In need of Practice with Tarot Cards.

  • Hello everyone,

    How are you all doing?

    I originally came to this forum because I wanted to learn more about Tarot. I've learned some things in the short time I've been here, but it's not much help if I don't put them to practice. So, would anyone like a Tarot reading, and help me to get a little better?

    Thank you and wishing all the best for you.

  • Hi Eiai,

    Yes I would like one and I will give feed back on the reading.

    My question is on how do you see my relationship with T comes along this year ?

    Thank you !!


  • I'd love a reading on my job situation. It's a 3 month consulting position and it seems to make everyone feel very threatened, and me miserable with micromanagment! Should I even attempt to stay for the 3 months, or just move on? appreciate it and good luck learning to see the story the cards tell - thank you for your kind offer!


  • Thank you for the offer Eiai! I'd love a reading for my future! What does the future hold for me? As im battling with a lot at this moment in my life! Thank you again!


  • Thank you so much for helping me!

    Card One Represents the Background of the Situation: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    This card shows the many gains that you have received perhaps because of the relationship. Also, perhaps there has been a change of home or work that has attributed of such things newly required.

    Card Two shows the Influence of the Goddess:


    With Venus, there is only one meaning and that is love. Love is what has brought you together and what will keep you tied to this person. It may suggest that you are taking too much or getting things your way in this relationship. May is an important month with this card.

    Card Three Represents the Background of the Situation:


    Are you an all or nothing lover? One of you may feel you have nothing to give, but the love that burns in your heart. There are serious feelings that are alive and that keep this relationship going.

    Card Four Represents the Past: Black Moon in Fire


    Heartbreak or turmoil in the past. Such that it forced you to take a much needed time out to spend time alone to evaluate yourself. November 25-28 2011 may have been important dates

    Card Five Represents the Present: First Quarter Moon in Earth


    Things are more or less fine in your relationship, but there’s something missing. You want something. What you feel is missing you’re willing to work to get it. (Marriage?)

    Card Six Represents the Future: Balsamic Moon in Earth


    A total loss of control will come in the future. Something within the relationship will get out of hand. Other people may be involved. February 18-21 may be important dates.

    Card Seven Represents your Feelings in the Matter: Disseminating Moon in Water


    You feel as if you have gained much from this relationship. Still, there’s more that you want and you feel that you can get it within this relationship. This card denotes the wanting of a child or a deeper commitment.

    Card Eight Represents the Thoughts of Other People: Crescent Moon in Earth


    Those close to you will see what you’re up to with regards to your plans with this relationship

    Card Nine are the Possible obstacles and opportunities you may encounter: Full Moon in Water


    A period of much happiness will be achieved. Unfortunately, something unexpected will happen.

    Card Ten Represents the Outcome: Black Moon in Earth


    With regards to money and home, there may be a loss. Perhaps one of you will lose your job or there may be a pay cut. This is a time when money will tight and there will be a string of sudden ill coincidences happening. Be careful and save for a rainy day.

    The relationship from what I see is great. Still, by the mid to end of the year I can see that there may be money or family problems coming. This may place a strain on the relationship, so you may have to try and work things out. Love is great in this relationship, but remember that although, love is powerful, in the real world you can not survive only on it.

    Take care.

  • Thank you for helping. I'll make sure to post your readings tomorrow.


  • Hello EIAi,

    Thankyou for the offer, I would love a reading as well please just on life in general .

    Many thanks in advance love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you jlinaangel!

    First Card is the Nature of the Question: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    This card shows that you have received much on a material level quite recently, and now that you have it, there may be others that are currently keeping you thinking of what to do next, where to go now.

    If you stay:

    Second Card is the effects of the Past: Balsamic Moon in Earth


    Things were not in your control and perhaps the reason you took the job at first was because you needed it. This card denotes that there are a lot of people with which you have to be around that you may not like, but force yourself anyway.

    Third Card is the Situation at Present: Disseminating Moon in Water


    Though I see you may not like your job, there is still something keeping you going. You may see the advantages you get from being in such a place. It may be a little voice in your head that's telling you in the long run it's worth working here.

    Fourth Card is the Outcome should you stay: Crescent Moon in Earth


    Here, this card shows a lot of potential for what's to come in those three months. In the end of it all you will be the one that will be greatly rewarded and something new with regards to work will begin.

