crushed, he'll go out and look for someone else...

  • Thanks for the previous reading it did make a lot of sense. And i hope that what ever complication comes along i will be able to face head on. I was wondering if you could do another reading for me im sorry to be a pain!

    I have a girl friend that keeps telling me that i should contact and old friend of mine. Im not sure whether this would be a good idea could you give me advice on whether i should and if it even matters to him if i did contact him.

  • Hi EIAI, good luck with your midterm!!

    i have a question about my relationship... been fighting with my bf these days.. wondering if he will contact me tomorrow or so??

    thanks for your help. again, hope you can do well in your exams! bless you!

  • BTW, What is my bf thinking of me at this moment? is he disappointed in me? what's he thinking of our relationship? does he want to continue this journey with me??

  • Thank you DDTT!

    It's nice to hear from you.

    Will he contact you tomorrow?

    The cards show that he wants to, but he can't. He's feeling hurt.

    What is he thinking of you?

    Not much negative. As he sees you're a fiery girl that has so much to tell! So he may just be overwhelmed by you.

    Is he disappointed at you?

    a bit, but I think he blames himself as well. At you because he can't really win with you and with himself because, well, he can't win with you!

    What does he think of the relationship?

    It's definitely taking him into a darker place. He is not sure how things are heading in both good and bad directions. It's like a drug and he's not experienced this before. Still, he's willing to hold on to see how this may go.

    Does he want to continue this journey with you.

    Yes, definitely.

    As he feels that you bring a light to his world and help fill parts of himself that he has never thought were missing. You are different and again, he is curious to see where this goes.

  • wow EIAI, im blown away! whatever you had to say is true (at least, as i see it!!) thanks so much!!!

    im curious to know why he cant contact me? becuz of his ego prob? but will he eventually contact me anyways?

  • Do you think he likes (or love me? am not sure) me a lot?And do u think we will be okay (getting back together) soon?? havent spoken to him for two days. i txted him yesterday morning, but he responded to my txt in a cold way.. i didnt txt him back. he hasnt called or txted ever since..

  • DDTT,

    It looks like he can't contact you because of his pride. He wants more respect and for you to know he's a better person than you may treat him.

    Will he eventually contact you?

    The cards don't show that he is willing to. For now, he's being grumpy and trying to keep busy.

    Does he like you?

    Of course! Did you read the last post? XD

    Does he love you?

    Yes, as he can see a future with you.

    Will you both be okay?

    It's still a long bumpy road. A little time apart to cool each other off is needed.

    Will you get back together soon?

    Of course, this fights and spats are only temporary. The choice is always each other.

  • ehh dear EIAI, im not feeling comfortable contacting him either. i dont wanna send him a wrong signal that its okay for him to say mean things abt my past.. i know i might hurt him also, but my feel got hurt too. i want him to respect me more and make him realize he's not the only rule maker. hmmm can you see how long will we be apart this time? forget his ego and/or pride issue, will him contact me in the end no matter what???!

  • Hmm...

    That I can't really determine with the cards , but I keep hearing three days.

    If I go by what I got they gave me the date of April 12

    Will he contact you?

    I don't see that he will, only if you leave him long enough than he might drag his feet and finally try to do something. But I see that it'll be a struggle that he does not want and will fight his urge to call first.

    I know that you don't want to call him first and seem weak, but the Hera card fell as I've been asking what advice they want to give you. She says to be mature. That there is no need to make fights and to correct things to your want. Though things aren't going in your hoped-for direction, perhaps it's better to let things flow and run by themselves rather than forcing everything.

    Certainly, you both are adults and there needs to be one of you that should prove it, right?

  • dear EIAI, thanks for your advice..your not just a tarot reader, but a relationship/love therapist! i will wait for another couple days to see how things go between us.. i need my time this time... and i think its good for him too. figure out what we really want from each other... might not be a bad idea being apart for awhile... i think 3 days make sense 😉 april sth is wayyyy too long... that would sound like we broke up! hoho

    anyway, hope your doing well with your exams and with whatever your working on.. thanks for your help. i might have to bother you in the near future. 😉

  • Thanks DDTT!

    You're so kind.

    Good luck and be strong.

    I'll be here whenever you need a reading or to talk.

    I actually completed most of my exams today.

    I wasn't expecting them to be short and easy, but I have one more next week.

    No complaints; just really glad!

    Hugs and love


  • Hi again EIAI, how's your mom doing? I hope she's well....

    I would love it if you could pull some cards specifically for my husband and me. We're not in any crisis or anything, but I'm just curious what the future looks like for us.

    Thank you... : )

  • EIAI,

    There's a running joke with my friends/family about how clueless I actually am to any sort of interest from the opposite sex; honestly, I'm oblivious to it about 70-80% of the time, and the other 20-30% I only realize either because it's quite overt or it gets pointed out to me. Just the other night, a friend told me that she's doesn't think people actually realize how insensitive I am to interest from men, and that often it gets misinterpreted as disinterest. So that's why I was heartened to hear that I'm actually managing to notice this time, lol.

    I'm pretty sure he's picked up on the fact that I have no romantic experience, especially considering the more recent conversations we've had (comments or questions he's never asked before that kind of clued me in). As shy and inexperienced as I am, I'm trying to show him I'm interested, but casually (I don't want to force anything). My hope is that he understands (knowing that I've never played the game, so I don't know the rules).

  • HI EIAI, so this morning i called my bf while he was in the gym. he called me back after gym.. the conversation was okay.. a little bit intense as i could tell he was still upset with me... not sure if we made it okay in the end or not. not sure what's on his mind... i txted him after.. apologized for what happened last sunday... he said "its okay." anyway, thats it. am wondering what he's thinking abt me or us together after the phone call this morning? did it make he feel better? is he still disappointed or upset? Also, can you pull a few cards to see how our relationship goes in the future?

    BTW, I have been looking for a job for a while. no luck yet! wondering anything good regarding job hunting will happen in MAR? interview? job offer?

  • Hi EIAI.

    Thank you, its good to hear that my instincts are right,

    I dont get way he suddenly send me email through sex sites, as i know this what he intro 2 women, he know im not that way, so why is he doing that?

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