King of Wands, Ten of Swords, The Lovers--anyone want to help interpret?

  • I was wondering if anyone would want to help interpret this spread as A's feelings for B.

    I see the King as a passionate and mature kind of feeling, but am totally confused by the last couple of cards. Anybody?

  • Action/fire


    and A very important choice or decision needs to be made.

    A possible betrayal within a love affair with something that A may have to choose between.I do feel however this is from B's end and that because the king of wands is the first card drawn, it's the energy of a fiery person that could be involved in some sort of triangle which may lead to betraying B?

    It's very confusing but, I feel that it's from the other person's end and that there will be a light after all this, but something isn't right and the truth here is not as it seems.Hurt will come from this, but a much brighter prospect will enter.

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