    If you leave:

    Fifth Card are the effects of Past: Full Moon in Earth


    There is a confidence in your own abilities that this card shows. You have done great work and may not be a slacker, but you feel that you have accomplished a well enough reputation to win you work in other, more better, places.

    Sixth Card is the Situation at Present:


    Things in life may be hard to deal with, but on the upside those obstacles you feel are coming at you have been more like stepping stones than boulders. A feeling that you will come out ahead is felt.

    Seventh Card is the Outcome should you Leave:


    Things will feel unfair in your life. Here, this card shows that there may be a possible argument and should turn serious, a lawsuit will follow. You feel that someone has taken advantage of you and will want revenge and justice.

    Eighth Card is the Influence of the Goddess:


    The Goddess Lilith shows that perhaps you do not have the best of images to other people. Here she shows a strong will and will not take fools for company. In her advice to you she declares that you must take control of your own life. What other people think is irrelevant so long as you're doing what is right for yourself

    I think that the cards are very supportive of the idea of staying in your job. You may feel fed up, but the rewards take time in coming. Lilith's placement tells me that perhaps there needs to be some changes in your work environment. Enough so that you can bear with work this next three months.

    If you do decide to leave, please consider your choice carefully. If you have another job that can give you equivalent benefits than look into it, but first do your research. Research not only other jobs, but the one you're trying to quit as well.

    I wish you best.

  • Card One Represents the Background of the Situation: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    The benefit of other people is highlighted with this card. There may be a need to figure out a system that will benefit everyone either at work or at home.

    Card Two shows the Influence of the Goddess:


    The Goddess Hecate here is showing your unwillingness or how you are unable to leave the past behind. This definitely is adding more problems than what they're worth and perhaps it's even taking a toll materially. Hecate tells you that you can't change the past, but instead review it, relive it; learn from it, than start living in this plane of time. It's time to live in the present. The future will look after itself. Put your priorities in order. January is an important month.

    Card Three Represents the Background of the Situation:


    Changes have been arriving in your life since you have started socializing more with others. Perhaps these people aren't the sort you have usually been known to be acquainted with, but they have been helping you along the way.

    Card Four Represents the Past: First Quarter Moon in Fire


    There was a great desire to win to get things your way in the past. It was a passion that was ignited within you.

    Card Five Represents the Present:


    The opportunities you see are calling you. It's like a grass is greener on the other side affect. Still, you don't know what may lead and if you're being careful than great. Skeptism is good in this situation

    Card Six Represents the Future:


    Here this card shows that you will be going through emotional extremes. Exhaustion and possibly depression because you're giving too much of yourself to those you love.

    Card Seven Represents your Feelings in the Matter: Gibbous Moon in Air


    This card is showing that you're thinking things will get better. In your head the world is not all darkness as there are spots of light. Perhaps too much light .

    Card Eight Represents the Thoughts of Other People:


    There is too much negativity surrounding you. They see you are going through trials. All they can do is hope for the best.

    Card Nine are the Possible obstacles and opportunities you may encounter:


    A new friendship will come about in the near future. They will extend a hand of friendship. This person may not be the sort you usually talk to, but they will bring a breathe of fresh air. Be careful though, they may make you lose sight of what's important.

    Card Ten Represents the Outcome: Black Moon in Earth


    Your home or work may turn out with complications in the near future. There are possible concerns with money. If you're taking too many risks, be very careful because many might be more than just simple mistakes that may not be easy to ratify later.

    This year, I'm sorry to say, may not be an easy one. There are internal problems that you need to look after. Your fear of letting go of your past is something you may battling with. It's good to know that you are socializing, as I am a bit afraid that you may be depressed, but perhaps you forget yourself too much and do as others do. Which may not always be good. Take care of your health and money. If you keep yourself in a sad state than everything surrounding you will be the same.

    My advice is that this year should be more about you and your well-being.

    Take good care of yourself, ok?

  • P.S.

    Sorry, the reading above me is for gino26!

    I copied and pasted over my original post. Sorry!


    Happy birth jlinaangel!

    I wish all the best for each and every one of you.

  • It is more than my pleasure LOAP, and thank you for helping.

    Card One Represents the Nature of the Question: Disseminating Moon in Earth


    Material gain from work or home. Now all that needs to be done is to decide what you will do with it. Who else will gain from what you have is important

    Card Two Represents the Past: Full Moon in Earth


    Attention for the success of your past projects or endeavors at home/work. You were congratulated for what you had done.

    Card Three Represents the Present:


    There may be some conflicting opinions. It is an endless battle (of debate)! Competitiveness or playful fighting might also be the case here to get on someone's nerves.

    Card Four Represents the future: Gibbous Moon in Water


    A new found project or person may spark your interest. It will awaken within you a passion you have not had in a while. It will be fun, but don't get too carried away. (July 7-10 may be important dates)

    Card Five is the Advice from the Goddess:


    Hera in this position is showing that there needs a certain level of maturity that you need for your interactions. Perhaps you like to ruffle some feathers when you're bored or when you don't like something, but she asks that you take into consideration how others feel. You don't need to get so angry with what you don't like. Allowing things to move along by themselves is more helpful.

    Life looks good!


  • Thank you for you generous gift of reading EIAI! I would love a reading on whether I will find a job that I like in nursing, near my home - after I graduate from nursing school this summer. I hope so!

    Thank you... : )

  • Hi EIA!

    It is nice of you to offer to do readings to keep in practice. Thank you 🙂 I would like to know if you see me having a relationship and falling in love anytime soon. If so could you give me some insight into this man.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Eiai

    Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! You where spot on, on everything!

    Yes i am depressed because i recently, seperated from my husband and i am still living with him.

    Yes i do so much things for others and not for me.

    You, very well, picked up the money matters because im thinking of selling my house, to get my life back and giving the ex his share, and separate our lives. As i was feeling responsible for him. i got over that. No one cared about me. Time to move on as you said!!If you have time can you please tell me if that part of selling my house would be sucsesfull? as that is my main concern at the moment. And yes i have been socializing more these past few years. Please explain to me what internal problems you mean? Was that the depression you were talking about? Because i did have a break down in April last year and since then i have been going to a counsellor? Thank you for you time and the great reading! Love to you gino26

  • EIAI, thank you so much. I have no idea why I've stayed but there does seem to be some impetus for me to do so within myself. The reading was spot on!! so you're learning rapidly or are gifted. What deck do you use? I like the descriptions.

    That leaving bitter sounds bad. I hope not to burn any bridges and if I do leave leave on a success moment....they did have some odd paperwork that if you sued them you agreed to arbitration...but that reading sounded more like they might sue me.

    Well, I will do it as long as I can, but I do hope something happens in my favor quickly because the girl telling me that nothing I do is good enough and to go do it again is really battering me. And I have a PROVEN track record of huge successes in this business so for them to marginalize me and not want to use my knowledge seems crazy, or fear filled. The owner may be back in town within a month so maybe that is what to hope for and wait for?

    Thank you and blessings to you on your path and your growth. Love and Light and many many karmic happy returns to you for taking this on to do for others!!



  • Thank you for the feedback gino26.

    Concerning your house, I see a very good outcome. The Goddess Hecate has come up again, so I feel there may be some fear or issues with regards to your house. Still, I feel like she’s giving you her blessing. The outcome card is Recognition, so there may be more than one person interested in your house if you sell it.

    As for your internal problems, I got the Meditation card. Once again, it’s showing how preoccupied you are. It’s not only physical drain but also emotional and mental. Your nerves may not be able to handle anymore. This card is advising you to take a break, relax and meditate. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and ask questions that are bothering you. The Angels are listening and they will do all they can to answer and help you.

    I wish you the best!

  • You are too kind jlinaangel, but I’m neither a fast learner nor gifted. I’ve been reading tarot on and off for almost a decade, but have recently been trying to reconnect with them. The cards that I used were my faithful Moon Oracle Cards by Caroline Smith and John Astrop. They are different since they don’t use the traditional 78 cards (they have 72) and focus around the Moon's phases.

    I drew the Serenity Card for you and it says that your faith in yourself is keeping you at this job. And that is great! You are good at what you do and you yourself won’t let you forget it.

    I think you’re right. Once the owner gets back things would get better.


  • I would so love a general reading when you have time Thank you for the very kind offer and I'll give you feedback but it appears you have a wonderful gift.

  • ElAl,

    Thank You so much for the reading !

    I would say the cards were very close to analyzing the situation. I only found hard time to understand the card 7. And the future cards are something I could identify too, even though the outcome was not that great. So I will work on it to make it change for better. So I think your reading is pretty well.

    Best of luck to you, and thank you Again !!


  • Thank you for the feedback Undio1.

    Card Seven was your feelings or thoughts. It seems to me like you want more from this relationship. Probably to move in with the person, marriage, or to have a child.

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